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  1. A_G: Get a reality check instead of pretending you (technically) understand half of the "evidence against vista" you keep posting - its a lost cause, because in the grand scheme of things, nobody cares about your little crusade. If you were coming from the other side of the fence (die hard Linux or Mac addict) I could somewhat understand it, but to keep spouting how superior XP is, just shows what a tool you are. I guess you must enjoy the groupies you acquired with this constant and boring hatespeak about vista - I honestly cant think of another reason why one would act like you do...
  2. Carmack can only claim 50% of this fame. The other half is claimed by John Romero.
  3. Hmm cant wait to see more details about the (more reasonable) R610 and R630 parts. But R600 sure looks like its going to be a beast with its 320 unified shaders.. holy cow batman! :eek:
  4. Where did you get that from? What, on the IMC, would need improvement? The current K8 are simply not up to snuff anymore - the design is almost 4 years old, after all. The K-10 you mention is nowadays refered to as Barcelona/Agena and is due this summer, if thats what you're waiting for. I'm also pretty sure the overclocking enthusiast segment doesnt play a big role in their plans. There is no real money to be made there, its just a marketing argument i.e. the so called performance crown, but that doesnt sell chips to Joe Average (think of netburst). To answer the OP. AMD always claimed that socket AM2+ and AM3 processors will work in todays AM2 motherboards, but current AM2 processors wont work in AM3 sockets. So yes, there is an upgrade path for your mobo but not for your current AM2 processor in future sockets.
  5. 1. I tend to blame Nvidia (and probably the same for ATI) for the 0-10% lower performance I see in games I play. Their drivers are crap at best, weeks after Vista hit the shelves. If you want a real (gaming focused) reason to not move to Vista then its the current OpenGL performance. Thats really all there is to say. 2. So you think you can watch protected HD content under XP while you cant under Vista with the same computer? Think again. 3. That would be an argument against buying DX10 hardware. But is it really? 4. Are you one of those who believe in the RAM hogging myth because Vista actually makes use of your RAM instead of deliberately not using it? Of course the system itself will use a bit more resources, it also offers more. You cant always have both. 5. Yea, and? For a change, have a look at a decent article about Vista: http://www.anandtech.com/systems/showdoc.aspx?i=2917 There are more reasons to move on to Vista than the other way around if you can afford it and your current computer runs it (thats what betas, RCs and "trial" installs are for). History just repeats itself, the same people said the same things when XP launched, in a year, nobody will remember what they said and Vista is the standard. By the way, I adopted XP in 2005 because I was happy with W2k and the differences between W2k and XP were far fewer than the difference between XP and Vista - cant call me habitual early adopter, just this time it made sense for me.
  6. Tempting but I dont like how performance crumbles when AA comes into play.
  7. If they make it out the door by 2009, it'll be what WinME was to W98 or XP was to W2k. No real reason to wait for that...
  8. Need alot of salt for that article. QuadFX is not "Barcelona", not by a long shot.
  9. I have the same problem. The original driver installed by vista used to randomly reboot my box when using my WinTV PVR-150 card, so I moved to the Realtek Vista driver (same version) which solved that crash problem but I have this silent crackling now, but only randomly. From what I understand, the Realtek driver is still considered beta, so I'm hoping for a new revision sooner than later.
  10. To be precise, you have to run setup from within the trial installation of vista and then enter your reg code when requested. Thats how I did it and it worked like a charm. The previous vista installation will be moved to a folder called Windows.old, which can be deleted - voila, clean install. It takes twice as long but it saves you money, if you dont want to gamble with a systembuilder version (where you have to pick either 32bit or 64bit and on top of it all risk that Microsoft one day may decides to lock your reg key to the current motherboard you're using, like it actually should be as per EULA but isnt, at this point in time. The same was true for XP but alas, they never bothered to enforce this).
  11. Where's the tuna and shrimps option? Frutti di mare anyone?
  12. Football of course. And yes, I mean the real football not the american "I'll carry the egg with my hands over the pitch until some fatty knocks me off my feet" football.
  13. Funny results. Considering that Diskeeper and "the one that comes with windows" are essentially the same. Same algorithms, same crappy results and performance. O&O Defrag is definitely the way to go if you think you need to defrag your drive(s).
  14. If moving your video card to the lower slot is an option, try the Zalman ZM NB-47J. Cheap, passive and gets the job done A-Ok for me. Keeps temperature below 45°C under any kind of load with an ambient temperature of 26°C - and I dont have jet turbines for case fans in my pretty silent rig. Some people bend the fins on this one to give room for certain vid cards in the upper slot, but theres no guarantee that it works. Really depends on the video card model.
  15. Installed the nvidia IDE sw driver? Would be the first thing on my list that causes problems such as these.
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