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  1. I got Madden08 for xbox360 the other day, and I can't get enough of it. I've been playing online every free minute that I get. My gamertag is Jimjitsu586 if anyone wants to play.
  2. With a budget in mind for memory I'd have to recommend the Crucial DDR2-800 2gb kit that I ordered my brother for his new rig. Great memory, at an insane price after the rebate. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146565
  3. JimJones586

    MoH Airborne

    Basically the game is all that everyone has already said. Personally I think it's a pretty good game. Here's a short rundown of my thoughts about it... :Gameplay: The game uses the Unreal3 engine which is very good. All the models move very smoothly, and theres next to no terrain/map issues that I could see. There were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way such as when aiming through iron sights or a scope, on the PC you really cant control how far you lean/peak around corners, so its either you lean all the way or none at all. That may not be an issue for some, but it was a bit odd for me. Another thing that was annoying was how you change levels (changing levels of standing i.e. stand/crouch/prone). I'm actually not even sure you can go prone in the game... can anyone confirm or deny that? I was only able to crouch and stand. Another thing that was annoying was grenades. I've literally sniped a grenade through a 1x2 window into what seemed like a 10x10 pillbox bunker with 4 enemies in it, and it killed maybe one of them. Grenades don't really have much of a kill radius it seems like. Also the grenade explosions are garbage as was mentioned above. Aside from those quirks, it is a very smooth and easy game to play with. Just don't expect anything absolutely outstanding about the gameplay. :Features: - Things I did like were how the game upgrades your weapons throughout the levels. It sort of gives each weapons some minor additions such as extended clips for automatic weapons, bullet strips for faster reloading on bolt action rifles, scopes, satchels that carry more grenades, things like that. I'm not sure if other MOH games did this type of thing since this is the first one I've played since MOH: AA, but it is a great feature. Another thing I did like about the game is if you are having trouble pin-pointing how to complete an objective, there are always enemies coming at you. Take note that I said I did like this because in a lot of other games, if you're searching for an objective and everything is dead, it gets pretty boring. There's just constant action in this game, which is a huge plus. You're never sitting around doing nothing, and you're pretty much constantly under fire. - Things that I didnt like so much were the upper level enemies with the miniguns and the panzerschreks(spelling?)... I guess it is intended, but you literally are hard pressed to kill one of these guys with less than a full clip with an automatic weapon. I swear I tried to kill one of these "elite" enemies at range with a Kar98 and I must have shot him in the head 5-6 times before he went down. Dead on head shots and he is still pumping minigun rounds at me. I guess this isnt something to be complaining about because elite enemies are always part of a game, but cmon... 6 shots to the head? - Also, parachuting into battle every time gets a bit redundant. I know the game is based on the Airborne Squad, but still... I enjoyed it for the first few levels, but after a while I just found myself getting pissed that I wasn't killing people, but instead trying to navigate a parachute into a green smoke flare so I don't get my butt shot off when I land. :Graphics: - Bar none the best looking WWII game I've ever played or seen. If you have a good machine, which pretty much everyone on this board does, you owe it to yourself to at least try the demo for this game. It is really beautiful in terms of visuals, except for as I mentioned above the sub-par explosions. Minus explosions though, it's incredible. :Conslusion: - If you were a fan of Allied Assault, and you are one of those people who have been waiting for a MOH title that is going to live up to it, this is probably the one. Or... it's at least as close as EA is ever going to get to it. Overall it is a good game. The problems that I mentioned having with the game above were annoying, but they were only minor annoyances. Ultimately if you are a fan of the MOH series, or just WWII games in general, I would suggest grabbing it. I haven't even played the multiplayer portion of the game yet, so I can't comment on that, but the campaign is indeed very enjoyable. OVERALL - 7.8 GRAPHICS - 9.5 GAMEPLAY - 7 FEATURES - 7
  4. Alrighty so do you think you would recommend an Asus P5B 965 board over a DFI Infinity 965 board? Or did you mean you just dont know enough about the Infinity board to comment on it? Also how do you like your 8800gts? Is it the 640mb version?
  5. So my brothers machine is really old and its finally to the point where he really can't play any of the newer age games out currently. Hes running an old Athlon XP 2600+ with a gig of ram and a 9700pro. Needless to say he's hurtin' for a new rig. I've been throwing some ideas at him and we've talked it over a bit, but I'm somewhat out of the loop with hardware as the machine in my sig is the last one that I built personally. I still try to keep up with the newer stuff today by reading, but when I'm not really tinkering with hardware I never really retain anything. Anyway... I'm gonna list some ideas that we've been throwing around... Mind you his budget is about 800 bucks for a new motherboard, cpu, ram, and video card. We're pretty dead-set on purchasing an 8800gts 640mb card in some form or another. Probably the eVga option. We are open to suggestions though. We put together an intel option, which would consist of an Infinity p965-s and a Core2duo e4300 (1.8ghz, 800fsb, 2mb L2, etc.) Thats definitely the budget motherboard+cpu option... The e4300 is $122 @ 1.8ghz, and the step up is the e4400 @ 2.0ghz for $126. I've read rave reviews on the e4300 chip as being the best budget option available currently because it OCs so well, but would it be worth the extra 4 bucks to get 200mhz more right out of the box..?... or does the e4400 not overclock as well as the e4300? The next question is should we go ahead and bump up to the Infinity 975x/g? I don't think they even sell that board on the egg at the moment, so we'd have to order it elsewhere, which isnt a problem but just throwing that out there. I think we're really looking for an overclock in the 2.6-3.0ghz range, and if the p965-s will do it perfectly fine I dont know if it's worth it to jump to the 975x/g. I've heard good things about both boards, so tell me what you guys think. Next on the agenda is what processor to actually purchase. Budget in mind, the e4300 seems like the best idea, but would it be worth it to shelll out the extra $70-100 for... say an e6600? I've read about the e6320's and the e6420's as well, as they are a more cost efficient cpu that still provides 4mb of L2... The e6600 is $225 at the moment, the e6420 is $205, the e6320 is $180, and the e4300 is $122. I'm just wondering if it would be worth it to splurge a little bit and get the more powerful chip. He probably won't upgrade this machine for quite some time I imagine, so give us some ideas in this area as well please. Now... we aren't dead set on intel, but it seems like the best budget::performance option currently. I have been gazing at the AMD X2 6000+ though, and at 3.0ghz out of the box at $170, it seems like a good option as well. I haven't explored too many motherboard options for an AM2 chip, so any suggestions on a board if you think a high powered X2 chip would be the better option would be appreciated. As for memory... I'm pretty baffled as there are sooo many options. We have looked at a few different models, and ill throw out some links below. They are all 2gb kits. G.Skill DDR2 800 2GB Kits: - These kits are all relatively similar... The timings on the last kit seem really low. I didn't know if it was a misprint or what. If someone could inform me of the major differences (if there are any) in these three G.Skill kits I'd appreciate it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231098 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231065 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231114 Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 2GB Kit: - Great deal on this kit. $70 after MIR http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146565 GeIL DDR2 800 2GB Kit: - I've heard great things about GeIL over the years about their product quality and support. What do ya think about their RAM? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820144062 ------------ Yeaaaaaa I know this post is long and drawn out. If you've taken the time to read through it and respond my brother and I greatly appreciate it. We're open to suggestions on anything and everything, as suggestions and opinions never hurt. Thanks in advance!
  6. Oh and by the way I reinstalled XP-Pro, isntalled my x1900 drivers, and the problem still persists... TRICKERY, WARLOCKERY... I TELL YOU
  7. This problem has me completely baffled... up all night... I actually can't sleep because it's so ridiculously full of insanity... I'm going to break the problem down into 2 monitors, and 3 different computers... if that makes sense?? Okay... Monitor-A :: Viewsonic vx922 19" LCD Monitor-B :: Old Compaq 17" CRT PC-A :: My current pc with an x1900xt PC-B :: An old pc with a 9700pro PC-C :: My roommate's pc with a 7800gtx Alright now that you know what the variables contain that I'm going to be using, try to help me assess what in the (pardon my french) flying xxxx is going on with this monitor... The issue is with monitor-A. It's worked for over a year flawlessly on pc-A, and during a trial run windows vista ultimate installation, it suddenly just starts NOT receiving a signal from the graphic card during POST, and continues to neglect to receive a signal. The computer DOES in fact POST, and boots up entirely. I know this because I then plugged in monitor-B to pc-A, and it works perfectly fine. So now I'm starting to troubleshoot... Monitor-B worked fine in pc-A, which led me to believe either the monitor was dead, or my DVI cable just went bad. So I snatch up my buddy's DVI cable from his LCD monitor that is working fine, and hook it up to my lcd monitor-A and attach is to my pc-A... No signal once again. At this point I was 100% sure that the monitor had died... But stay tuned for the kicker... I unhook monitor-A, and pull out my old rig, pc-B, and attach monitor-A to it. PC-B is in perfect working condition, because 30 minutes prior to troubleshooting, the compaq monitor was on it and it was at the desktop. So monitor-A goes into pc-B with the 9700pro, and it still won't receive a signal. This is what I had expected would happen, so I continue to try to figure out what the problem is, but in the back of my mind I really just knew my monitor had died... or did it..? I unhook monitor-A from the old rig (pc-B) and take it into my buddy's room and hook it up to his computer (pc-C) with the 7800gtx... THE FREAKIN THING POWERED ON AND RECEIVED A SIGNAL WITH NO PROBLEM... I almost . my pants to be honest... I unhooked it faster then my eyes could process what I was doing and ran back into my room and hooked it back up to my pc-A... Nothing... no signal, nothing once again. I'm completely baffled, tired, and stressed out. I have no idea what the problem is, or how I can come to a conclusion as to why it isn't working on my ati cards... Coincidence? I have no idea... Someone please inform me!
  8. Yea I pretty much ordered one on impulse... I ordered it on 8/21 and it got here on the afternoon of 8/23... Very satisfied with my first buy.com purchase.
  9. Was in the market for a new keyboard and couldn't pass this deal up... I don't know much about buy.com because I don't have any experience with them, but I had to give it a shot. It's $60.49 with a $12.50 MIR http://www.buy.com/prod/logitech-g15-gamin.../201935140.html
  10. I'm having the same issue. I wanted someone to confirm that this is the correct download. It's labeled: "AMD Opteron™ Processor PowerNow! Driver for Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions Version (exe) 1.3.1" - If that's correct can someone confirm it? If not could you please point me in the correct direction? Thanks!
  11. Yea the timings should be a lot more stable at 3-4-3-8. I'd also attempt to drop the Data Drive Strength down to 1 and see if it stabilizes any. I've had bad luck with anything above 1 so far with my 165.
  12. 1600x1200 is gonna cost ya in terms of LCD's. I think 20.1" is as low as you can go for that resolution (correct me if I'm wrong). My buddy has a 20.1" SAMSUNG 204b LCD monitor that supports 1600x1200. It looks great and never ghosts in games that we play. I would recommend it if you're looking for one that big. Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824001226 * Personally I have a 19" Viewsonic vx922. It's really great, and SUPER bright. Colors look awesome, and theres pretty much no chance that you'd ever see a hint of ghosting on it at 2ms. Tom's did an LCD review on it a while back and they rated it the best gaming monitor available at that point in time. Highly recommended. Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824116375
  13. The x1800xt is currently the best buy in terms of GPUs at the moment in my opinion. The Sapphire OEM version is $239, or you can even pick up the Sapphire retail version for $249 ($219 after MIR). I really would not recommend buying a card with a 128-bit memory interface nowadays if you like any sort of higher resolutions or detail settings turned up in today's games. Linkage: OEM ($239): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102007 Retail ($219 w/ MIR): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102698
  14. If it is in fact a hardware issue, the first thing that I'd consider would be the "Antec TruePower-II, 480W". Sounds as if it may be crapping out and not getting enough power to your hardware.
  15. Yea that guy either didn't have a good board or he didn't tweak it enough to work at higher speeds. I'm running at 300x9 on a CFX3200-DR with a 166 divider and scoring 7000ish in everest memory read.
  16. Hmm... As far as I know smartguardian is pretty accurate... Can anyone confirm that SmartGuardian misreads temperatures like benny is saying?
  17. $300 will get you a very nice chip to play with. Below are some suggestions... ($171) Opteron 144: Stock 1800MHz, 9x Multiplyer - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103600 ($223) Opteron 146: Stock 2000MHz, 10x Multiplyer - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103598 ($259) Opteron 148: Stock 2200MHz, 11x Multiplyer - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103596 *Dual Core* ($327) Opteron 165: Stock 1800MHz, 9x Multiplyer - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103588 * The 165 may be out of your price range but I would highly recommend it. I'm running at 2700MHz with stock cooling no problem. It's easily the best chip I've ever owned. If that's a little too out of your price range though, and/or you want the best bang for your buck, I would highly recommend the Opteron 144 if you don't mind the 9x multiplyer. It's really a great chip for the price. However I know a lot of people that like to work with higher multiplyers, in which case I would say go with the 146 or 148. Whatever your decision is, you cant go wrong with any of those chips.
  18. Get the GameXstream hands down. The 520w PowerStream costs almost as much as the 600w GameXstream and doesn't perform nearly as well. Both are great PSUs, but the my recommendation is 100% for the GameXstream.
  19. Yea I agree with Watsonte. It's really not worth it to void the warranty on your PSU for a couple of LEDs. It can be done though, if it's really that bothersome.
  20. We're gonna need to know more than just "2-3-3-6". Also, sift through the overclocking database and find people with the same board and RAM that you have and compare settings. It's also hard to give suggestions and help when you don't post any of your current Bios settings, so try to make up a list of what you've got so far.
  21. Lol... Don't worry, you'd be amazed at what I've forgot to connect causing my system to not boot up in the past... One time I forgot to plug the the actual 3 prong power cord from the power supply into my power strip under my desk. Then I spent probably half an hour fiddling around with connections inside the case until I realized the power cord from the PSU was dangling off the side of the table... :confused:
  22. My previous OC database entry was at 2600MHz... I was attempting to hit 2800 with this one but about 20 minutes into priming I was hitting 52-53c, and I just got spooked and shut Prime down. I'm running the stock heatsink+fan too by the way. I removed the solid thermal compound that was sent with the heatsink and slapped some AS-Ceramique on it. I dropped the system down to 2700MHz and I'm dual Priming it as we speak, as it was still running strong after 7 hours this morning, and should be well past 8 hours now (I'm at work :confused: ). The temps haven't jumped above 50c at 2.7ghz, so I think I'll be good there for now. Sooner or later I'm going to put together a watercooling setup and try to bust out 3ghz if I can. Having a lot of fun so far, as this is my first DFI board and I just got it a week ago :nod: *Edit* Oh and by the way, I have a CCB1E 0609FPMW (Got really lucky ordering it from Newegg!)
  23. First of all, this could be a number of things. As BoS has said, we need a little more detailed information as to what's happening. The main question here would be is your computer posting? In other words, do the fans come on and then do you hear a beep? If this is the case we've narrowed it down a bit and it could possibly be a video card or PCIx issue. If it is in fact a PCIx slot / video card problem, and you want to make sure it is or isn't, here are a few things you can check. 1. Make sure the card(s) is properly seated in the PCIx slot. 2. Make sure it's not your monitor being defective, and check your dvi/vga connections (the pins, etc.) 3. Make sure you have the power connector plugged into your card. (I think the 1800 line uses 4-pin floppy power connectors... Maybe I'm mistaken though.) --- Again tell us more about what's happening. It's hard to solve a problem when you're not given enough information to go by.
  24. I also forgot to add that everything's on air at the moment. I'm idling at around 32-33c and i dont hit any higher than 50-51c under full load. How are those temps? Should I try to pop any higher than 312x9 on air? *Edit* Oh and also... I have a CCB1E 0609**** I can't remember the last 4 digits/numbers of the stepping... I have a picture of it somewhere, I'll dig it up tomorrow.
  25. Just wanting to get some opinions on my overclock here. I only had time to run dual SuperPI 32m tonight because I had some other stuff to do on the machine. I took some shots with dual SuperPI, 3dmark01, 3dmark05, cpu-z, and everest. Tell me what you think (i.e. do you think it'll prime for 8 hours, or can you tell at all.) CFX 3200-DR (5/23 Bios) Opteron 165 @ 2808MHz (312x9) OCZ Platinum pc4000eb 2gb Sapphire Radeon x1900xt @ 655/800 OCZ GameXstream 600w Some screens: Dual 32m SuperPI + CPU-Z + Everest MemRead + 3dMark01 * Dual 32m SuperPI + CPU-Z + Everest MemRead + 3dMark05 * I'm also in a little friendly competition with a guy on another forum that's running dual 7800gtx's with an FX-57 @ 3GHz that's hitting 13,450 on 3dMark05... Any thoughts as to if I could reach those numbers? My current max is 12,318 @ 2.8GHz... Perhaps flashing my GPU to an x1900xtx and OC'ing it from there would help? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated :nod:
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