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  1. yeah the only 2x1g ddr500 ram i could find for a decent price is that partiot ram from newegg
  2. yeah a decent (not high end i know but decent) psu for 20 bucks its a good deal imo... i just wanted to know if it was as good as my antec smartpower 2.0 500watt psu, cuz the flexforce cables on the xfinity are sick
  3. thnx for all the suggestions... i guess ill have to stick to my antec sp 500watt and put the ultra xfinity 500watt (not xconnect changed my mind) in the server... THNX everyone btw its a $70 psu with a $50 m.i.r.
  4. but what about the XFINITY? its not modular and has a great cable system
  5. ahh but my psu is modular... what about the ultra xfinity... i can get that @ $19.99 to... i cant spend much on a psu as i have to buy a cpu and HD for the server...
  6. well i have the chance to get a ultra x-connect 500watt power supply for $19.99 will this work well with a x2 3800+ on a Dfi expert with a x1800xt? has anyone had problems with this psu? i need another psu for a server im building and this one looks cooler than my antec smartpower 500watt but does it work as well or better? thnx BigD
  7. ok it was windows fault... reformat fixed everything... i was getting worried it was a problem with my usb hub but its all good... thnx for suggestions everyone, i wish i coulda got it to work without reformatting tho, but nothing seemed to help thnx again
  8. ^^ yeah i hear what ur saying... tried deleating the usb controllers problem prosisted... i think its from a virus i got and had to deleate a few things, nothing has been the same since... i was planning on a reformat anyways.. so im doing that now actually and will see if it helps my problem! ill post up tomarrow with a update
  9. im starting to think it is a windows issue and that it needs a good reformat.. tho i just did that a month ago... buts its also as if no power gets to any of the ports except for when its first plugged in... my thumb drive would have the light on untill windows said it needed a driver and that it "may not work properly" then the light shut off as if it didnt want to give it power.. ughhh this is a annoying little problem i hate these
  10. i didnt realy need any of the drivers for it to work in that usb slot last time... im actually just using it in a different usb slot right now... its just odd but i will check on the usb2.0 but im very sure i enabled it... i will also check if other items work in the other usb slots EDIT: tried my usb thumb drive... SanDisk Cruzer Micro, its never needed a driver to work b4 but now it needs one? the computer recognizes it as a "mass storage device" then as a "cruzer micro" but then it does nothing and ive tried it in all of my usb ports even the ones on the front of my case seperate from the mobo
  11. well my mouse only works in one usb slot at a time, i took the mouse out to go to a friends house to bring it because he wants to get one but doesnt know how he likes it vs the copperhead... so i come home and plug in my mouse, it lights up like its working in while booting, then once it hits windows it stops the light turns off and no lazer, the mouse doesnt work... but if i switch around the usb slots only one will work, it used to be the top one now its one on the bottum. is there something wrong with my motherboard? windows recognizes it as a "gaming mouse" and the install new hardware comes up, but its like there is no power getting to the mouse and only one usb slot is giving power
  12. i have the same ram, i am running them at ddr500 with the timmings 3,4,4,8 with 2.9v, they wouldnt work at all at 2.5 cas, but i could get the cpu and ram 1:1 to 245 with the timmings 3-3-2-8 at 2.84v
  13. well my 2x 1g of ocz was more difficult to set up, i had to read this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...031&postcount=1 in the ram section of it, tho it is for overclock it may help give you some suggestions on what settings stuff runs well with, like my sticks were a pain to overclock, couldnt get them past ddr400 even by a few mhz.. but after messing with some of the settings i got them to ddr500, reading some of that stuff realy helped with what settings worked better with some types of ram hope that helps
  14. well my ocz platnum sticks can go to 237 right now stable prime overnight so i have a 1:1 overclock at 2.6 with 1.425v with a load temp at 42c +-1*, the rams at 3,3,2,8 i hope i can push it to ddr500 with 3,3,2,8 cuz ram like that costs a lot more than the $140 i paid for my 2g's
  15. hummm couldnt run threw 3dmark05 at 2704 but i dropped the fbs from 246 to 245 and it ran threw 3 times fine.. still basicly at 2.7, heres my 3dmark05 score with my x1800xt http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2070814
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