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  1. I think you mean 7950GT. Here's the website, and click on 'all 7900 GS models' http://www.xfxforce.com/web/product/listCo...roductId=638341 For what you guys stated about the TEC, I think I'll wait till Tom's Hardware or Frosty Tech takes a look as well... If that TEC does what you say it does, I'll just buy a Zalman 9500 for less than half that [if it does the job that much better...] I overclock to get more value, not blast saved value on cooling. [like those 4.1 Ghz people did for the Pentium 805 D, the money spent on cooling alone could net you like a E6800 or something... :eek: At least, good cooling]
  2. Needed to do some retweaking on my OC cause I changed fans... Apparently, using the psu directly vs. plugging the fans into the mobo fan headers DOES cause instability, at least for me... gah!
  3. I game and edit anime music videos. The gaming is the same as my old Athlon 3700+ but when I went dual core with my Opty... KERPOW!!! Rendering footage in 50% of the time is ALWAYS worth it when it takes hours upon hours of just editing the damn stuff... :cool:
  4. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...oducts_id=20691 Erm, I think this is the one... Thanks then, 2 7600gts it is, I know that video ram at 512mb helps at super high resolutions and don't really affect v-card performance like the chip itself, since I'm more of a med. res. person, I like being able to read my scores and shtuff... [uNLESS someone knows of a good 7900GS that's passively cooled without modding] Also, yay for money saving! That link says am2...
  5. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...oducts_id=20691 Just saw this and was wondering what's up? Titan's got sexy hotties on their heatsinks [not that I'm complaining] and most reviews I've read about them seem legit... What's got me concerned is that would this heatsink fit on an SLi Motherboard [specifically, DFI's new AM2 SLi Motherboard, the $200 monster]. In the future, should prices drop, I'm looking forward to grabbing this new AM2 board and slapping a whole lotta new upgraded parts to it... 2 Questions on my mind: Will this TEC fit on said board fully loaded? and Would 2 Nvidia GeForce 7950GTs do a far better job than 2 7600GTs at medium res? Is it worth the upgrade at 1024x768? [btw, I like my quiet and passive coolers on gfx cards are definitely my cup of tea. However, there are no passive coolers for 256MB 7900GSs and I always game at 1024x768 cause most of my websites that I browse don't look tiny/unreadable at that res and when I game, I want to read wtf is going on...]
  6. Ok, I think I found it, the $10 92mm one with UV lighting... Definitely not cheap for a fan but I'm willing to finish off my case look with it... Venom Forest... muahahahah Thanks peeps!
  7. I did check out that fan [would prefer a thunderblade] but the UFO looks like it'd make an awesome exhaust fan, but it's a poor choice for an intake fan. It'd end up sticking out of my case [not good]. From what I'm aware of, that fan sucks air through the metal grille towards the bottom [where the screws are]. That makes for a nifty cpu hsf but not for intakes. Are there any 'normal' looking LED fans that are useful for both intake/exhaust? [i know Thermaltake made a 90mm Thunderblade but I only saw it sold in like Europe... ]
  8. Hi, I just recently [as per sig] decided to go for a green look for my case and managed to get nice glowy green TT fans for my HSF and case intake/exhausts, but my side intake fan is a 90mm size and I've searched places from newegg to svc to monarch and quite a few others... But I've run into a dead end regarding this... Who sells a 4pin 90mm [92mm I think fits too right?] GREEN LCD Case fan that's very quiet? [doesn't need much CFM, regarding smart airflow, intake fans should be slower than exhast fans] This 90mm fan has cosmetics in mind, don't mind the high cfms unless it's dead quiet but I'd prefer something that's slower than 40 CFMs. [that should help in a nice low noise level, I love my music video editing but hate the buzz of my computer fans]
  9. 1.325v on my Opty 165 though it's stock rather than undervolt I suppose...
  10. Yeah, upgrading to PC4000 RAM was a kickass idea... Had to kick the volts on the cpu up to 1.40 V but with this new ram running at a mere 166 Divider, I managed to punch up 100+ extra points in 3dMark06... Not a good idea you'd say? Well, a 1Ghz OC stable is not a bad OC I suppose and my wife got my old PC3200 Platinum Corsair RAM. It's true, Corsair don't work to well but this 'generic' brand Team Xtreem RAM [odd since I'd never heard of these guys anywhere] could do as good as OCZ?! But damnit, DDR RAM seems to be dying out, everything I see is backordered... ;_; I'll let Prime run 8 hours during sleep and hope for the best...
  11. From what I'm aware of, tight timings will boost your performance, ever so slightly though and could be at the expense of stability. Can't have tight timings with high frequency so if you think your frequency is trapped, let your timings come down...
  12. You have my salute, chances are good that 300x9 is your shot, our steppings speak for themselves, Opty's own the overclocker's realm... from what I hear, the 146 is Godly for single core overclocking. The way I figured, since all Optys are Server-based, their ability to remain stable factors in immensely when OC'ing, reason why I got my Opty ^_^ Try not to over do it, I think 2.7 GHz and 3.0 GHz won't make or break your gaming performance, if gaming is all you're gonna use it for. But for Adobe Premiere/others, maybe you'd need it. As Angry said: "It doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you get there." yay for 2.7 Ghz 900Mhz OC! :eek:
  13. I just ordered 2 of the pc4000 2gig kits with rated times @ 3-3-2-8 [identical to the OCZ Platinum PC4000 I think] Like Angry said, generic 100 Octane Racing gas? Maybe, if it does the job, saving me $60 rocked...
  14. Erm... I got my Corsair RAM [you should recognize it] to run with a 300 FSB... Have you tried using a divider? Mine is DDR450 using a FSB:DRAM divider of CPU/12 but the overclock is 900MHz... Love the divider!!! 2.5-3-3-6 to top it off... hot and fast stuff
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