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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I've got the following setup: Wireless router in the living room. My wireless connection in my room was crappy, so I wired it through the roof to my computer. Can I unplug the ethernet cable to my computer, replace it with yet ANOTHER router, and use my PC and Xbox off of that one? It would look like this: Wireless router - wire through roof - another router - Xbox/PC This is my first time dealing with any networking stuff, so I apologize for these stupid questions. The DFI board always has awesome answers, and I appreciate that. Thanks!
  2. Good evening gentlemen! I've recently become interested in connecting my Xbox 360 to my network using my second, unused RJ 45 jack on my Ultra D. When I plug it in, nothing happens. Is it disabled some how? Is this even possible? I've got my internet connection on the top one, and the Xbox ethernet cable plugged into the bottom one. I've been searching around online for a few hours now and have come up with nothing. Is this even possible? I'd like to share my media from my computer to the console. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  3. I was 100% determined to do the exact same thing he wants to do a year ago. I checked out Devry, The Art Institute of Phoenix, and Collins College. Having been a serious game for going on 8 years now, I figured I'd do it because I loved it. First off, the schools for this sort of thing are NOT cheap. A lot of the areas I looked into are wrapped into a game programming course as well. I could not find anything strictly for use of Maya to render. I was forced to learn the programming end of the spectrum along with it, which is something I'd rather not bother with. I chose not to do this because, while the industry is booming, the bubble is bound to burst. I think Evil hit it right on the head with what he posted. Every 17 year old boy wants to design video games because that's what they love to do. The market will soon be oversaturrated and a lot of people will be jobless. With an Art career, you usually land a job, do your job, then you're unemployed until you find another one. That's not the kind of lifestyle I want to live, that's for sure. My suggestion is to go check out some colleges, ask around. Get the info you need about what he wants to do and go from there. While his PC would have a hard time handling Maya, I'd say he'd be able to at least dablle with it as an introductory kind of thing. I picked up a killer book called "Game Art for Teens" on Amazon which taught me a lot about how to use the program and how everything art related in a game works. It was a killer read, and I learned tons. It's sitting next to me right now, matter of fact. Great book, tell him to take one of those $20s and invest in a book like that to see how he feels. Wanting to do something and actually doing it is quite different. Let me know how this works out. I admire you taking an interest and posting for your son by the way, a lot of Dads wouldn't do that.
  4. I'm interested! I need a new mousepad, and they look and sound like the right product for the job. Excited to see the progress on this.
  5. Yeah, Newegg's been doing that to me too, it's annoying when I'm trying to shop! Well, you're probably right. I'm using a Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer right now (from like 1999) and it still works, just looking for something with a little more kick to it.
  6. Understandable, is the Platinum a good card, then? I've been using Creative for years. Any other reccomendations?
  7. So I initially wanted a Fatal1ty because when I checked a few days ago, the price had dropped $100 to make it an even $200 (on Newegg). Upon seeing this, I knew I wanted this one. Upon checking again, it seems it was only a one-day-thing and the price is back up to $270 or whatever. The X-Fi Platinum is $180 or so, so this is in my price range while the Fatal1ty is no longer. My question to you is - is the absence of the X-Ram noticable enough for $100? A lot of the reviews I read complain that, on the Platnium, there is a noticable delay which is not something I want to deal with. I'd like to use this for gaming, music, and the ability to plug my guitar directly into the card. I don't want to have to deal with a big delay that can put my music out of sync. So - is it really that bad? Given that it's only $180 or whatever, this is probably the card I'll end up going with. Any suggestions or opinions? Thanks in advance.
  8. I appreciate all the responses I'm getting, so thanks a ton for that. Unfortunately, I really would like to stay under $50, so some of the above posted options really undoable. I'm not too worried about performance, but that's a factor as well. I'm basically just looking for some killer sounding headphones (pref with a mic, though I could live without one I guess) without getting sore after an hour. The ones I have now are absolute crap, and my ears are in a lot of pain after roughly 45 mins. My schedule allowed me for computer time all night, so I'm wearing them for hours. I'm sick of going to bed with my ears being ungodly sore. If you guys have any suggestions of some 'phones without a mic, that's cool too. I've never been too big on the whole teamspeak/vent thing, so I guess I can manage.
  9. So I'm ordering an X-Fi Fata1ity in a couple of days and I'm going to need a headset as well. Basically, I just need something comfortable and that sounds great. I'm looking to stay under $50 if I can, but anything within reason should be okay. Any suggestions? Thanks guys. PS - The Ultra-D is working AWESOME for me, thanks for the help with it.
  10. Just bumping to say the my Ultra D came in today and completely solved the problem. Woot! I am so happy about this. 2 months of headache, and I finally got my stuff working. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions ans such guys, I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to mess with some of the stuff I have even yet to look at in the BIOS. This is a totally customizable board and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again!
  11. Alright, it's been ordered! I got the Ultra D. How would I go about SLI modding if I needed? Also, would it perform as well as a normal SLI Mobo? When it comes in, I'm going to take it to the Data Doctors that I went to earlier and have the guy do the swap and give me a fresh install of Windows XP 64 that way he has time to analyze it if it doesn't work since it's already there. He's a cool guy and knows what he's doing, so I trust him to set everything up the way it should be. I could do it all, but like I said, I can't handle another hardware failure! Thanks for the info guys, I think (hope) I made the right choice. It looks like you've got a pretty resourceful community here, so I look forward to posting about my new baby when all is said and done (and hopefully in working condition!). Man, if this doesn't fix it, I'll have to RMA the proc (which I'm guessing will take FOR-EV-ERRRR) and shell out even more money. Anyone happen to know if AMD does any upgrade deals or something? If I do end up having to RMA the proc, I'd like to go with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ or something. I wonder if they will take the 3700+ and allow me to pay the difference for the X2. Well either way, I just want the computer to work. Again, thanks for the feedback. I look forward to talking with you guys later.
  12. The Ultra D was the one I was looking at and was probably going to go with. I also read that it's a slightly picky card when it comes to it's components. Is this true? Also, does it sound like a new motherboard will solve my problem? Not a clue what I would do if it arrived and didn't do anything to help my CPU Usage issue. I am at my wits end as far as cutsom PC building goes, unfortunately. I'd like to get this working ASAP. Otherwise, it sounds like an awesome board.
  13. So, 2 months ago, I built my dream PC after working my butt off. I bought the following: -Antec 550w PSU -2gb DDR400 3200Mhz Corsair XMS -AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego -Asus A8n-SLI Premium -eVGA e-GeForce 7900GT -80GB Western Digital SATA 3.0gb HD -Case, DVD drive, etc So when my stuff comes in, the video card was DOA. After an RMA, the motherboard died. It came in about 4 days ago, so here I am with my "Dream PC" right? The problem is, I can't get my CPU Usage to idle below 60% or higher while just sitting here idle. All temps are fine and staying below 35*C. I have tried everything. It's not a process running, nor is it spyware. After running Process Explorer (killer program) it's showing that my whole CPU is being dedicated to Hardware Interrupts. After screwing with my IRQ lines for a few days, I am absolutely stumped. 2 reformats later, here I am. I took it to Data Doctors, and Frys Electronics to have it serviced, but both of them haven't any idea what to do. Asus, Newegg, or AMD can't offer any advice, as all of their techs are stumped. So basically, I am getting shafted. I tried to get New Egg to take back both the CPU chip and mobo to trade for different ones, but given that I have to go through the manufacturer, I am screwed. I am fine with AMD replacing my chip, but I am sick of dealing with this motherboard, and the best ASUS can do is replace the board with yet another brand new one. So here I am on my "dream machine" wondering what my next move will be. I figured if I ordered a brand new mobo and got a new CPU, there's no way I can have this problem again. I'm pretty sure it's not Windows doing this, so it's got to be my motherboard. I'm under the impression that the CPU will either work or not work, so I guess it can't be my CPU. So I guess I'm just going to have a DFI Lanparty overnighted to me and see what happens. If this doesn't fix it, I give up on computers all together. I'm sure a good amount of you know how frustrating things like this can be. I mean, I worked very hard to get this computer, and I haven't seen any benefits from it for 2 months. Anyway, can anyone reccomend me a good motherboard? I wasn't sure which one I should choose. Will a new motherboard even solve my problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. I hear nothing but great things about these boards, and want to make the right choice! PS- I hope I posted this in the right place.
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