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  1. im loving 2142 way more than bf2 at the moment. it cost me £20 on a special offer when it was released, i dont regret it at all, i think ive done half the hours i did on bf2 so far and ive had the game a quater of the time
  2. thats the odd thing, ive been using 7 for like a year now with no problems at all, now all of a sudden its only using 10% of my cpu :/
  3. well ive only noticed since i patched, may have been before though but i explain in this post
  4. well here it is.. i have no idea why this could be, ive tried setting priorities and stuff but ive changed nothing since the last time, neros only working each cpu core by about 10% as you can imagine this is really annoying as things are taking AGES to encode as i said before, nothing in nero's settings have been changed, the only thing i can think of is that new optimiser anyone have any ideas ?
  5. just installed went downstairs after restarting my pc came back up a second ago and i had the wonderful little box telling me windows had recovered from a serious error.. woohoo!
  6. integrale

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    rofl! without typing 253lbs into a calculator i have no idea what that is in st im 6'3 so i win in height
  7. dont use net graph unless you want loads of info.. just use cl_showfps 3 and youll just get a little fps monitor in the corner of the screen
  8. not quite what i meant dude, i just mean, if the location of the sale is in the thread title, it saves having to click into threads to see where the seller is from, say i wanted to buy a new opteron 165, i could search the forsale forums for opteron 165 and it would spill out a load of links, i can add uk or pounds as key words but it doesnt always work, i then have to click each thread to see if their from the UK or not.. do you get me? if the UK say was in the thread title, then the search would return much better results
  9. well i guess you have a legal validation key thingy, so i would say maybe download a bootable win xp from a torrent, chuck it on a disc use that to install and use your genuine key.. if you can get access to another pc that is
  10. not a forum bug but i dont wanna start a new post for it cause im not sure if its been covered before, its to do with the for sale and trade forum, can we alter rules so that all forsale trade wtb theads have coutry in them, for eg. FS [uk] or FS [uSA] etc, it would help so much when searching for something and saves opening posts that are of no use to you cause its the wrong country
  11. no probs. happy to be of assistance
  12. lol! i beat you once!!! but yeah the other 99 times i got well and truely owned
  13. hl2 and css have never created a autoexec for me.. ive had to create my own.. that should work as theres no other setting in the options that would override that command and therefore it should work without no problems, obviously if it still doesnt work, yeah you need to make a autoexec which is in the same folder as the config.cfg.. make a text file. name it autoexec.cfg and put that line in
  14. i like the way you say 18000 point grind when 2000 is the max i can get without breaking my face.. i fear i may be humiliated very soon
  15. valve>steamapps>username>hl2>hl2 again i think> then youll get to a config.cfg use notepad or wordpad to open it scroll the the bottom add the line fps_max 102 save and exit, it should then get loaded automaticly whenever you start the game.. i always set to 102 cause it generally gives me a steady 100 instead of flickering about 98 99 100
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