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  1. Problem Solved! Somehow it didn't work before. Here's What Happened: -Formated Hard drive with Hitachi Disk Tools -Fresh install of Windows XP -Same problem occured with Windows screen and blue screen -Booted to Safe Mode and surprisingly it worked -Played Windows Pinball -Restarted and booted up normally...and it just worked? wevsspot, I owe you much thanks
  2. Not sure what that means. I have to leave the computer for a bit so I'll be back in a few hours. Is there any other way of contacting you besides this forum? I'm gonna stay over at his house over night to fix his computer.
  3. ok i re-installed it and i'm back to step 1. same problem. i see the windows loading screen and than a blue screen. I'm about to use rgone's settings and try from there. Edit: After reinstalling windows, i set the boot priority back to normal (Removable, Hard Drive, CDROM) than it gives me the NTLDR is missing again -_-
  4. ohhh it starts oh my friend just forgot to plug in something into the motherboard, after he plugged it in he got: "NTLDR is missing" and "Press any key to restart" and it doesn't restart when we press anykey
  5. Right so I finally got a new PSU (OCZ Powerstream 520w) and now I can't even get it to POST >_< makes no beeps at all... just starts up with a blank display. Uh, if it was DOA it wouldn't start up... right?
  6. Thanks mars, wevsspot and smoken joe for the help. I'm gonna go ahead and try to buy the OCZ PowerStream 520W: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817711002 Thanks for dealing with a noob~
  7. so can we conclude that my main problem is the PSU? and I can work with the Corsair Value Select until I get enough money for new memory?
  8. We don't really have the resources to purchase a new PSU at the moment, since your recommended one is around $134 lol I'm gonna try the other options and run a memtest86 and prime95 and than look for another windows xp cd. I'm not too sure on how to use prime95 since I downloaded it and it requires me to boot to windows to run? lmao....while browsing the forums I found RGone saying, "I think we have a lot of young users buying off the credit card and getting two very important things wrong. Cheap Value Ram and marginal power supplies." Describes us perfectly... -_-; wish I read more into the forums before I bought the parts.
  9. *sigh* 3:45am in the morning, we give up for now T_T
  10. Tried and no luck some settings that we couldn't find or didn't match are: CPU Throttling? (we turned off CPU Thermal Throttling if that was it?) "I usually set hard drive delay to 2 seconds in order to give them time to spin up before the bios tries to read them. Especially good for some PATA drives but I use on all." HDD timing thing we couldn't find... "32 Byte Granularity = Disable 8 Bursts." it didn't have 8 bursts, only options were: -Disable 4 bursts -Enable 2 Bursts -Auto and we picked Disable 4 Odd Divisor Correct: Disable <--this wasn't on the list so we left it as default just found out this was supposed to have "a14. 05" but it only has enable and disable... Progress...maybe? We see windows load for a split second and than restart. No more split second blue screen...yay? lol
  11. 4 error free passes...guess its the tweaking? im having him clear the cmos, load optimized defaults and than reading off the entire guide to him so he can set it to the optimal settings. Since I don't have his BIOS screen infront of me, can someone tell me where to find the non-Genie menu things, such as: a. Make sure Erratta94 is disabled. b. Turn off cpu throttling. c. Set Pci pay load to 256mb and not default 4096 or to what your memory on video card actually is. d. I usually set hard drive delay to 2 seconds in order to give them time to spin up before the bios tries to read them. Especially good for some PATA drives but I use on all. and also: a2. CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio Manual Set to what Your Default Multiplier Is. (how do i find default multiplier?) Oh and can you tell me what "a little more success" is? Every time it gets to windows loading it shows a quick blue screen and restarts as usual? What am I supposed to be looking for?
  12. wow...so far its gone through only one pass and its good. So we should wait till around 4 passes and than Escape and Reboot? I'm really unfamiliar with ram timing and my friend has never been on a BIOS screen until today so we're really in over our heads.
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145026 <-he told me thats the ram he bought and hes attempting to start with the settings with 2.8V. Hes on the memtest now, anything he should take note of/look for? Oh and he only has 1 stick of memory, he plans to upgrade when he has money. Only reason he got the value select was cause he was building on a budget and he didnt think to check compatibility :/
  14. I'm on the phone with my friend so far all I got him to do is: Bank Interleave: Disabled CPC: Enabled (attempting to follow guide) Set it to 2.5v Drive Strength: Level4 (not sure) Drive Data Strength: Level4 (not sure) CAS: 2.5 He can't find where the CPU throttling thing is in the bios or HDD wait. All I know about his ram is that it has a CAS timing is 2.5, voltage of 2.5 and nothing about the frequency. I'm really new to ram timing so I have no clue... EDIT: My friend found a "CPU Thermal Throttling" is that it?
  15. After putting all the parts together, I installed Windows and everything seemed just fine. After it boots, it prompts me on how do I want to start Windows (Start Windows Normally, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking etc) When I press enter on any of the options it just restarts. Somethings I've Tried: Moved memory to orange slot. I flashed the BIOS to 2006/04/06. CMOS'd, loaded Optimized Defaults. After this I actually see the Windows loading screen for a split second and than a split second view of a blue screen and than it restarts. Reinstalled Windows again Seemed to be back at point one(no more loading screen/blue screen, just restarts) so I moved the SATA cable to another slot and now the loading screen/blue screen thing right before restart is back. I've done searches all over the forum and I noticed a handful of people had the same problem, but they never got to a solution. Anyone have the slightest idea? Any suggested solutions? This is my friends computer, so he can't really ask for help and since I told him to get this board I feel obligated to help him. Thanks -Warren
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