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  1. Just an update. The rig has been rock solid since I got it to boot. Still haven't worked with the corrupt BIOS chip yet, I'm afraid to try to get a new one because I have the sinking feeling I'm going to get totally ripped off. I'll say it again though. On this 430 watt power supply, I pass all stress tests and play any game rock solid. So don't even start with the crap about the PSU not being sufficient -- you've been proven wrong. So, can anyone shed some light on what I'm up against to get a new BIOS chip? The fact there's a chip puller included with the mobo is kind of a good sign to me, but you never know.
  2. Well, it seems I've broken this fact, and have been proving it wrong this past year and a half or so. I refuse to believe a small jump in hardware power demands would need a 200% increase in power driven to the mainboard. Doesn't make sense. Unless, of course, you have one of those retarded, inefficient power supplys that have all the 'bling'. That uses all your power. This is a plain, dual-fan PSU. Hell, just to ₪₪₪₪ with you guys I'm tempted to throw in this 430 watt Antec with a leaking cap and run that for another year, problem-free. Running stock volts, stock speeds, stock everything doesn't require a multi-gigawatt power supply. I'll dare to speculate, the reason DFI reccomends such a PSU is because this is an overclockers board. People are going to push the limits. Yes, PSU's are notorious for being a main problem -- that's why people have these multi-gigawatt PSU's. Frankly, I say get by with what you can. I can, and will continue to get by with a 430 watt until I add anything more into the case.
  3. Well, it's working fine now. Only problem is, I have to clear the CMOS and then I have one problem-free boot. Once windows is finished installing, I'm going to winflash. I'll post once I encounter anything else. Thanks for the help thus far, I'm 99% certain it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the PSU, so ignore the red flags going off for you guys there.
  4. Looking at the manual it says athlon64 3800+ with 6800GT x2, >= to 400w required. Well, running the x800xl and a 3200+, it's pretty safe to say 430 is sufficient. Also, having run this exact setup (different mobo however) flawlessly for over a year, I'm also pretty set on 430 being sufficient.
  5. Unless the DFI board takes an inordinate amount of power, 430 has been sufficient. I can get it to boot and everything now, but loading wndows setup it errors randomly on loading files. Might be the CD.
  6. Okay, it isn't recognizing the full 160gigs of my 160gb drive. It only sees 131070 megs.
  7. Whoa hold that thought, CMOS reset and it's just like BAM windows setup time! I'll keep posting progress. Oh, it said "warning runnin gin safe mode, please re-setting cpu clock in cmos setup" or whatever this boot as well. What is that all about? Is my CPU hosed? I could get the cpu to run at 1000mhz just fine on my old mobo, but that had a totally fried chipset..
  8. ARGH! Okay, I think I already know the problem -- bad CPU, but that may have been a symptom of the other mobo as well. Here goes: I turn on the computer. Drives spin up, goes through post stuff, wee, all is fine. POSTs fine. Gets to the screen where it goes through the boot order, now it does one of three things: 1) Gets all the way to 'verifying DMI pool data ....", sits for 5 seconds or so, then reboots. 2) Sits just before "verifying DMI pool data ....", hangs for a long time, then reboots to no video output and beeps some weird code (a long beep that sounds like three medium beeps with no gap between, then two or three short beeps). Sits at no vid out, no more beeping for a while. CD drive will spin up after a few seconds. Given enough time, the beeps will be heard again (roughly 45 seconds). It is not the 1 long 2 short VGA beep, took out the vid card and that beep was distinctly different. 3) Goes past DMI pool data (I think? happens quick) and goes to a black screen with the _ cursor blinking away. Forever. Now, after option 1 happens one to five times, after POST it'll say "WARNING! Running in Safe Mode. Check re-setting CPU clock in BIOS" or something to that extent. I've reseated the RAM, the vid card, unplugged all drives, plugged them back in, all four power connectors are in the mobo... It also does a few others things prior to POST. It sometimes hangs before it even tries detecting the drives. It sometimes does the POST beep but leaves one of the red LED's on (it actually is sitting there doing just that, right now). What's going on!? Specs: DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-D mobo AMD Athlon64 3200+ -- OEM heatsink ATi Radeon X800XL PCI-e -- In the topmost PCI-e slot.. correct? Thermaltake 430w PSU 160gb WD SATA 7200rpm HDD (brand spanking new) 60gb WD EIDE 7200rpm HDD (year or two old, works fine) DVD/CDR/RW combo drive, EIDE, relatively new 2x512 Kingston KVR DDR400 RAM -- dual channel in yellow slots. Mem error beep code when in orange.
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