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  1. Uli contorler problem, what exactly is that? The Uli Chipset controls the SATA and RAID right? I am having some whack butt issues with this board, and I cant figgure out what exactly is causing the problem.
  2. I have the all the power ports connected. 5v12v PCIE slot you talking about, the 24pin main motherboard power connected, and since my powersupply does not have a true 8pin power connector, I just used the 4 pin, and the manual said that was ok. and is my PSU really that bad? What do you mean by a Real PSU? and How do I check my bois version. Could it be ram compatibility? I know DFIs are picky with thier ram
  3. Windows installation barley completes, fresh install, when it actualy boots, is hardly functional. Prime Fails within 5min, possible hardware error. I tried 3 diffrent A64 chips, I am gonna try diffrent ram. I dont have another power supply. I dont know what is up.
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