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  1. I've Listed it on Ebay. As you can see I have an Opteron 165 for sale, stepping CCBBE 0615EPMW I bought it just over 1 months ago, I've decided I don't really need it and I'm going back to my X2. I have it overclocked at 2790MHZ with almost with almost 20hrs prime stable, pics will show this. I just stopped it at that point cause I figured that was good enough. It's very good and reliable. I'm asking $195cdn Shipped. OBO I will ship to canada and USA I also have the stock heatsink (Yes the heatpipe one, never used) which will be included, I also have a thermalright SI-120 which I could sell instead of the stock heatsink. Or if you don't want either, we could work something out without a heatsink. I also have a 6ft inflatable corona bottle if anyone is interested. $20 I have not traded on here before, but I have 100% ebay feedback under someguy333. I hope I didn't miss anything, questions and comments are of course welcome.
  2. Smartguardian and speedfan are both doing the same thing. I just tested and it is happening after coming out of standby mode. So what's the fix here? other then don't use standby, cause I would like to use it from time to time.
  3. No, it's disabled. Also I forgot to mention that when this happens, smartguadian also reads the cpu temp at like 60 degrees or so. but nothing in the computer feels very hot, like the heatpipes on my si-120 aren't any hotter then usual. The only thing I haven't seen the results from yet is, I had standby mode turn on after 2hrs or something, so I've turned that off. But now I'm at work, so I just turned off my computer before I left.
  4. I am running an Opty 165 right now with everything else in my sig. I have it running very well at 2.8 right now, haven't done more the 4hrs prime yet, but will. Every once in awhile smartguardian and cpu-z start reporting my cpu voltage at 1.39 instead of 1.45 that I have it at (that what they usually report, not what's in the BIOS). Cpu-z is also showing my bus down to 200 with my core at 1.8. The windows system properties says 2.8 still. What's going on? Thanks
  5. Oh ok, so then I can use which ever. That's good to know, for when I have to find 2 of the power adapters to buy. On that note, does anyone know any good places to by electronic parts. Like parts express but in canada would be good. And I've already checked the source by cc (radioshack) so something else.
  6. Yes it says output 12vAC 800ma. I don't have it with me, but I know enough about electronics to know that. I was suprised by the fact that it was AC and not DC for the 2 I need cause, it only power in then a switch and the light. But I figured it should use DC and that's why I wanted to ask someone about it.
  7. Thanks for the info. We actually have only one bulb, just 2 of the lights, one for each podium. I thought it was weird that the adapter with it was AC, I figured it should be DC. We have this other one with a 12v AC adapter, but that one has a dimmer instead of just an on off switch. So then a 12v DC 500ma adapter is what I would need? We have the lights running on the 12v AC 800ma adapter for nearly 1 year. so I'll just skip the resistor as from how I'm seeing things it won't really be needed. Thanks again for all the info
  8. I have a question about power adapters, trying to figure something out. I need to get 2 for podium lights for a hotel I work at. They are fairly basic, just a 12v 5w light bulb with a mini rocker switch, to turn it on and off. We had them both powered by a 12v AC 800ma adapter. They are both done working and need to be replaced. I just want to make sure that that is the right adapter. How can I figure this out? I have a fairly small working knowledge of electronics, but I don't know how to figure this out. Does it really need AC? being that it's basically a 12v automotive bayonet style bulb (I believe that's what it's called, that's what parts express refers to theirs as) what about the ma rating, how do I tell that? The bulb I have is like this http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.c...FTOKEN=77805413 All I know about this bulb is it's 12v 5w and looks like that one Every bit of help will be much appreciated
  9. Ok, thanks I don't really like the idea of damaging any of my components.
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