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  1. So where can i get my hands on some standalone jumpers, i searched for it but yeah... couldn't find it. A computer repair shop? And ya my board was used, not oem... it came like oem, no extras. If it was used- that may have been the reason it was returned.... and i wouldnt be able to get a new one so if it was broken i would be sol-ed. Thanks for the help sharp
  2. Hi, Im working on optimizing my first build- im new. I was attempting to install the second video card. I have an identical copy of the bfg 7600gt that ive already been running with for like 2mos. I switched the jumpers, uninstalled drivers, changed the sli option in the bios, reinstalled drivers, plugged in the 2nd video card, booted up- but no second gpu was detected. there is power to it though because fan powers up and is very loud. (used rgone's step by step sli installation instructions) steps ive taken; -tried to remove drivers using driver cleaner -plugged new video card in top slot by itself (it was fine) -looked in dev mgr and saw only one card installed ***I plugged either video card into bottom slot (no display is seen and red light on mobo turns on) which leads me to believe that the slot is defective. however, power on bottom slot seems to be fine because the fan turns on. (if i wait a while the red light turns orange computer seems to be booting even though i cannot see because vga wont send signal to my monitor) Am i correct in my assumption that the slot is dead? Is there anything i can do to get this slot to read my new (or any) card? PS. I bought this mobo via newegg and it was an open box oem While removing jumper caps one of the metal clip things came out of one of the jumpers and disapeared into my carpet. not sure if this would affect the slot but it sounds bad.
  3. I dont know if i have a problem or not. I had been running a single bfg 7600gt... recently i happened upon another bfg7600gt and decided why not put it to use. so i pulled out the jumper things and moved them over and i set the sli aperture to auto in the bios. I removed the previous nvidia drivers and reinstalled. At least one of the cards is working so i can use the computer fine. Im not sure if they are both working because when i go into the nvidia control panel to "configure sli" it doesnt seem to recognize i have 2 cards installed. Is there a way to check if both cards are working? Also to note that the fans (every single fan in the computer) will never power down even on idle use. Thanks for any help in the solution to this problem. Update: I have realized for sure that the second card isnt being detected because in dev manager there is only one gpu there. What must i do in order to get the card to detect?
  4. Sharp- I did find your help useful, and thank you, im sorry you felt slighted. The memtest ran smoothly and passed 6 times. I will implement the slipstream as soon as i have a working computer again. As for now, i am going to order a hdd and when it comes, i will install windows onto that hdd, and use the other drive for data- which is genius by the way... lol that wouldve saved me a lot of headache. I plan on ordering a raptor. What size would be sufficient... does anyone have a specific product suggestion? And once i do have windows on the new hdd, how do i go about configuring the hdd's so that the data will be stored on one and the os will be on the other?
  5. OK, so i guess, all i have is like thousands of songs and 10 or so downloaded movies and some other papers that arent entirely life or death to have, just a major pain in the butt to re-rip hundreds of cds. Should i just abandon that stuff and try for an install... or how difficult is a data recovery or windows repair. to be honest, i would buy a new hdd if that would make things easier to keep my data. And no im not using usb keyboard, the ps/2 type.
  6. So, i ran the memtest, and all looked good, it passed 6 times and there were no errors. Is there any other important information that is needed from that test? Or does the pass that mean i have a stable system? and if so- the next step is to flash the bios using tmods? or do you think that the bios isnt the issue, even though microsoft's page says so... and a simple clean install is the fix? if there is a way, i would like to bypass an install- i am dumb and didnt backup any data...
  7. Ok, thanks for the clear response, but im really new at this. Sorry for the basic question. How do you run a memtest from the bios?
  8. Ok, i understand that, however that does not solve anything now. I already did somthing wrong- and now im stuck. Is there any way to get past this issue? The solutions provided in my previous thread didnt make sense to me. I think that my issue would not be solved by reinstalling windows because my bios is clashing with windows- based on what the microsoft help page said. Reinstalling windows wouldnt update the bios, correct?- and therefore i would end up with the same problem, right?
  9. Hello, Ive asked about this question before, but i dont think i was clear enough in my questions, so im reposting, sorry if this bothers anyone. I updated to windows service pack 2 in order to stay on the up and up. It told me to restart the computer to finish the install. Then while it was restarting, the computer hangs when it gets to the black loading screen with the blue scrolling bar. I looked on the Microsoft help page for help and found this page which matches (exactly) my problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885626/en-us it says that the issue is probably a bios issue. SO i got the correct bios (on a working computer) from my DFI's web page in order to update the non working computer- I used the executable diamond flash image that was downloaded to write the floppy. I set my floppy drive in my cmos (on the non working comp) to first boot priority- and it displayed an error message "Disk I/O error. Replace the disk, and then press any key." Ive tried this on many floppys but the same message is displayed. I was using a legit copy of windows. I do not wish to reinstall windows because thats a pain- and if it IS a bios issue, the next copy of windows will not boot. My questions are, -Ive read about tmods flashing program but am unsure how it works, Do i need the computer with the bios which needs to be flashed on windows to run his program? -Why am i getting the error message when i try to boot from the floppy? -Is the bios causing the problem in windows, or is it somthing else? -I have the windows restore disk and it will boot from this into recovery console with no problem, is there a way to go to a restore point, and if so what is the command line? -Should i just attempt to reinstall windows and start from scratch as a last resort? Thanks for any insight.
  10. I wish to flash my bios, but any time i try to run the image executable from dfi's page, it burns fine but my computer doesnt recognize it as a system disk. i set my cmos to read the fdd as number one priority but it still doesnt work, it says "disc read error, please insert system disc and press enter to continue" or somthing. Does anyone know if i have a setting wrong or have any ideas?
  11. should i still attempt a slipstream, in case any other software is conflicting?
  12. i did not have any antivirus software on my computer
  13. i dont know if this is the problem, i will try all of this, but i had this computer working perfectly for about a month.
  14. To these questions, i did install the dual core driver under sp1. I didnt try to disconnect everything yet, i will try that next. and no i dont know how to test for system stability. sorry, as stated im new so bear with me. No windows did not load successfully the first time. I will try all of the possible solutions...
  15. no safe mode is not available, it spits a big list of gibberish then it stops...
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