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  1. Was overclocking my NF4 INF SLI at 225mhz fsb. No other changes were being made other then dropping the memory frequency to 166mhz. I was playing FSX when the sound went screwy and the game locked up. I had to restart the computer and when I did the motherboard no longer saw my harddrive. I moved it to another sata port but still nothing. I popped out the battery and reset the cmos and the thing still does'n't recognize anything plugged into a sata port. To check that drive I went and bought a brand new hard drive and it too was not recognized on any sata port. Broken motherboard? NF4 SLI INF AMD 64 4600+ 2.4ghz
  2. does a 9800 really need an aftermarket cooler. mines been running great in my gf's computer for a couple years without a hitch. just pulled the hsf off of it the other week and put some fresh as5 on their. seems like its purely cosmetic, which is why I was trying to find out his card temps to see if it was overheating. I've never gotten a temp reading on my 9800 but it's never overheated either so it cant be too hot.
  3. :confused: seriously? cause if not I'm trying to help.
  4. what are you using to check the temp on the 9800?
  5. I'd reinstall the video card drivers first.
  6. 3dMark06 shows mine at x8. Would like to get it to run at x16
  7. I bought an Enermax Noisetaker II 600W and the darn thing started to shut itself off randomly, sometimes after 30 seconds sometimes after 30 minutes. Took it back and ordered the OCZ GameXStream 700W because they had a killer deal at Newegg and I got it for $139!! I love this bad boy and am very glad that the Noisetaker didn't work.
  8. Coretemp shows an accurate temp reading. My cpu is 35C idle and 49C under load and that is with air cooling in a 30C room. The CPU runs at 1.5 stock so why is 1.6 to high?
  9. Could just buy another 9800pro they are still available in some places and are pretty cheap.
  10. Extreme gaming but no SLI? I bet my 3dMark scores are close or better and no one would consider my rig extreme.
  11. Core Temp shows the correct temp, TY. what is the VID? is this the voltage my CPU is supposed to be set to or what it currently is? I haven't seen the cpu voltage listed as VID before so I'm not sure.
  12. I've run Prime while using all of the mentioned monitoring programs and they dont change their behavior. The temp doesn't rise and it still fluctuates around 9-15C. The BIOS monitor will correctly show a temp increase though if I reboot and check quickly after running prime.
  13. When I go to the hardware monitor in the BIOS it gives me a correct reading on my CPU, usually around 35-38C. However its the only place I can get an acurate reading, SmartGuardian, MBM5, SpeedFan and any other you can think of all display an erratic reading that flucuates between 8-25C. It will usually stay within the 9-15 range but sometimes it just jumps all over the place and only very rarely will it flash anything even close to what would be the correct setting. So the only place I can get an acurate reading of my CPU temp is in the BIOS, any suggestions as to why this is?
  14. ah, that makes sense. TY. not sure if I want to do anything about it or not but it's good to know why at least.
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