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  1. what can that antec handle? i have had 4 antecs blow up on me so i've kind of sworn them off psu wise
  2. hey guys, i'm sure some of you have seen my advice asking thread, so now i'll take the next step, i need to purchase a psu in the next day or two, and i don't have much in the cash area to do it. so i'll put out to you guys for a psu and see if anyone has something they are looking to unload. my requirements are that it powers the following rig, bling does not matter as the case is unwindowed and sits under a desk. the rig core 2 duo e6400 gigabyte p965-ds3 3.3 2gb gskill ddr800 2x hard drives 1x 7900 gtx 512 (this will most likely become an 8800gts later) 1-2 optical drives audigy 2 zs maybe 4 case fans this system will get some overclocking done, the video card definitely, the processor will get overclocked to something stable for the said ram (its the 110 dollar stuff on the egg so i dont expect anything rediculous). I would love anything in the 50-100 or so shipped range, i'm guessing a used gamexstream 700 or similar would fit square into that category. refs are good heatware - manaknight ebay - knyghtblade
  3. cool, i have the 700w in my personal system, though i've been eyeing that corsair. the only hesitation i have with the ocz is their rebate stuff blows, i got turned down for my 700w rebate because outpost was supposedly a unauthorized retailer, even though the rebate was right on their site. how does zzf + ocz work for rebates, because i hate to sound cheap but without it... its over budget, and i love my friend, but i simply don't have the cash to cover him
  4. i am a fan of ocz, is the 600 enough to power aforementioned system, and would it still be enough if an 8800gts got tossed in later? and how is zzf as a dealer, i usually only work with newegg, outpost, svc, and xoxide
  5. Hey guys, I'm building a system for a friend, budget is 750 bucks, between here, hardforum and newegg this is what i was able to pull off so far (along with keeping his old hd and monitor and stuffs) core2 duo 6400 gigabyte p965 ds3 2x 160gb hd audigy 2 zs 7900gtx dvdrw 2gb g.skill ddr2800 now i need a psu to push this i have around 100 bucks to spend, would prefer 2 digits to 3 but it really can't go over 110, obviously no frills here ideas are welcome. there will probably be some overclocking done, but nothing crazy
  6. ok, i have two systems in front of me, both have been built by me, i have two sets of ram, one will go in my main system (the opty 150 that i'm still pushing for a solid 2.8 at least) the other will go on my "old" system which a friend bought from me (ultra-D and a 3500+), anyway one is the g.skill hz's 2gb, and the other are the patriot mems 4000elks 2gb. so my question is, which on average would i do better keeping for my main? the g.skills are in there now, but would i get better push with the patriots (the patriots took a 3200 venice to 2.5 with nary sweat). just looking for some advice, and i will update my other thread regarding pushing my opty and keeping it stable now that i have better cooling. thanks guys
  7. there is a combo on newegg (that link is dead btw) of a 939 3400+ and a mobo that has dual pci-e agp with it. for upgradeability thats probably where to start. also listen to what they say about forums, i have gotten some amazing deals from trading/buying on here, hardforum, and anandtech. ram there is a guy selling ram on hardforum, 30 bucks per 512 pc3200 stick video card - look on the forums or check rebates at the egg psu - there is a deal at outpost for a 500 watt v series ultra psu, these are quality ultra products, long gone at the days of the crappy ultras. anyway if its still valid the deal is a full rebate on the psu. and they have the option of doing the no wait rebate thingy via paypal
  8. so one of the things that has kept me off of the newer thermalrights is that the newer ones do not have fins attached to the base, only suspended off the heat pipe, does this affect performancd at all?
  9. heya looking to upgrade from stock cooling so i can start pushing this thing. never really dabbled much in 3rd party solutions since my nf2 days. which ones can you guys reccomend me that will fit on an sli-d board, and do a good job cooling so that i can really push this thing? i know you guys drop the xp90 around here a lot and that is definitely one of the ones i'm checking on, but i see alot of other options, and i noticed the thermalright line is leaning towards the vertical tower hsf. but yeah i've seen alot of different ones both at svc and xoxide, not sure which ones are worth my time. just looking for some advice so i know which one to drop on (my b-day is friday so chances are i can get one thats 40 or under for free, so keep that in mind too ;p) thanks everyone, oh and no worries about the fan, i have both a 92 and 120mm that can be attached. thanks
  10. as soon as i'm done rendering my homework i'll write those down, however i am fairly certain that my ram is set to 200, and my fsb is (was) at 250, i currently have said fsb at 225. i'll get everything written down and update in a bit
  11. i changed it back to 3-4-4-8 and just forgot to edit my sig sorry about that
  12. g.skill sticks are using the normal timings, as in what they are rated plus what the g.skill tech gave on the rundown for the other settings. i'll try the suggested maxes with my processor and ram. to be honest i never did so because i was totally clueless on the settings for the ram until i found the g.skill posts on here. as for cooling, what would be the way to go for an overclocking air cooler, i've heard good things about the xp-90, and there is also the xp-120, both of which have an aluminum and copper version, whats the general consensus as the good overclocking cooler? one of these or something else?
  13. hey guys i actually have something worth posting (been lurking but not posting for a while). got the chance to swap out my 3500+ for an opteron 150 (mwave deal). So here i am, i got the chip in no problems, it works memtested, no issues like with my 3500 when i first got it. so i begin the overclock... i checked out the post over at extreme overclocking that the gskill tech posted on my g.skill ram timing, also checked out the database here on the street. i have my ram set up to other ultra-D's. Now i run into a problem, with my 150 multi at 12x and my ram at 250 windows liked to get flaky, i uped the voltage on the opty to 1.45, windows boots, anything over 250 and i get the driver irql blue screen. no big i reboot and play around. drop the multiplyer and leave the fsb, windows boots without issues, run 3dmark05 and i get wierd artifacting/ghosting, drop the fsb down in bios to 245 or 240 (can't remember where i am at not). come back in and 3dmark05 runs without a hiccup and is just skirting 10k marks. i am not excited but want to be sure, prime95 torture test (now remember at these settings 3dmark, memtest, and a few games ran just fine), fire up the torture test and i get an error in about 10 seconds. so what am i doing or not doing, i'm still sort of feeling my way through this overclocking on a DFI thing, i would like to at least get around 2.8 on stock cooling with this thing, or am i shooting too high until i can get a better cpu cooler? any insight from the old hands at this would be awesome oh and mbm with the dfi board package installed says that my opty has not gone above 47c underload, and it usually idles 32-34 and only breaks into the 40's under a LOT of pressure (3dmark06 cpu test did it). this is also before the as5 sets in.
  14. and the burning question.... does THIS card have a place for a power thingy?
  15. nice :sad: hmm, got me on this one, it migh tbe your video card, or you mobo is really hating whatever ram you are using. but at least you are thorough in troubleshooting, i'll pass this one off to the dfi guys who have been around longer
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