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  1. Yeah...Look out for first quarter 2007..Intel's roadmap is suppose to be incorporating on Die Memory Controllers. For anyone considering the DFI 975X board, be warned.....with the 1333 Strap not yet implemented, your Max fsb will be retarded. nVidia's 590 Chipset for Intel will be a waste of time. They have utilised the nForce4 Northbridge memory controller for this nForce5 based board & this serioulsy reduces the boards memory Bandwidth. Its a real shame, cos the New Lanparty 590 Intel board looks as sexy as my nF4 SLI DR Expert. 975X board...Me....I'll take an Asus P5W DH for my Conroe E6600ES.
  2. I cant speak for the 7900GTX. However, after having had 6 x 7900GT's for SLI setup all with different issues, my XFX 7950 XXX is a breath of fresh air! Sure, it gets hotter than 7900GT/X's but what ever it is about these 7950's, they dont get something so HOT they freeze or BSOD. On the only info & experience I have with a friends 7900GTX, his blew itself to bits with candy coloured splodges all over the screen, as well as artifacts & tearing. Needless to say, as he knew about all the issues I'd had with different brands of 7900GT, he opted for the XFX 7950 XXX as I did. Neither of us have looked back yet!
  3. Works fine.....SLI Rendering Modes appear to make things Run such as 3DMark, but its still along way from being right. Didn't have a great deal of time to play, but the best Results we saw with the time we had was Playing CS:Source on line @ 1600 x 1200 with everything on MAX...never dropped below 150fps. Makes the game run like ur a real "LPB-Boy" Fear...all I can say is W O W ! Not many games out here actually support Quad SLI, Quake4 is another but we didn't have the time to set it up & play. Just damned tickled the Expert board will run these cards in Quad-SLI. One thing I did notice was freezing occasionally, but it never BSOD'thd like 2 x Gainward 7900 512's did. Just sat there a while untill it cleared & then carried on gaming. I do wonder if 1 card is cooking the other, that was definately happening with the G'Wards. Still, the next Gen of DX10 Gfx cards requiring Wind0ze Vista should be an awesome experience. *edit* Just wanted to add that whilst the technology demands 16X PCIe, 8X appeared to work fine & the issues we saw are perhaps issues yet to be resolved by Official Drivers. Needless to say, F.E.A.R. was utterly Stunning @ 1600 x 1200 with everything Maxxed, though I did see stutter in some areas & wondered if it was driver maturity or possibly throttling due to heat!
  4. Got An XFX XXX 7950 GX2 in this board. I did wonder if setting to 8X actually caused as system Tick. No real issues other than heat.
  5. With all due Respect, the Supplier is liable, surely!? If he is a reputable supplier, why is he putting Fiat Engines in Ferrari Cars? By this, I am referring to cheap nasty Ram in boards that have issues with such ram & also, just looking at the PSU would make me stay well clear of such an Item. 480W is DFI's minimum & the Manufacturer also has to have a suitable reputation. Your suppliers credability as a reputable supplier, is really tarnished by their own hand. I hope you can recover your Investment accordingly & wish you the best of luck.
  6. The only thing on the Mainboard Info that appears to have an issue is the "Include Temperature, Show Fan Speeds & Voltages Information". If this is enabled, it just turned my nF4 SLI DR Expert based rig clean off. No "Windows is shutting down" screen, It just turned itself off. Include DMI/SMBIOS Information is NOT an issue on the nF4 SLI DR Expert board. I would add, there appear to be lots of problems with some of the nF4 SLI DR Expert boards. I have had to RMA 4 of them for having Undervolt Issues with known Good & Very capable PSU's. Your 5V rail is very important RE hard drives & certain Maxtor Hard drives have issues on the nF4 Chipset. I have witnesed this myself despite using 3 of these Mechanisms myself. I have 2 x Maxtor MaxLine III NCQ 250GB 7V250F0 SATA-II 16MB Cache Striped on 4 K Clusters on the South Bridge Headers & 1 x Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 10 NCQ 250GB 6V250F0 SATA-II 16MB as a Single Stripe on the South Bridge too. Trying to set 2 x Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 10 NCQ 80GB 6V080E0 SATA-II 8MB was quite simply "No-Go" & is down to the Firmware Maxtor used on these drives. Apparently you can request the firmware from Maxtor, but they are not ever making it publically available. There may also be issues with other Maxtor Drive models, but I wont be buying Maxtor again unless they are willing to support the people that buy their Products. I find this kind of attitude in the Industry quite Appauling to say the least. My Rig is nF4 SLI DR Expert, Opteron 175 @ 310fsb 10X Multiplier under a Vapo XEII, Corsair 2GB DDR XMS4400 Pro TwinX (2x1GB) in Orange Slots (read the manual folks) @ 1:1 on 180 Mem Setting with 3.1V up its butt, 2 x Gainward BLISS Geforce 7900 GT "Golden Sample" 512MB @ 640/750 in SLI & un-modded atm; Dare I say Tagan TG530-U15 530W ATX2.01 Easycon SLi Compliant Modular Silent PSU, but will be replaced tommorow with a PC P&C Quad SLI 1K PSU, SB Audigy 2 Platinum Pro, 2 x DVD Bruners, Floppy Drive, 3 Case Lights & a 120mm Front Case fan. Also the Hard Drives set up as above. Fear runs 1600 x 1200 MAXXED out for 7 hours...god my eyes were bleeding but this thing sits here 24/7 if I need it to. I only tried to suss SiSoft this morning (UK Time) and enhanced on what I'd read on this thread. I hope my findings & example of Rig Config is of some use to others. Best of luck folks. *edit* I'd be more than happy to offer any help to anyone having issues with the nF4 SLI DR Expert board, 4 faulty boards out of 5 is also quite disgusting. The worse thing was, the first board I had is the one i use now. I gave up trying to build another SLI DR Expert based rig after 5 weeks of hell & 4 totally Borked & Undervolting mainboards. Again, quite sad tbh. Chinas cheap labour would appear to be showing it's true colours in a lot of areas of the IT Industry & Graphic cards seem to be suffering horrendously. I could go on, but I dont fancy Auditioning for a new age "Victor Meldrew" only half way through my life. :nod: I forgot to add, take the same Setting OFF for CPU & Bios Information, everything else is fine.
  7. Er...Modular are okay.....just look at the number of rails & how the PSU's overall Amperage & how it is shared amonst it's rails.
  8. Yeah dude...First off, I'm new to these forums but only because my nF4 SLI DR Expert board is my first DFI product ever. I gotta say...it ROCKS beyond ANY board I have ever had & you're talking to a hardned, now ex Intel guy. I've built Comp Systems since 1987 here in the UK & have had some scary experience over the years! I took my nF4 SLI DR Expert out of the Vapo XEII after fitting a 700W sparkle from a 530W tagan...only to see the Mobo turn itself into a swimming pool. :eek: (5v rail @ 4.87v ffs!...so now I've invested in one of these:) The Mofo of ALL PSU's Suffice to say, 24 hours later after sticking the Mobo in front of a de-humidifier, Im sat here with a 175 Opty on a 275fsb on Air....so glad the board never fired up with it looking like my front lawn with a real bad & heavy morning Dew all over it's mofsets & Regs around the CPU. I wouldn't profess to say I know everything there is to know, but the stuff I have mentioned here is certainly very, very good kit. I've got first hand experience building some of the best from the best. I would add, if you're going to build a Rig, don't scrimp & cut costs...you will only cut your own nose off...particulary Putting a Scythe Cooler on a CPU that should go like a Bat out of Hell. Passive cooling on the kit you are buying is like buying a Ferrari & driving it aound like a British Leyland Mini Cooper. Keep the Revs up & get the best out of your Kit...it should all go like a Stabbed rat. :cool:
  9. My feelings exactly NForcer, my 1KW PC P&C PSU will be here on tuesday next week. I killed a 550W Antec True control. :shake:
  10. Go for the OCZ Power supply, wait for an Extra Months salary & get a 512Mb 7900GT or better still, the GTX. The 512Mb makes a big difference in todays games & the GTX will give you better overall performance. If you're willing to wait for more cash, get the G5 Logitch, it blows the MX518 *edit* a Better Heatsink is the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro CPU .... Its head is directional from the base & the bottom 3 fins force cold air over the Mobos Mofsets etc. This cooler is as good, if not better, as the Thermaltake XP120. Also consider different Ram such as the Corsair 2GB DDR XMS4400 Pro TwinX ..its rated DDR 550 and has memory timings tables which the OCZ doesn't. Providing you get a Good 165 Opty, you should get a Fast fsb & be able to keep 1:1 timings.
  11. Did you Un-install your Sound Card drivers before swapping Slots? If Not, put it back in the original Slot if possible & un-install the drivers. Shut the PC down, remove card, enter Bios, Force ECSD update if possible & boot desktop. Shut down the PC, install Sound card in your New Slot & everything should get seen as New Devices in Device Manager. I Guarentee this will work if its a SB Card. Good luck, otherwise it'll be Format C: time!
  12. Do check your PSU is upto your Hardwares Demands. What you may be experiencing is your PSU's incapability to maintain its Output as it gets Hotter. As other members have already asked, what PSU are you using right now?
  13. Yeah dude, same bs here...Really looking forward to my 1KW PC P&C psu turning up next week Did you see anymore Over-Clock on the CPU or the Ram for going PC P&C?
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