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  1. lol i used stripped 12 gauge copper speaker wire cause its easy to work with and i figured that since copper is one of the best heat dissapaitors, that it might even keep it cooler but hey lol it was supposed to be a temporary fix. :beer:D
  2. I would like to design and build my own case. Now in my mind it only makes sense that the thicker the aluminum, the cooler my case will be. But seeings how I have never made a computer case before I thought I would ask somebody who is a lil more knowledgeable on the subject. So once again I summon the mind skull powers and input of my fellow PC enthusiasts to guide me in my undaunted pursuit of DIY pride. :cool:
  3. If so what advice would you give to somebody who is planning to startup their own. Any advice would be VERY much appreciated.
  4. If so would you recommend overclocking to your clients or just lie and say that you don't? :confused:
  5. http://www.saitekusa.com/usa/prod/gm3200mouse.htm :cool:
  6. check this out http://www.subzeropcs.com/delta_tfb1212ghe...0mm_x_38mm.html Has anybody used these? i just baught two Silverstone 120mm because they were 110 CFM :confused: .... Should i send them back or what?
  7. http://www.subzeropcs.com/force_chipset_cooler.html or http://www.mrpower.com.tw/product_info.php...7d48c4c32a53449
  8. I want to get a chipset cooler to replace the "so called" poor stock cooler which has done ok so far but i just want the best for my baby. I notice alot of people say that the evercool is the best but it is hard for me to believe that the evercool is the best because it is so inexpensive. Is there a better chipset cooler for my board?
  9. you know i was given the same impression to.... I think dfi-street needs to let people know that value ram will work and in my case it is working very well. oc my 3200+ Venice to 2.4GHz so far with optimum temps...
  10. ok ntune good/bad? ntune 5 better/worse? Can I use ntune?
  11. Exactly but which fan has the highest cfm?
  12. Im not concerned with the fans being quiet more about cfm....
  13. Ok so i got the coolest cheap case i could find which is the Cooler Master Ammo Case... I love the case and couldnt have asked for anything better in that price range.... Anyway its design is perfect for DFI LanParty NF4's... Everything fits nice and snugg with more than great airflow. Check it out and you will understand what im talking about.... Though the case kicks the filth y monkey waste pile out of some serious stank butt homo-erectus cheese fidgits.. It only comes with one intake fan.... and I dont think its salt is worth its weight in a damn thing at all... So I want to get two 120mm case fans one for front intake and one for rear exhaust. and I am also thinkin about removing the bottom bracket and mount for the HDD's and just going with dual Cooler Master Cool Drives... What do you think? and what brand 120mm's should i get?
  14. Right now my system is running nice and stable with the memory divider set at 03/05 and the FSB set at 240... CPU temp is 31c, PWM temp is 34c, and CHIPSET temp is 40c... DRAM voltage is 2.64v, CPU voltage is 1.42v, and the three fans are set to be on full all the time (because I think that the fans will last longer if they are not constantly being automatically adjusted... correct me if I am mistaken..)... My CPU speed is 2573.77MHz and my system is running far better than I thought it would with what little I have to work with... I am very impressed.... Considering that I still only have one stock case fan... I want to get (2) 120mm Silverstone case fans (110 CFM each), (2) 5.25" Cooler Master Cool Drive HDD coolers, and of course some new ram..... I am leaning towards Kingston HyperX.... My question is what benefits could I expect by increasing the memory divider? Also would'nt it be best to stick with these settings seeings how I am only running KVR?
  15. shout out to whovous for the nudge dawg lol I think I will settle for this until i can get some better ram :nod:
  16. I have Kingston Value Ram Dual Channel and they are working fine for right now.... i would like to get better ram but cannot afford it.... maybe its your vid card settings or some kind of settings issue...
  17. just get a 5.25" panel that has the audio features you want
  18. i had the same problem and had to +10 the cpu core temp adjust in the bios now it is at 33-34c at +10
  19. There are alot of reasons why DFI doesnt do that for one its not to hard to replace and for two I think that DFI should spend the extra money on research and developement so that they can continue to put out quality OC boards for us.
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