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    X2 or Opty??

    go opteron, the latest ones are really really good.
  2. mine used to do that with my Opty 148, but not with my 144... weird.
  3. I thought the speed fire dials were ugly heh.. but tell me what you think... edit: also, toaster: im not sure though... something doesn't seem right, maybe if the green bits were yellow or orange instead ?
  4. that sort of defeats the purpose of prime if you are finding 24/7 stable settings. I have speedfan set to speed up my fans to 100% when any temperature exceeds a preset amount (CPU 50C, chipset 50C, PWM 55C). Either way, if something gets too hot, it'll probably get unstable, prime will error, and the computer will idle and cool down
  5. setting high HTT, and a divider (150 and lower especially) requires loose MAL/RP otherwise you'll get instability usually. Even if you are only finding CPU max, when you set a low divider you need to loosen MAL/RP. Above 300htt, it becomes even more critical. MAL=8 and RP=6 is a good start. I have to run MAL=11 and RP = 7.5 to find stability at 330HTT+ with a 150 divider
  6. try loosening the Read Preamble to 6.5 or 7. With a massive divider like 100, the MAL/RP needs to be loosened
  7. Theres no excuse not to when even the cheap 10$ ones are far more accurate then mobo sensors:cool:
  8. How about CBId? CPU-Z doesn't even indicate the "Bus Speed" for me - its just greyed out. CBId indicates that its running 2.5x fine though
  9. only when i've found the max OC no point doing a whole entry only to get it running faster lol. My board hit a huge wall at 335fsb at LDT=3x.... weird. Down to 2.5x now and its running sweet!
  10. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v155/TMMTMM/lp3_1680.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v155/TMMTMM/lp2_1680.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v155/TMMTMM/lp1_1680.png
  11. its still burning in . so far its gone from 2950 to 3010 at the same voltage with about 20 hours of burn-in. Its a CACJE 0605BPBW btw
  12. Bought a PS2 to play GranTurismo 3... and now GT4. Bought 2gig of ram just so i could play bf2 smoothly
  13. Also, if you're still using the stock cooler, get rid of it . Maintaining any sort of stability near 3ghz you're going to need some decent aircooling atleast IMO. Most chips top out in the 2.6-2.8 range on air/water.
  14. :cool: basic, but i like them that way.
  15. Agreed. I find it blatently stupid when someone is having stability problems with their system which is obviously memory problems, and in their specs they will have a 450W Antec PSU. The first reply is always "well get a psu over 480w for starters"
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