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  1. looks good so far man.. =) looking forward to ur build. =) routing the 1/2 tube is a pain but its worth it. =)
  2. UV lights in.. top fan fixed.. =).. now i just need to figure out a window scheme..
  3. thanks tski.. I got everything in and its up and running.. here's a quick pic of it atm.. I still need to cut the door for a window.. freak one of the damn yate loon fans went bad on me.. so i have to change it out whenever i run the uv lights.. Shoot me but i want to see the tubes glow lol..
  4. Yea.. I upgraded my case and ended up getting an entire new watercooling setup lol.. its okay it shall cost u more.. cuz u gotta get this.. and that.. lol.. good luck on build hope to see some pic's..
  5. it's official.. i seriously miss my desktop.. haven't had time to post.. here's a floppy to match the dvd burner lol.. still waiting for stuff.. its pretty messed up when you order something for someone and it comes in BEFORE UR STUFF.. >_<.. kinda cool it matches the mountain dew can lol.. Oh.. what is this..? box 2 came in.. woot.. the cpu block looks pretty sweet.. oh snaps.. box 3 came in.. yay! Finally decided on the mounting site for the pump.. there she goes.. Radiator Clearance Test Mount.. yes.. cleared.. Fan Grill test fit.. damnit.. gotta modify the middle grill.. why i go with oversized laser cut grills.. >_< Hmmm.. what should i do wit the rest of this.... Not bad.. i'm digging the carbonfiber clash with the motherboard lol.. Okay thats it for now.. tired as hell and off to bed i go.. -_-
  6. nice choices.. the smaller case is going a pain in the butt when you do watercooling.. The smilodon case is very nice and very easy to wiremanagement since both door opens and the 2nd door is connected to the motherboard tray.. (My friend has this case and we watercooled it.. pretty sick).. The tagan is basically a lian li copy and its very nice design if you don't mind the big size.. but very awesome when you have all the space in the world for a watercool built.. (I have the lian li copy lol.. working project atm.. )
  7. I owned a thermaltake bigwater.. Seriously spend a bit more and get a swifttech single rad.. U will get sweet temps and its more compact.. Quality in thermaltake h20 stuff isnt very good so i would definatly spend a bit more on a swftech kit or whatnot..
  8. first and foremost.. you are one lucky bloody bastard lol.. I give you props for winning hehehe.. 2nd.. I did the 240 radiator on the bottom before on a tsunami but you lost pci's slots and options for SLI in some cases.. then again mine was a mid-tower.. lol.. I would suggest modding the top for triple rad.. The front mount radiator would be a plus due to the mesh in the front if you don't run into clearance problems.. Looking forward to see you mod it lol.. subscribed..
  9. As the title explains.. Feel free to PM.. ^_^
  10. nice.. catch soundx.. where u get the board from lol.. especialy for 30 bucks.. :eek2:.. can't want to see them side by side =)..
  11. wow.. after i did it.. i didn't realize how bad butt this thing looks lol... :eek2:
  12. LOL.. "Ghetto Skills".. Yeah I had a similar problem with my old watercooling setup but instead of moving the fan outside i just took it out all together and left the mesh grill.. :cool:
  13. My G5 Mouse.. and my 8 dollar laser mouse pad from fry's... thank god for the adjustable light switch lol.. .. after i took a pic.. i saw that my logitech is rubbing off lol.. at least she's being used ALOT rofl.. Keyboard = Microsoft's Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.. awesome.. everyone else that uses my keyboard.. HATES IT.. lol
  14. um.. Do #2.. then #3.. then #1.. then #6.. (#6 - GO oldschool and do this.. http://reparatel.com/magasin/images/Flexiseel.jpg ) rofl..
  15. i got bored so i started sleeving something.. hopefully i can borrow some cutting tools this week..
  16. hehe.. thanks for the links guys.. The lan party was awesome.. wish you guys could come.. when i got home.. look what i got in the mail.. muahahhaa... Hmm.. should i go with 24" or 36" sata cables with this case?.. Does it affect performance if you flip the rad facing up on the top then having the fans underneath sucking down air v.s. having the fans on top and blowing air thru the radiator?
  17. Thanks guys.. I really appreciate the advice and feedback.. i respect you guys alot so yah... ^_^.. All i have to do is wait til it comes in.. I'm just gonna use the lian li fans and other fans laying around to test fit til i figure out which ones i want and wat color scheme i'm using.. My friend's throwing a computer lan so at least i can get a couple of good runs with my desktop before i take her apart lol.. wish you guys can come to the lan party. ^_^ then again you guys probably pwn me lol..
  18. Black Ice GTS 360 & MCP655 Ordered.. lol.. :shake:
  19. thanks rado.. What you thinka bout the Black Ice GT Stelath or the X-flow? I'm planning to order the rad and pump to begin the modding lol.. I'm liking the new danger den DD-CPX1 12V Pump but then again the swifttech mcp655 is looking sexy lol..
  20. Lol.. this just my luck.. when I want to purchase something nobody has anything instock.. you guys got any reccomendations on sites?
  21. ^^^^^^^^^^ Lol.. definately do NOT want to be the driver in his avatar.. :eek2:
  22. Now I don't currently have a girlfriend its alot easier to buy something since i dont' have to justify why i bought it lol.. I'm going definately for the CPU.. I honestly don't quite see myself upgrading my computer for a couple of years and for some reason my chipset temps been rather high so i'm like hmm.. I always tend to change my video cards so I would probably won't watercool it anytime int he future.. so i'm leaning towards chipset.. unless dan talks me out of it lol.. or you talk me into it.. i currently have the evercool vga fan mod. Still debating.. I missed one on the buy/sale thread for 20.. :sad: but still thinking.. good thing i didn't buy it yet cuz i think i'm gonna buy a COUPLE more things with that order rofl.. I was thinking of the plastic ones like dd sells.. Yea.. I probably get them from u if u not using them Let me figure out how many i need I'll Pm u wit the amount or something and i'll pay for thru paypal or something.. these will fit 1/2 ID right?
  23. Okay.. you guys win lol.. New watercooling kit.. lol.. I was thinking about these, but I was was planning to get the reusable plastic clamps.. I was using the metal screw clamps but they were annoying as hell.. I want to keep the rad internally installed but I think if i was going to a single rad. I want to keep the hard drive bay's for later expansion. LoL.. Rado.. you guys just did lol.. so lets the part chosing begin lol.. Yeah, After i thought about it I don't want to cut them because knowing me I will most likely add more hard drives.. Yeah, I decided to go with the one triple rad.. with 1/2 ID tubing.. I plan on cooling the cpu and chipset.. i think it should more then efficient.. I now most likely put it up on top since I would seriously like to keep the hard drive racks.. I was planning to put the hard pump assembly above the power supply if i can somehow make a support stand. I was looking at the rad cut for the mid tray section. I could half depth of the cut by sandwiching the rad on the bottom and the fans on top.. which makes a lost of one 5.5 bay and hopefully one set of 3.5 bays.. That and we so doing the danger den fill port.. i absolutely hated the resovoir refill way.. what you guys think?
  24. Yeah I ordered some from my friend's vinyl shop. He ordered me 5 yards lol..
  25. ^^^ The avator is the new model tank in BF 2142. (note to self) stop depriving myself of sleep..
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