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  1. I feel your pain... I can't help you with the RMA Dude, and I know your sick of jacking with it. But have you tried swapping out the GeForce card during install? Just slap in some old POS that's laying around and then install the GeForce after Windows is loaded? Or see if it'll install on an IDE drive. Not suggesting you buy a new drive, maybe an old 4 gig, anything, that's laying around. Just to see if the onboard controler is the problem I'm used to my house, OLD parts scattered all over the place... Most likely that nForce3 chipset is twitchy and you'll end up RMAing it anyway (yours IS a very simple rig with no KNOWN conflicting parts like Maxtor SATA or 6800GT video) but you might have a breakthrough.... Isn't seagate owned by Maxtor now??? If your drive isn't showing up in the BIOS after reboot and you have to redetect it, you might try using an add in SATA controler with a Silicon Image chip on it. I did that on a friends 250GB and it worked great. Either way, good luck Dude.
  2. W00T! That Rosewilll card did the trick on my friends computer. Nice RAID setup menu on that card too. I set his 100giggers up in RAID-0 with 16k blocks, will run some tests and see how she does. It was slower than I'd have liked on the format. Depending on how the tests go I might wipe it out and rebuild the array with the auto config. Any card with the Silicon Image 3114 chip should do the trick. The 3112 probably will too. I've heard bad things about the 3112 but I'm running two of them on different machines with no problems. This is the first board I've messed with that had the NV3 chip on it, so I don't know if that's an NF3 problem or a DFI/NF3 problem, but I know Maxtor makes a good drive. If you plan on using the onboard controllers for storage drives I'd go with Western Digital drives for that....
  3. I've had similar problems working on a friends computer. Instead of replacing the drives or the board I told him to order a $20 SATA controller card and we'd give that a try. He has a Rosewill RC-209 on the way from Newegg. It has the Sil 3114 chip on it. It should be in in the next couple of days. Maybe that will take care of whatever issues DFI/NF3 have with the Maxtor drives.
  4. mmmkay.... I'm back from vacation, ready to get this dog out of my living room. Tired of tripping over it and I've got 3 more lined up to work on... I thought maybe the drive in SATA 1 had a problem so I swapped the two and also moved them to SATA 3 and 4, rebuilt an array, installed Windows and then setup couldn't find the boot device after the second reboot Then I deleted the array, repartitioned the first drive and tried installing Windows on it on SATA3. Got as far as the setup GUI! All the way through that and after the final restart it lost the drive again. But the drive still shows up in the BIOS. I ran the Maxtor diagnostics on Tmod's CD on both drives and the only test they failed was the BIOS support. From what I've read in other posts it's nothing to do with drive size, just Maxtor in general. So what's the deal with Maxtor drives and NF 3 controllers? I'm running a Maxtor 200GB on my DFI NF2 board (this one) Do NF3 boards from other manufacturers have this problem or is it just DFI? Anyway... I'm going to tell him that he owes me another bottle of tequila and that I can't do anything else with it till he spends some more money. I am not going to blame the Maxtor/NF3 problem on Maxtor. They're good drives. I'll tell him that instead of laying out another $200 on drives or a different mobo that if he'll get a PCI SATA controller with a good Silicon Image chip on it I can make it all work. No problemo...
  5. You mean write 0's? I downloaded tmod's cd and flashed the 504 BIOS, deleted the partitions on both drives, created new ones, set it up in a striping array and formatted it. Started installing XP again. Got to the same point, after loading the RAID drivers and it says it's starting Windows, then the same BSOD. The two drivers on the floppy, one for RAID and one for mass storage, I assume if I'm running a RAID array I use that driver and if no array the other driver. Correct? I've tried every combination. No array and load one or the other or both, With an array loading one or the other or both. But I'd like to know the proper way, just to be sure. And I've tried the original versions of the drivers that came with the board when he bought it and I've downloaded the latest one's off of DFI's website. Just for fun I tried swapping in his fancy schmancy video card and started getting the boot up to nada problem again. About to quit for the day... my only day off and I leave wednesday morning for a bike rally in Oklahoma. Need to be packing my camping gear and going alcohol shopping.
  6. http://www.aumha.org/win5/kbestop.php 7B is an inacessible boot device error. hmmmm... I used fdisk and deleted the partitions on both drives after deleting the array, reformatted. I just unplugged the second drive and plugged the first one back into SATA1, partitioning and formatting again. He's going to owe me another bottle of tequila.
  7. LOL I did a 16 hour clear. Also swapped out his fancy schmancy video card for an old Radeon I had laying around. No problems then. Made little changes at first to make sure it'd boot back up. Enabled the RAID controller and set up his 2 100GB in a striped array on SATA 1 & 2. Formatted it and started to set up XP. After it copied all the files and rebooted, took the RAID drivers from the floppy and then continued a little bit before giving me a BSOD. He was over here at that time and decided to skip the RAID array, said to just set them up as singles. So I deleted the array, disabled the RAID function and repartitioned and formatted the drives. Started installing XP again and got the same BSOD at the same point. I swapped the drives to SATA 3 & 4 this morning, same thing. I ran Intel's memory tester from a floppy for a few hours the other night, no problems. The address in the Stop error was a 7b, anybody know offhand where that goes? I'd pull other cards out if there were any, these integrated boards drive me crazy sometimes. Hmmm.... idea! I'll get back to you if it works...
  8. PSU... less than a year I believe, don't remember when he first built it. Memtest... Haven't done that. I was holding memory in reserve since Corsair is usually a good stick. Didn't know there was a tester in the BIOS. I'll have to run it from a floppy though. 8hr clear? Never heard of such a thing. I'll try it tonight if I don't make any progress elsewhere. Might try putting a different video card in too. Thanks for the hints dude...
  9. Working on a friends rig, specs in sig. It seems it'll only boot up with failsafe settings. If I make ANY changes, even just time and date, it comes back up with just a black screen. It'll give me a POST beep, nothing else. Clear the CMOS (using proper procedures) and I get the same thing. Sometimes get some video corruption at the splash screen, that goes away once I'm in the BIOS. When he first brought it over I went into the RAID setup (it would do that then, not anymore) and tried to set up his array. I was unfamiliar with that controlers menu and thought I was backing up in the menu and hit the escape key, exited before I was done... Very stupid thing on my part. It's been downhill since then. I don't know if that would have FUBAR'd the BIOS. I've flashed it with the latest BIOS from DFI's website. Still doing the same thing. Any ideas? I tried to post this a few minutes ago but I wasn't logged in, don't think it got saved after I did log in. So if this is my second post on this just ignore one or the other. Or point, laugh, and call me a newby.... Gotta jump in the shower, get read for work.
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