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  1. Well Board seems to be bad as I have replaced Corsair with "OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-3-8] Part number: OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K" which is from the list of recommended memories and still no dual channel mode I guess RMA is the only choice! SAD!
  2. Thank you everyone for your inputs! But after trying everything I am going back to fry's today and replacing my Corsair with OCZ or GEIL (basically one listed in the memory guide). For future reference, I will let you know if the problem gets solved or if the problem is with the motherboard.
  3. Thanx for all 3 suggestions 1. Yes! I did check the memory individually with memtest but only for 2.5 hrs each; not overnight. No problem there! 2. I set the voltage to 2.7V and checked no use there! 3. I checked the actual voltage when set voltage is 2.7 and realized that it was 2.77V so tried 2.5, 2.5 and 2.8 (just in case!) V. Still I just get 3 lights and a beep Is there any jumper I need to set? Single module in inner orange and yellow slots does not work (Is that normal?) I looked for DFI tech support no. there is no phone No listed on the website!! I am feeling swindled as this is most expensive socket 939 board from DFI
  4. Hi, I have been searching DFI-Street for 2 days but no one seems to be using corsair TWINX2048 3200C2 XMS with my motherboard, and have preoblem getting dual channel enabled. I have a matched pair The Memory works perfectly when in slot 1+2 (from the outerside of board). The memories do not work and I get and long beep when (no boot, 3 LEDS): 1. they are in both orange sockets. 2. They are in both yellow sockets. 3. They are in 3 + 4 I have, 1. cleared CMOS for 5 mins (with battery in, just with jumper) 2. I have added one module and then loaded optimized defaults and then added a second module 3. I have used both modules alternately in the same config that is 1 + 3 as well as 3 + 1. I have tried google, DFI street, and finally thought of asking you guys. Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
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