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  1. thought i would just close the thread by saying that i installed an OCZ powerstream and everything is working a-ok. thanks for the help!
  2. good to hear that the powerstream is adequate, since that's the one i'm leaning towards. does it have automatic fan speed adjustment based upon temperature? that's what i really like about the truepower's... i just hope this current PSU isn't damaging anything
  3. tasr, wevsspot, et al, thanks for the recommendations. It just seems odd to me that the PSU is to blame if it boots / runs at all. Who knows. Thanks for the input though. I did some looking and found at least one other account of a guy who had a similar problem which was resolved by a new PSU.
  4. 450W is adequate for this system. It does not have any optical drives and is using stock voltage for both the RAM and the processor. It is NOT a stability issue, as I have run 2 instances of prime for about 15-16hrs. Thus, increasing voltage would not help anything AFAIK. I have double, triple, quadruple checked all connections to the motherboard. It appears that the only issue is with not the FIRST boot but the SECOND boot after powering the system down. The only way to get the computer to start up is to unplug it, wait for the electrical purge noise (kind of sounds like a zap), and then plugging the cable back in. Any more ideas? Thanks to those who have contributed.
  5. The only USB device connected at boot is the mouse. They keyboard is ps/2. All information should be updated at this point, including the PS, which I forgot.
  6. Gotcha. I thought that posting my motherboard would more than likely be adequate. Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking about updating the BIOS to see if that helps as well...
  7. Hi all, I have an odd problem with my ultra-d based setup... The computer will always boot the first time, but after shutting it down and trying to start it up again, only the power LED illuminates, and the computer stays shut off. Has anyone heard of this?
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