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  1. For the last week my system started freezing about twice a day. I had been running this system solid for about 6 months when i built it. Now, I only detect my Hard Drives about 25% of the time on POST. If I do get into windows computer hardlocks within a couple mins. If I don't get into windows it's stuck on "Verifying DMI pool..." (Doesn't detect drives on POST when stuck here) Dual prime 95 stable (last checked about 4 months ago). I ran memtest lastnight until tonight (23 hours) with no errors, all passes (ran test #5&8 about 1 hour each, all passes). Multi-meter (20+4 pin) stable on POST, power on this connector seems fine, no variance. 5 min CMOS clear, loaded fail safe defaults (+ enabled RAID). Reseated Sata and power cables in Both SATA drives and motherboard. Tried on sata 3&4 and 1&2. *For whatever reason if i disable RAID in the BIOS then save and exit, go back in and re-enable RAID it appears to detect both hard drives on the next reboot (after it hard locks, back to square 1). I'm hoping for suggestions before I start going haywire. I'm considering; a BIOS flash, installing a WD 12k RPM raptor SATA 1.5 as a single device and disconnecting Hitachi drives and an out of the case rebuild, pretty much in that order. The only item inside my computer not mentioned in Sig would be a floppy drive, cheapo TV Tuner (been installed for long time, not new) and some case fans. All suggestions appreciated! *edit* I have flashed BIOS using TMODS, i believe it was the 612-2bta version I flashed too. Then I did a CMOS clear . Still same issue. If raid is RAID is disabled in BIOS my computer detects SATA Drives 100% of the time. If it's enabled, it rarely detects device. I have disconnected both Hitachi Sata drives and have attached my WD Raptor SATA drive. Currenty installing windows.
  2. I did read that. Although i just downloaded the coolbits force2 registry editer and that worked! I now have the options i was previously lacking. Thanks playah
  3. Today I recieved a XFX 7900GS 480m 256mb DDR3. The specs in my sig are accurate ~except~ for this video card. The card is great thus far, my 3d mark went from 1700 to 16,000 (lol). I can not find the OC options anywhere under Display Properties. On the XFX CD there is a overclicking PFD in the overclocking folder. It says to do the following; On my CD there is no "overclock utility.reg" but there is (and installed) coolbit.reg. After fishing around on xfx site and google, it appears coolbit.reg is the correct regedit needed to OC this card. My problem is when i go to Display properties, Settings tab, Avanced, Geforce Tab, there is no "properties / additional properties button". All i have is "classic NVIDIA control panel" and "new NVIDIA control panel" options. I have played with both and can't find anything that relates to GPU or memory clock options. This is my first attempt at OCing a video card. I must be overlooking something! Thanks for any and all help!
  4. Use dedicated rail if possible. If not, suppose it shouldn't matter too much.
  5. So you get the exact same results outside the case with a minimal build, no power?
  6. If 2gb is not possible like you indicate, then try it out. Make sure to run memtest #5 and 8 for 10+ passes and then run full test overnight. If it doesn't work out, take it back and return it.
  7. Are you hooking it to the back of the computer or does your case have ports in the front that you're hooking it to?
  8. Yes you can install a second HDD and configure it for RAID 0 in the future. (Windows reinstall required) DDR500 will clock to 500. Where as DDR400 ~might~ clock to 500. You don't have to go with DDR 500. Check the Overclocking guide, RAM section for more info.
  9. I would ditch the SATA 250 gb WD hard drive and go with two 160 gb in a RAID 0. Might also want to pick up a Evercool VC-RE and replace the stock DFI chipset cooler. Is this a gaming machine? As mentioned above, if you're looking to OC I would go with a 2gb DDR500 RAM kit.
  10. Jumpstart PSU like davidammock200 suggests. If that works, might want to try initial build configuration outside of the computer case.
  11. Buget is about 200ish Im a gamer. I use 1024x768 resolution primarly. Monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 913v. The rest of my configuration is located in my sig. I like the XFX 7900GS as recommended earlier (couldn't find one ANYWHERE for sale, so i waited). I now notice that they appear to be for sale again. ( Newegg link to xfx card ) Good choice still? Or can i find something that will work as well / better for same or less cost for what im using my computer for?
  12. If you have a floppy drive you can make a windows98 startup disk. Boot to that then try to access CD ROM and run setup.
  13. Jump started as in Green + ground (black) with a load (Hard drive attached). Made sure that the switch was in the 'on' position? If that doesn't work then you have a bad PSU. If PSU is fine, try using a flathead screwdriver and connect the power switch pins that the power button connects to.
  14. I wouldn't bother flashing BIOS unless you're having system or OCing issues.
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