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  1. Nope. When I went to enable bitlocker there was a window that said: "A TPM was not found. A TPM is required to turn on BitLocker. If your computer has a TPM, then contact the computer manufacturer for a BitLocker-compatable BIOS." Whatever a TPM is...
  2. Hello, I need a BIOS for my MotherBoard that supports the Microsoft Windows Vista BitLocker. Is this at all possible? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I need a BIOS for my MotherBoard that supports the Microsoft Windows Vista BitLocker. Is this at all possible? Thank you.
  4. Happy, What happened to those mouse pads? I really want one, I ran a search to find the old topics but there were no new updates on the status. ~BM
  5. wait a minute... when I was reading through the memtest page I remember it saying something about how sometimes it reads that there is more memory than there really is... so all of the extra memory it trys fails and one way to figure out if that's whats happening is you will get a rediculous number of errors. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it might be that your memory is completley fine.
  6. Sorry to hear that man, that sucks. But they did it again! Man they are awesome. OK, so there is a sale that is only for this weekend... it takes 4 days for Paypal to clear the wire transfer from my bank. I asked them if they could reserve the sale price for me and the lady said that if the sale was more than 10 dollars off she would honor it. w00t
  7. I tried to use my DVD/CD burner today to try and burn a CD and for some reason my computer would not detect it. What?! I just finished building the computer and I tidied up the wires a bit and put the side panel on for the first time. I boot up my computer and it gave me a warning about the boot devices being changed and I thought nothing of it because I just plugged in my new mouse so I thought it was that. I just checked again and it doesn't look like I knocked anything loose. I went in and re-tightened the cable that connects the dvd burner to the mobo. And it's getting power fine because I can open it up. Any ideas? Thank you.
  8. Do these tempratures check out OK? CPU: 25 C PWMIC: 41 C (What is this?) NF4 Chipset: 41C
  9. Looks like my system is stable! w00t
  10. LMAO! gotta love my spelling man Thanks Unfortunatly the MDM site is down. [edit] found another mirror And i've been already stress testing it for 8 hours still going strong. If there was an error how would I know it?
  11. Hey, I know there are programs to watch your CPU temp but I can't find it. I searched but the words "temp" and "temprature" come up a little too often in this forum I'm about to stress test and I want to keep an eye on them. Hey, if I have 2 GB of RAM, should I have the test use 700 MB for each core? Thank you.
  12. Here is what I did to get it loose... Take the 4 pin power connecter (the square one next to the 24 pin) and try to pull it out. Place one or two fingers on the edge of the chrome piece that holds the fan. Before you manage to pull the power connecter out, you will hear a loud CRACK. It is now seporated. *Note - probobly not the safest way to do it... it's how I did it... accedently
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