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  1. I am that I don't get it: I install the modules in the four banks, but it only detects me those of the banks oranges. ... neither so at least in Single Channel. Is there some way to force the one it single channel?
  2. Good, I know of the problems of the Lanparty with two-sided modules and of occupying the 4 memory banks. Theoretically these problems you soluccionan putting it at 2T. Is my doubt they can combine different modules in different channel? I explain to myself: Teóricamene is two channels: Yellow and Orange. Theoretically they must be identical modules so that they work in Dual Channel... ... but if I want to put 4 modules, must the 4 equals be or can they be same for even? ... that is to say, can I put two same modules in the channel orange and other two same modules in the yellow channel, although those of one and another channel are of different? In the manual certainly doesn't say anything that one is not able to. I have proven it and it only detects me the modules of the channel orange (banks 2 and 4). A greeting.
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