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  1. I have been having this issue as well, or at least i think it is the same thing (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=59550). I have not updated to the beta since I'm not using the ULI (until its confirmed as fixed). My system will always crash/freeze after a cold boot, after it has cooled down. I tend to force the crash and then restart and it runs for days, weeks even with no problem. I have resorted to leaving it on after the inital crash/restart. But now it seems to shutdown overnight sometimes, then again it could be my UPS, which I think is very buggy. I'll probably try this in a regular plug for a week or so and see how long it runs. Might be two unrelated issues I'm mixing together. Thought I would like to add for those not interested in reading my old post that I have tried virtually everything, replaced a number of items and changed setups, yet the problem still occurs. The only constant in ALL my setups is the Motherboard, CPU and memory, the last two of which have been strictly tested. EDIT: and it would figure that RIGHT after I post this, while im trying to force a crash...the thing will not crash *sigh*
  2. All my voltages should be at defaults as I haven't set up any overclocking yet (and won't until this thing is resolved). A little update. I ran memtest again from the BIOS for about an hour after a cold boot. Then used the computer for the entire day with no freeze after 15-30 minutes of "on time" that it normally takes for a freeze/reboot. I tried putting the computer in Hibernate. And oddly enough even from the cold boot into Hibernate I DID NOT get the same issues as a regular start. To top that off just now it froze on me again. I turned it on this morning from Hiberate and it has since been on for about 14 hours. This freeze could be unrelated, could just be a rare burp in the system since its not a regular issue...yet.
  3. Thanks Guz. Mine used to be restarts, but they are typically lockups now. Some restarting still. I'll give that a try. Thanks EDIT: Just checked it. Seems any "NB" voltages were set as low as they will go.
  4. Well it did it again this morning. I running out of options. Please help!
  5. Hi everyone, just an update in case anyone else is having similar issues. I bought a OCZ 700 (the one recommended on this forum) and installed it. The computer still did the freeze/restart in less then 15 minutes. I think tried some remarkable simple, so simple I should have tried it a long time ago. I moved my video card to the other PCI-E slot. And (just did it hours ago) it's running just fine, no reboot after 33 minutes from cold boot. Granted I only gave it about 2 and 1/2 hours to cool down. So we will see in the morning how it runs. The question then becomes, is there something I can do to make this PCI-E slot useful? If I were to setup a crossfire system, would I run into the same problems? Perhaps its something I needed to tweak in the BIOS. Any thoughts? This PSU is great, even though it didn't solve the problem. It seems quieter, cooler and just nicer. 12.1 on +12v. Out of 5 PSU's never had one over before.
  6. After contacting EVGA about the problem I was told the card was defective. I then returned it...only to find it was on backorder and not in stock. So I went with a different card...ATI X1800XT. Installed it yesterday and gamed for many many happy hours. Then this morning, cold boot. Less then 30 minutes into it (in a game environment of course) same freezes I seemed to get with the 7900GT. Im going to play around with it, different PCIe slot, different power cable. But other then shelling out more money for another PSU, any suggestions would be nice. Its not that bad having to reset after "forcing" a crash...I've gotten into the routine. Just extremely annoying...and I almost wish I had kept the 7900GT if it wasnt the problem.
  7. I'm currently using the computer listed in my signature. My problem seems to be pretty common to custom builds so I have tried a couple solutions I found on this forum and others. Basically I'm having issues with this system randomly restarting. The restarts tend to occur under two conditions. 1. During gaming (of course!) and 2. after a cold start. So right now, my computer just restarted on its own. I just plugged it in, switch on the PSU, booted up and went straight to the game. About 15 minutes later...restart. I could bet money that it WON'T do that now...since its warmed up. Anyway, using the Sil controller. Tried it with two different games, both experienced similar shutdowns. My temps seem ok. Nothing over 50C ever. CPU stays at about 35C and PWMIC around 40 and Chipset around 40 (all with minimal chass fan rpms). I checked the bios settings...they are fine so its not that shutting it down. And that wouldn't be a reset anyway, right? So Im ruling heat out. I turned off automatic restart in windows. ONCE it just froze for eternity and I did a hard reset on it. Ever since then...it still automically resets, even with that option off. No BSOD, nothing in event viewer no warnings or anything. I ran Memtest for the third time. Twice from windows to 100% and 500% and once from the BIOS overnight to 15 passes. No errors. I did a torture test with prime95, 2 instances for dual core and no errors. I monitored my rails during that...stable as can be. I'm at a loss for ideas here. Could this be driver related? When I started one game I got a wglMakeCurrent error or something along those lines. A couple sound loop crashes and this thing where the screen would blink a distorted frame and then crash (happened twice). But the majority of the crashes have been simple restarts. My video drivers are up to date, this happened with both the old and current drivers. I tried disabling the Realtek audio and it seemed to be ok...but it could have just been "warmed up" again. I don't know. Not overclocked at all. All I changed in the bios was: setup Raid, enabled USB keyboard. Just looked at GPU temp and it seems ok too. Any ideas? Things I can try?
  8. Tried the disabling. It seemed to be better but I still got freezes during gaming. Also I kept having a problem booting the system to windows. Twice I got "disk-read error", once I got a "missing file, reinstall this file" (or something like that). The missing file message I got a few times before but they are different files each time that the system says its "missing". I'm wondering if these freezes/errors are occuring during windows startup. Its variable how long the startup will take, sometimes a matter of seconds, sometimes upwards of 5 minutes. And I NEVER have to replace any of the "missing" files, it just seems to find them after restarting and trying again. I just realized that I'm NOT using the Beta bios, so I think I will flash that and see if it helps any (since that seems what everyone else has done as well as disable the controller in startup).
  9. So how would I go about doing that to test it out without the controller? Do I just remove it in Windows. I recall when I installed the OS that it asked me to load those drivers and it took one of them but didn't seem to take the other and then defaulted to Windows version drivers. Thats why I believe its reporting the array in my hardware profile as SCSI.
  10. I tried to read through most of the 19 pages of this thread but I did want to mention that I'm having this problem as well. Its nothing really annoying, but enough to get people mad at you in MMO games Did I miss any suggestions on what to try with my configuration? I'm willing to experiement with the computer since its just a tweak toy at this point, especially if it will help any other readers here.
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