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  1. Forget it man. I'm done. Charmed, at the rate you are going you won't hit 3Ghz by New year. Prove me wrong :cool:
  2. This would be your presumption, it should be the case for you but you can't go around saying this to others since it doesn't actually apply in every case. With further consideration, i realise that all cpu instability is voltage related. So it draws down to how you wanna say it Now then, i see you are oc-ing by the book, but then again, are you ocing the rams or the cpu ? Did you set your rams to 1:2 divider and have auto on secondary timings if you are ocing Cpu ? Did you set a low divider once you oc your rams ? All these things are very important for your first overclocking of any particular setup. With experience, you will discover more and more settings and then you can oc both together, but for now, i STRONGLY suggest you stick stricly to the book and update accordingly. Well if you are gonna ignore this, forget about your 3Ghz
  3. I did say that before but she didn't really listen. [Either that or i didn't chose to post it since i knew you won't listen] Flame me, ban me all you want over this. Now, to the technical part. Why should you not swap CPUs and Rams ? One simple reason. If you guys haven't actually found out, rams for DFI boards are supposed to work in ONE ... yes one configuration only. That means this particular stick into this slot and the other stick to the other corresponding slot. So my advice is to STICK to one particular configuration and OC. No point changing. I could easily hit 3Ghz with a setup that cost half of yours and my cooling costed US $ 55 at most. However, the patience and time you put in is the important element. You think money can buy your 3Ghz, sure, but then again patience pays off. You get a $700 system, take a week to really OC it and nothing else, a decent 3Ghz will come with a decent chip *No offense but your technique is really way off the one recommended by DFI OC guide itself.
  4. From my estimation it should be a 70-90 MM circlular fan. Just get a better one. The stock heatsink is disgustng.
  5. Change to C2D. I got my E6300 up to 3.4GHz easily
  6. How much are you willing to pay ? =) Mine is from Singapore, need to factor in shipping costs. Just PM me.
  7. Trp to 3. 2 is way too tight for TCC5/TCCDs. The rest are fine
  8. Just a small suggestion from me. I've just moved to Core 2 Duo, and i got to say, most will be very curious on the performance difference. Instead of having all at Cl4 ... try Or something like that. 1T vs 2T wise, 2T allows you to clock much better, but since the memory controller is not on-die, the performance gain is still negligible. Nevertheless, still one of those comparisons everyone would like to see. Thumbs up, and i'll be waiting for more results
  9. Seriously you got to change out that Fx. It's going to be a bit of a bottleneck for the 8800GTX ....
  10. @Charmed lover ... i cannot post there so i just post here. Ok. First you need to troubleshoot all the ram slots and your rams. Ensure you have 1 working stick of ram. Test it on other boards first. Then try booting at loose timings on all 4 slots. If no problem, then move on to try dual channel on both color slots. I was thinking it just might be a bad stick, but that's just a guess.
  11. Problem ? What problem ? I'm too lazy to read thru the pages Thanks guys. You want some Intel goodness in this AMD 3Ghz thread ? Hehehe. Right now i have Biostar 965PT and E6300. Just awaiting rams before i proceed =D.
  12. Try to bend it back or solder it ? Some chips run fine without those components
  13. Ok guys. I'm moving to Core 2 Duo soon [Just for clocking sake] And it's been great having you guys in this GGG club. I'll still check continually but i'll not be able to update most of my benches already as i would have passed this rig to my brother. As one of my final benches, here i have, a 23min 43.013s 32mil superpi. One of my best runs ever to date. Cheers. *Well if you want to know, i've calculated some specifics. For a Opteron 146 Running at around 3GHz and above, with a set of Bh-5s running 2-2-2 with a divider of 166, every 1 HTT or 10 Mhz will gain you 5 seconds in 32mil pi.
  14. Varying the size woudl help more if your aim was to optimise the performance. Experimenting would be nice [but i don't have the time]
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