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  1. Just a quick shout-out: Thank you guys for your excellent recommendations. I convinced my boss to start buying Fortron power supplies instead of Antecs (we had to RMA like 7 Antecs out of two orders, three blew up and four gave over-voltage/over-clocking errors with stock settings). In fact, I told him the Fortrons were highly recommended by enthusiasts who expect stable and reliable power. We tested an FSP600 and a ToughPower 550 using P4D's on ASUS motherboards with RAID 5 arrays, an 80GB OS drive, DVD writer, ATI X300 video card, and AudioScience 6012 sound cards. Not only was the Fortron quieter, it pushed more air and that air came out cooler. Multimeter testing on all three voltage lines revealed no fluctuations for either P/S. The Fortron's basic cable layout was also better, allowing us to continue building in relatively the same fashion. Another surprise over the older Antec P/S was that the SATA power connectors actually fit tighter. The older Antecs sometimes came loose during shipping or when installing cards and such in the system. So impressed I'm getting one for myself after Christmas. Thanks again! Side note: Yeah, I know we used Asus boards, but you wouldn't want a DFI board being wasted for turnkey radio broadcast systems. We install those $1000 audio cards so the motherboard and processor have less work to do.
  2. http://www.aumha.org/win5/kbestop.php http://www.theeldergeek.com/stop_error_messages.htm There is a better site, but I only have it bookmarked at work... And I have tomorrow and Monday off. Sorry...
  3. I ordered six albums from Amazon the other day. First one arrived: The Razor Skyline - The Bitter Well. Premium goth/industrial. Granted, I've had a half-pint of Patron and a few shots of Sauza (we won't mention the Pabst...), but this is some damn good music!
  4. Much of a crazy anarchist that I am, I don't think road tests are stone-age at all. Must be because I ride a scooter, and I'd think the same thing if I rode a proper road bike or had a car. Road-test experience: I usually fail the first time and get it the second (twice), but after having a suspended license and having to re-take the test (see crazy anarchist comment above...) the "judge" fudged a few points because he figured I'd done some driving before. Make a pointed effort to obviously look both ways at a railroad crossing or stop sign and you'll always do great.
  5. Yeah, that's me. A replica me ain't me. Whatever, it'd still be cool to have Tai delivered via teleporter! Hell, don't destroy it, send the original to my neighbor!
  6. Some more industrial for ya, sucka! Chemlab - Electric Molecular Deathride 69 - F'd Up Generation X Marks the Pedwalk - Maximum Pace
  7. I find the top ducting works just great. The processor idles at about room temperature, and maxes out about 10~15C hotter, depending on what room temperature is. I'm not too keen on routing it to the front, I'd have to do some serious cutting. And I never liked the side-routing, I'm in and out of the case too much for that. Besides, the side fan help cool the RAM. The CD-ROM chassis on the video card is an Arctic Cooling AVC something or the other that I just bought. Works well, and much quieter than the stock fan.
  8. Finally got access to a digital camera that doesn't suck (i.e., it isn't MINE...) Some case picks (please don't laugh, it's all on a budget.)
  9. ROFLMAO at everything in this thread! Thanks for the laugh!
  10. Just picked one up for my video card. Backstory: Stock Sapphire cooler sucks, I came out of Oblivion running about 60C. I just installed this cooler and was very happy after a five minute test when I came out of Oblivion running at 52C (used AS5 instead of the thermal pad it ships with...) A marked improvement and well worth the money! But then I noticed that the fan is sucking air in instead of blowing air out. I'm fairly certain I could get another 1~2C out of it if it wasn't backwards, not to mention keeping that nasty hot air out of my system. There are three wires going to the card's fan power, Red, Black, Yellow, in that order. Does anybody know what the fan control wires are and how I can reverse the fan? BTW: This thing is quiet! Much quieter than the stock cooler. I can actually hear the rear exhaust fan now (I run the GPU fan at 100% constantly.) I would highly recommend this cooler to anyone with an X850 card.
  11. How do I say this... Do what makes you happy. I don't like the 80's for music in general (that's when Air Supply was, right?), but despite any opinion I may have and others may have, you may find a following. Whether you make money or not, so long as you have fun doing it and have people to help, who cares. Life's short so put your effort into things that you enjoy. Good luck, whatever your choice.
  12. Recently saw the following in concert: Rotorsand Imperative Reaction Covenant Song for the night: Imperative Reaction - Malady
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