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  1. I didnt think of checking for fit before I bought it. All I knew is that It was the best cooler (next to Watercooling of course) for oc'ing the 7900gs, which I bought for such a good price that even after buying the HR-03, I was still saving 120$ off a 7900gt. The combo definitely hasnt let me down. However, once i discovered how much better the sound was with an X-Fi instead of the on-board sound module, there was no way I would go back. Which is the extra handy feature of the HR-03 over other models, you have options for mounting. Personnally though, I would go for a roomier board were I to run an SLI box as the layout of the Ultra-D is too cramped for a good sized cpu and gpu heatsink combo. Also, even though you would prefer not to run the HS in the top-facing setup, keep in mind that the extra airflow next to your cpu and chipset will knock down the temps from 2-4 degrees as an added bonus. post your temps when you have it running, I cant wait to see how cool the 8800 will run with that bad boy installed
  2. The HR-03 mounted on the bottom of the card will not allow you to fit a sound card if you are in the lower slot. You should have no problems if you're in the top slot. I ran into some problems because I have a Zalman 9500 for my CPU. The only way I could an aftermarket HS was to install it on the non-gpu side of the card and plug the card in the lower slot. What I have found however is that if you bridge the second PCIe slot then the Ultra-D splits the x16 to x8, which barely affects performance. You'll then have enough room for a soundcard in your bottom slot and you can even fit a fan in between the two cards to increase airflow to your 7900's RAM. If you look at the second pic in this post you'll see it's still a pretty tight fit even in the second slot. While you could run the HR-03 without a fan, the extra cooling you gain is too important to ignore especially if you've oc'd your gpu.
  3. Hey Polit, I have it running on a way oc'd 7900GS right now. Depending on your board layout and cpu HS the HR-3's size might give you some headaches ie: I run my card in the second pcie slot on my ultra-d because the Zalman 9500 crowds out the top slot. Other than that, cooling performance with this product is fantastic. Installation was straightforward and went on without a hitch. If you're running a single card instead of SLI you can't really beat this cooler right now. for more details about the perfomance, read this post PS: good to see people from my hometown logging on to the Street
  4. Hey General, About that cushpad, I have no idea why it's even included in the kit because once the heatsink is completely screwed on, the bracket doesnt come anywhere near the GPU because the tension brings it flush with bottom of the cooler surface. The only time I could see the cushpad being required is during the installation the HR-03 is fully installed, and then what's the point of having a piece of silicone glued to your GPU for 2 minutes worth of protection? Wierd design. Who knows, maybe it's more for ATI cards? I havent used it with either of the cards or heatsinks. Also, other odd bit of trivia, while the ThermalRight site says that the V1 is not compatible with any card above the 6800 It installed flawlessly on my 7900gs. However it's performance on that gpu, while a vast improvement over the stock cooler, wasn't really good enough to keep the card confortably cool at anything but standard specs, even factory oc is too much. As for that particle board setup, I'd like to run my system in an open platform but i'm too worried about the cat wanting to explore what those whining blue spinny things are and thus shorting the board. Sounds like you dont really have to worry about case flow though
  5. That must have been the card that was at fault again. Although I do recall I had some seating issues with the thermalright V1I installed on my 6600gt. Turns out I hadn't tightened the 4 screws that hold the heatsink down onto the mounting bracket properly so the thermal paste wasn't properly compressed and acted as an insulator instead. Reseating it with a fresh layer of paster fixed the problem. Considering the HR-03 uses the same style of mounting bracket, maybe that was the problem the first time, especially if the thumb screws were put in too tight or the rubber washers weren't installed. Having learned from my previous Thernalright installation, I took my time and incrementally tightened opposite corners until the whole thing was snug. As for your second card catching fire... yeowza! that just cant be good. Maybe the surface of the card was accidentally scratched when the heatsink was installed. Did you install the HR-03 in wraparound mode or hanging down on the ram side? Maybe that could have made a difference. But since you returned it, did you go for another aftermarket cooler or are you just the stock cooler? Also, you mentioned you werent running it in a case at the time so are you using a techrack (or whatever those open shelf systems that are mostly used for benchmarking parts is called)?
  6. Hey Motorcraft, If you're interested in a decent budget card you might also want to check this one out. http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...%20Technologies it's the same I got and it overclocks really well. Regarding the HR-03, check out this post where I describe my experience with that heatsink so far.
  7. To anyone who's wanting to oc their video card, especially the 7900 series and higher, but wants to stick to an air cooling solution, the question is no longer if you want to spend the extra money for ThermalRight's HR-03, but rather, why haven't you bought it yet considering it's going for the same price as the V1-Ultra, ThermalRight's previous cooling champ. Right after Xmas i bought an upgrade, a BFG 7900GS OC. NCIX had a promo and they were selling them for 168 instead of 278! Great performer for that price, especially when one considers the overclocking potential of this card. Right out of the box it was running hot. With the standard leafblower it would idle around 59-60 and load up to mid 80's. When running 3dmark 06 it would spike into the 90's. In an effort to solve the heat issues, I installed the ThermalRight V1 that used to cool my old 6600GT OC. This brought the idle temps to 53 and load to 71 but it would still spike to low-90's under ATItool and 3dmark06. :eek: Enter the HR-03, the biggest, shiniest new VGA Cooler on the market. I'd read the reviews on Tom's Hardware and it seemed to be the perfect solution. Installation was simple but a bit tricky merely because of the heatpipes that wrap around the back of the card. Keep in mind that you can also install it facing down from your card instead of around but with my setup it both makes more sense and shows off the HS much better. In the end it took me just as long to take out the card from my system, remove the previous heatsink and unpack the HR-03 than it did to install it to my card, 20 minutes,tops. Add an extra 15 minutes because I had to make my own stainless steel clips to adapt the stock 92mm fan clips to the 80mm CoolerMaster fan I snagged from my previous card because you have to supply your own fan and voila. After booting up I fired up Everest to check my temps and had to actually mouseover the numbers because none of it fit. I was expecting a big change but nothing like this. GPU now idles at 38 but the kicker is that since the fan is now quite close to my CPU heatsink (Zalman CNPS9500) it now idles 4 degrees cooler bringing the idle temps down from 23 to 19. My CPU fan isnt even spinning because the temps are so low! Next step was to see how the card would behave under load and I was in for another great surprise. Fired up ATItool to push the temps higher than most games ever will and to see if this card really is just destined to overheat. The temps shot up from 38 to 46 instantly and over the next 30 minutes, slowly ramped up to and stabilised at 52 degrees. Basically when running the core at 540Mhz and memory at a conservative 699Mhz my load temps are now my previous idle temps, and my cpu runs 3-4 degrees degrees cooler. Some quick numbers- 540/699 temps w/ V1: idle 54; F.E.A.R. 71; ATItool 85;AquaMark3 69; 3DMark06 91 Scores - AquaMark: 77463; 3DMark06 540/699 temps w/HR-03: idle 38; ATItool 52; AquaMark3 53;3Dmark 579/800 temps w/HR-03: idle 40; ATItool 52; AquaMark3 53;3Dmark06 54 Scores - AquaMark: 90753; 3DMark06 5129 So to conclude, after 2 weeks of playing games and spinning models around in 3dsMax,I've had no crashes whatsoever and no artifacting. Performance with the 7900gs is a major step up from my old 6600gt and now that I have an HR-03 installed, this 168$ card outperforms a 7900gt. If you're having heating issues or if you just want a quieter cooler for your card, seriously consider this heatsink. Just make sure you have enough room in your case to accomodate it because it is HUGE with a fan, taking up two lots and being as wide as the card itself. pros: outstanding cooling. comes with RAM heatsinks. easy install. can be installed 2 different ways to adapt to your setup. cons: HUGE!! doesn't come with fan. (but that could also be good considering you get to pick your own) price 56$ (but you get what you pay for)
  8. Good point about the internal temps but I don't think that's an issue since I'm running an open case. My CPU normally idles at 24 and my chipset at 38. As soon as I get caught with school I'll reseat the HSF and see if that helps any. Although I've read that the 7900gs won't start throttling until it gets to 127, I'm still a little leary of silicon reaching temps that could blister flesh in seconds. Might have no choice about dialing back the frequencies to lower than factory overclock until I can get the HR-03
  9. Hey All, I just got a BFG 7900GS OC for X-Mas ( 168$ @ NCIX ). While it is a great upgrade from my 6600GT, I'm wondering about its temps. The stock cooler would idle at 57-59 and load into the low 70's. Hoping to remedy that, I installed the Thermalright V1 I had on my old card and my temps came down to 53 idle and 69 load. The scary aprt is that when running 3dmark06 the temps shot up to 91! :eek: Anybody else have heat problems with these cards, should I: a) RMA B) just keep it but undo the factory OC c) save up for the Thermalright HR-03:drool:
  10. Reading this reminded of something I wanted to figure out before school started. I actually want to do the opposite, keep the LED burning at its brightest all the time. Seeing as how the bulb's brightness depends on how fast the fan is spinning (faster=more power), light level fluctuates a lot depending on cpu load. Is there any way to override this? So far I've tried: a) plugging the Zalman into a non CPUFAN plug just so it could be running at max. B) using the FanMate and turning it to max. c) googled for workarounds No success so far. Maybe I just need to have prime running in the background all the time to keep my temps up
  11. If you're looking for an all copper HS, I'll have to agree with s10man69 about the Zalman 9500. I'm running an X2 3800 oc'd to 2700 from 2000 and I idle at 25 load at 36 when rendering in 3ds Max. I'll have to change the temps in my sig since the summer heat is gone and my system has started to run a bit cooler again While there are a few better HS designs out there, the 9500 is one of the quietest for it's level of performance. Frostytech's review has a long list of models to compare to here. An added bonus for the Zalman is that even though it's all copper, it's still pretty light and it's height is easier to fit into a case, especially if you have side panel fans. hope this helps,
  12. Step 1) Dont use the "Fan Mate 2", plug the Zalman directly into the mobo Step 2) Run the system with an open case. Until I tweak my case flow to perfection, I can shave 3-6 degrees off my temps (depending on ambient temperature) if I run an open computer.
  13. Hey Tripp1n, I run the Zalman in my system and I tend to run at 25c with winamp, 3 firefox windows and photoshop running even though my x2 3800 is overclocked to 2.7ghz. Dont worry about the mounting bracket because you dont need it on your board, just screwing the Zalman into the stock cooler's mounting holes is fine. What you might want to do however is take it out, wipe down both the heatsink and the cpu of ALL the gunk you have on there right now because it sounds like you have way too much thermal compound on there right now, which would explain your high temps. Last week even when it was 32 degreess in my computer room, my temps hovered around 29c which means that unless it's really REALLY hot in your house right now, you shouldn't be seeing temps in the 30's with that heatsink on your cpu. As for your chipset working up to 60c, it's "normal" on the Ultra-D. Don't start to worry until it gets into the 70's, since your system will start shutting down on it's own. The actual culprit of that overheating was discussed quite clearly in this earlier post: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...740&postcount=2 The only solution would be to add a small fan blowing air right on top of that location. In my case temps dropped by 10c after I mounted a 60mm fan. One possible mounting method can be seen here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=1338888 Hope this helps put your concerns at rest and your temps below 30.
  14. That's just truly impressive. What would be really handy however is seeing how and what you cut/dremelled/soldered to turn the previously jumbled mess into the work of art it currently is. What EXACTLY did you solder? what cables did you cut? Detail and close-up shots of the finished project would be awesome.
  15. Slightly off topic: Replying to Mark The Meek Regarding: "my amazingly efficient heat engine (otherwise known as a BFG 6800gt video card) spews out high volumes of energy directly at the chipset which no amount of copper or AS5 or airflow will help with." I was having a similar "problem" with my OC'd 6600gt until I slapped on ThermalRight V1. It may be bulky but it's performance matches it's size. http://www.thermalright.com/a_page/main_product_v1.htm Prior to the HS upgrade my card was idling and loading at 49c/64c respectively with 500mhz core/1ghz mem. Now it's 39c/51c with 625mhz core/1.18 mem. If no other solution seems to work, try this sucker out. Best 35$ Canadian I ever spent.
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