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  1. Well, my system managed to run Prime95 blended torture test for 13 hours without errors… again, the system seems completely stable in Windows – it's just that it sometimes hangs at the splash screen that appears before finding the IDE/Serial ATA drives and loading the os. And by hang, I mean total nonresponsiveness. Is it possible I have a corrupt BIOS?
  2. Hmmm.... then I guess I still haven't found the source of the problem. I'll run Prime95 tonight and see what happens. I don't think it's a CPU issue, though.
  3. I think I might have found the cause of my problems. It might have been the combination of an insufficient PSU and an insufficent surge protecter I looked at the back of the surge protector and it says rated for: 120 volts and 15 amps. I am thinking that is not enough for peak power demands on my PC plus all the other things attached to it. Seems that when I put the plug in the wall, things work fine with the new power supply... of course, only time will tell. I also discovered that my video card was running in x2 PCI-e mode with it in the second x16 slot, so I changed my SLI jumpers so both slots are now running in x8 mode.
  4. Sorry about not changing my sig, but my new PSU is an OCZ 520W with a single 33A 12v rail.
  5. There is one more thing I will try once I get home. I had to switch my video card to the second PCI-ex16 slot on the board because the new video card was too long and was blocking airflow to my chipset. When I tested with my old video card, I also put it in that second slot. I'm not sure why this would cause intermitant failures, but it's worth looking into.
  6. I replaced my PS last night and everything seemed fine. Then I tried to boot up my computer this morning before heading off to work… nothing. I get the same freeze at the post screen. So, at this point, I have had freezes with: #1 Different memory sticks #2 Different video cards #3 Floppy and CD-ROM drives unplugged #4 Different power supplies It could be my CPU, but I never get a halt on CPU according to the diagnostic LEDs and I get text on the screen, which indicates that my CPU is working. Also, I am not getting random crashes/reboots in windows. It could be my hard drive, but wouldn't a failure there give me a "no disk" error or prevent me from ever booting into windows? It could be my motherboard or some sort of corruption to my BIOS, but it is not a repeatable occurrence. It could also be the power coming into the computer. My Surge Protector (tried it in the wall socket and still had failures, but sometimes plugging it into the wall coincides with it booting again???) Perhaps my power cord? The electric power in my building?
  7. In my case it is probably not the graphics card. I had an old 6600 GT that I tried (which worked for a while) but then got another freeze. Also, I would guess that a serious video card issue would mean it would halt before finding the card and it wouldn't even load in the vid card BIOS (which it does do in my case).
  8. The halt comes before bios is done loading (1 LED light), so it doesn't even get to the point of searching for a bootable hard drive and loading the OS. The drives I am using include: 1 Generic floppy drive NEC ND-3550A DVD-RW Seagate ST3160827AS
  9. I ran mem test for 10-12 hours just a few weeks ago when I upgraded the memory. Interestingly enough, it would freeze during the last test untill I went to default memory timings (versus the more aggresive ones that OCZ suggested). Perhaps a bad floppy drive also had something to do with it? Usually when I have had failures in memtest, it just gave me errors without hanging. (and no, them memory isn't the problem, because I has having this issue before I upgraded it.) I'll have to try running Prime95 now to test stability. Of course, the problem has always been on boot-up. My system has otherwise been rock solid.
  10. I enabled one ROM drive and have the new graphics card in. I disabled the floppy. My machine has so far managed to boot 3 times in a row. At this point I'm not really sure what the source of the problems is. If the problem wasn't intermitant, it would be so much easier to diagnose.
  11. The PS does have two rails now that I look at it. Other one is 18A. It is still possible it is failing, though. I will also check the floppy drive. Now that I think of it, I had my BIOS set up to search for floppy. If that were failing, perhapes it could cause it to hang.
  12. Looks like I'm still having problems. I put my old video card back in, but it will still freeze on boot. To fix it, I have to unplug both optical drives. I still think it is the power supply, though. I was just looking at the current ratings for the 12V rails, and it only says 15 A. I'm guessing that is not enough for a 7900 GT. Is it possible that I damaged the power supply by trying to run a crad like the 7900 GT on a ps that cannot deliver enough current?
  13. Unfortunatly, I don't currently have another PCI-e mobo to test it on. But the computer has managed to boot with the card and run under windows with zero reboots or crashes. The problem almost seems like the computer just can't get enough power, as it stalls right before fully loading bios (it does manage to load the video bios, though, and also recognize the CPU and memory). Perhapes my power supply is starting to fail and the greater demands of the new video card is pushing it over the edge.
  14. Okay, I put the new video card back in and tried to boot. It froze again with 1 LED lit. I'm guessing that either my 480W Antec Neo is failing or it just isnt powerful enough to run 2 ROM drives, 1 harddrive, and one brand new PCI-e card that requires seperate power connector and fan connector.
  15. I tried a little experiment and installed my old vid card and the system booted. Not sure this is the issue, though, as the problem has been intermitant. I will try putting the new card back in and testing. I am hoping that I just need to upgrade my powersuply.
  16. I've had my ultra-d mobo for just over a year now and it has run flawlessly... untill recently. Every now and then the computer freezes at the splash screen when it boots. I get one beep and it displays the processor, but fails to show memory or detect the floppy drive. So far I am sure that it isn't the memory as I had the problem with older RAM and with the new RAM I put in. Also, I ran memtest on both sets of RAM with no problems. Other things I've considered: #1 Power supply problem. I recently replaced my GeForce 6600 GT with a newer 7900 GT. The new video card requires more power. I have a 480W power supply, though, and I am only using a 1 DVD and harddrive on the computer. I should have enough power, correct? #2 It's a BIOS problem. I have the default BIOS the board came with (AwardBIOS v6.00PG). It's worked for me so far, but is it possible that is the source of problems. #3 Either my CPU or Mobo is failing in some way. Has anyone else had similar problems or have any idea what could be going on? The only thing that I changed before the problems started was my video card. I was using a GeForce 6600 before upgrading to the new GeForce
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