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  1. Strange stuff i read in this thread ehe. I updated last week from my 3700 san diego to the dual core 4600. I did no CMOS clear, all i did was load optimised defaults on my Expert with 04/06/2006 bios, pulled the 3700, whacked in the new 4600, booted up and have had no issues with dual core cpu's. Having read this thread makes me worried if i have to a fresh install of Win XP SP2 at some stage, but will cross that bridge when i get to it i guess. Z
  2. Trying to resolve some SLI issues myself as well on Expert board. Have lockups in game. occasionally in windows. In games (mainly WoW, though it doesn't use SLI) sometimes the screen just goes black, monitor light turns to amber, no soundloops i am hearing. have two XFX 7800GT's, but cards are not identical, one is first model, second( gotten secondhand) is the one with black pcb board etc and flashy green Leds. Am running the black PCB board by itself now and seeing if it has issues. The normal green board i ran for a a few days by itself and experienced no problems. So now onto the second card in solo config and give it a few days. Keeping an eye on this thread Z
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    SLI problem

    memory problem seems solved as well now, was slightly undervolted at 2.65 v boosted to 2.69 and all seems well. Played Wow under raid conditions so a lot happening and had no issues. Zarthaz
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    SLI problem

    SLI problem seems solved. I came across a post instructing to delete the vid drivers and then switch to the other PCI'e settings in BIOS, boot back up driverless and then install the drivers. Seems to have done the trick, SLI is now on, and i ran load balancing and started Quake 4 and the green bar was there and a SLi logo. Not sure why i saw no green bars in World of Warcraft , its a dx game as far as i understand and takes advantage of Wow. This is my first time running SLI , so not figured the ins and outs of it yet. Now have to figure out why comp reboots with 2 gig of memory but seems ok with either stick installed . Zarthaz
  5. Hi all, new to thiese boards, new to DFI. System as below in sig as required. having a problem enabling SLI, cards are in. both picked up by windows etc. after installing driver message flashes up, your system SLI capable etc, click here etc. When i click that i get no option to turn SLI on with drivers 84.56, checkbox for SLI and load balancing are not there. If i use driver set 91.31 with the new interface , i click on SLI enable, when i click Apply, the button check jumps back to no SLI After a system restart it tells me SLI is enabled, but it is not really enabled. Looking back, the button is on no SLI, if i change the interface to old style nvidia mode, both buttons, SLI enabled, load balancing enabled are enabled. But the system is not SLI'd I have looked through bios if there is an option to enable SLI i can't see it. My bios is o4/06/06. Also having memory problem, with both my sticks in (orange slot) system reboots after entering WOW, on either stick as single use, it seems fine. Not sure what is happening there yet Thanks in advance if anyone knows about this /edit in bios i changed the setting for SLi aperture to auto, and in the genie bios page the PCI-e setting to 8-NC-4-8 . When i am in windows and computer has booted fully, display is blank, can't see anything, monitor light is green. Using the topcards video out closest to motherboard, not sure if that matters. Z