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  1. thats what another friend of mine thought as well. thanx. this gives me little more confirmation that my computer is ok..
  2. yes its nf4. everything is basically set on default.
  3. ok so i upgraded to Vista. im using ITE SG, and it runs fine. the thing is my chipset says its running at 1.19V. is this to high? sorry im still a newby when it comes to voltage and such. my computer is stable though, and seems to be running normally.
  4. yea it was installed before. deleted it though. ill try again later on. thanks though. edit: thanks for the help. got it running finally. hehe. now i feel more secure bout my systems temps.
  5. where would this be at? i just installed Ultimate, and still dont know my way around it yet.
  6. How do i get ITE SG to work on Vista-32 bit version? itll install, but gives a error. fans are working, but ive always used this little app, and still want to if theres a way.
  7. yea my chipset fan gets little hot as well. itll reach the 51 degree mark. i think alot has to do is my room/location, and my cables in my pc. my IDE cables are kinda in the way of the one 80mm fan that would help cool it down.hmm maybe ill replace it with a better one. always needed to replace my stock fans anyways.
  8. nope. well i have another one, but it wont run the DFI board. hence why the new psu. its no big deal if it doesnt work.
  9. nah not yet. but it did it the first day i got my board stable. now it wont shut it off. well itll shut-off the system but the gpu still runs.
  10. yea. this is a brand new psu as well. shouldnt really do it with this psu. maybe something in my control-panel pwr section is not correct.
  11. hey i was just wondering why my graphics card stays on while in Standbye-Mode? its not a big deal not to have Standbye, but i wouldnt mind having the mode work properly anyways.
  12. id get the 4800+ dual core. thats my next cpu im gonna get.
  13. mine is bout to do the same thing . gonna let it run all through the 8hrs though. using the exact same timings this is great. now ill have my own computer again. YAY!!
  14. yes it got over the hump from pass4 test#8. gonna just let it run all 8hrs now, and hopefully this is a sign of it getting stable, and by tomorrow install Windows. yes finally!!
  15. sorry for double-post, but thanx i got it now. edit: one more question. is it basically the same thing if you just allow the one specific #test to go bout the same passes as you would allow for all tests to pass? for instance does pass4 on one specific test# equate to the same as pass4 during all tests?
  16. ah k. want to run #8 and see if switching the memory has helped me out here.
  17. like whats the code again to run just memtests #5, and #8? i want to just run #8 specifically really.
  18. try putting your jumpers set at 5/6 and see if that works. i had no sound at first when i first installed my module as well. put the jumpers back on 5/6, and what do you know it worked.
  19. lol. indeed. this is the first time ive ever truly messed around with timings etc. my last board ASUS was pretty simple to set-up. when it went down i almost thought bout getting another one, but wanted to try my hands on a DFI board. im still learning how to build computers really. this is only my 2nd build, but i figured with the talk on how hard these things are to get stable and running i would have accomplished alot in this area.
  20. thougt bout that but these are brand new sticks. i just put in the timings manually instead of just using auto. see if thatll help it.
  21. yea. i down-graded my voltage to bout 2.71, and put in the timings manually. running memtest now to see if it can/will go pass pass4 test#8 without freezing up. just had the memory set to auto at first.
  22. hmm. wonder if thatll help with my problem. same ram timings etc. just have it all set at auto, and the only thing ive done was up the DRAM voltage to 2.74.
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