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  1. ***UPDATE*** I put a temperature probe over the core of the cpu between the processor and the heatsink which obviously affected cooling as the system was reporting temps of 70 degrees whereas the temperature probe display was showing 55 degrees (15 degrees lower). could it be possible that the motherboard was reading the temps correctly for my old venice, but is now reading the opty temps 15 degrees out? this would mean my load temps were around 48 degrees. this to me seems likely as the heatsink is only warm to the touch, certainly nowhere near the stated operating temperature of my cpu.
  2. Damm 22 miles to the closest shop that sells it. :mad:
  3. Cheers for that i knew AS5 was not as good, however it has to be better than 50% of the original compound ( all that is on there now). I will give AS5 a go and see what happens.
  4. Yes i see what you are saying if i had even a decent graphics card my PSU would not even cope, however i will try to cool down my CPU and see if i can get it stable. Thanks for the help.
  5. The onboard DFI utility, the psu was prime stable with my old Venice [email protected],6ghz with more volts so i cannot see a reason why the opty would push it over the edge.
  6. It seems to be ok the rails are rock stable at around 3-5% out from what they should be, so i think the psu is ok?
  7. No sorry i meant 50oc load when priming. Need to change my sig not using the venice anymore. :cool:
  8. Yeah hopefully the temps will drop to around 50oc load after i have added AC5 tomorrow, what household item can i use to clean the heatsink and cpu.
  9. Yeah cheers for that, i may just try some AC5 first and see what my temps are, if they are rubbish then i will try this.
  10. Yes it has a copper base, i read it on some forum that people were getting high temps with AC5 and Artic Pro due to the base not being ultra smooth and so getting a bad contact iirc.
  11. Yes i love AC5 and usually use it however i have a strange feeling i remeber it saying somewhere that it doesnt agree with the Artic Freezer pro.
  12. Is Artic silver 5 good as a replacment thermal paste for a Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, as i have just changed my cpu and lost a bit of the compound and now when runnig prime my processor is hitting 55oc ( ambient 30oc) this is not good. I ma sure i have read that AS and the above mentioned cooler dont work well together.
  13. Ah ok i thought the extra cache would help as well, tbh dual core is a little to expenisve at the moment and i cant really see me using the potential of 2 cores neither.
  14. Hmm it will cost me around £50 to upgrade including selling my current CPU so need to know if it is £50 well spent.
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