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  1. UncleDavid Ive got an DFI SLI-D, 2gb kit of Team Xtreme Samsung UCCC and four HDD's. Plan on getting an opty 165, an 7900 and volt mod it, a Zalman VF900CU for the video and a Tuniq Tower 120 for the CPU. @ Salahuddin its the rev 3 it fixes some problems the rev 2 had with Asus and DFI mobos and adds some extra cables as well. I cant actually get the OCZ GameXStream down here otherwise I think I would get that. Is there any reason you choose the stacker over the armor guys?
  2. You know what thats food for thought I think thats a very good idea. I havn't had any experience with case lighting before so I can only give it a try.
  3. Hi, im building a new rig with a DFI SLI-D and UV reactive cablesleeving and was wondering if i mixed the Cold Cathodes with UV Lights whether the UV Lights would be drowned out or not? Because I would like to be able to Light up the UV Cables etc while having a different colour Cathode in there. What if I used this to light up the cables would it work? And how many CCFL'sUV's would I need to light up a case like the TT Armor?
  4. I’m building a new system and need some advice for which PSU and Case to get. I’m currently thinking about getting a Seasonic S12 600W(Rev 3) or SilverStone ST65ZF 650W for the PSU. The Seasonic is more expensive but is quieter and has a good peak load output. Where as the Zeus is cheaper, has more power, has quad 12v rails and is a lot nosier. Case wise I cant decide between the Thermaltake Armor and the coolermaster Stack 810. Any helpopinions would greatly be appreciated.
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