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  1. Greetings to all. That's my first post. Sorry for the bad english. I'm from Brazil and here is very hot. In the begining with original chipset fan my temps stay about 50 - 52 º C. I take it off, cleaned ant put some AS5, Temps low 1-2 ºC only. Not good in my opnion. Them I try the Thermaltake Extreme Spirit. First of all: The VGA card don't fit in the first PCI-E with this chipset cooler. I moved to the 2º PCI-E, no problem until now. The temps low to 40-42º C ::VERY GOOD:: for 20 bucks. BUT... This temps were reached with the cooler in High output and this little one is incredible noise. I decided install a Corsair Nautilus 500 with chipset waterblock and now my temps in over are CPU 29ºC idle - 34ºC Full and Chipset 36ºC idle - 39º C Full ( with system between 34- 38ºC). I hope this information be useful. Physi. (Ricardo)
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