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  1. Thanks suspekt, but as I have mentioned before I am new to the whole wc deal. Also the infomation in the forum seems a little outdated. I have read that big water is a huge disaster, so I need a new wc solution. Do you think you can provide me with some ideas?
  2. I am currently building a new rig mostly for gaming and media purposes. I bought almost all the parts from my sig with the exception of the case and liquid cooling. I need advice on the type of case and liquid cooling solution for this build. I have build my last 3 rigs starting with an athlon 233 processor to current athlon 2800 barton. I am most likely going to get the Armor Jr. case, but undecided on the liquid cooling. I have never tried liquid cooling before, but I am really interested in trying it out for this new rig. Please give me advice, thoughts, and recommendations for my cooling solution. P.S. This is my first post here so please bare with my noobiness
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