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  1. Yes i suppose its true about keeping it cool. I should get my RAM today and when i do ill update my sig once the pc is up and running and i start OCing
  2. Hi everyone, Ive bought some new kit and I tried to make sure when I got my E6600 it was going to be a decent stepping. The one I've recieved however im struggling to find any information on using google. The stepping i recieved is 3714A252. Has anyone here had any experience with this stepping. I found one post using google in which the guy managed to get it to 4Ghz, but one post is not nearly enough to draw any conclusions from what i should expect. I cant test it out just now as im waiting on my RAM coming still which i should recieve tomorrow. But when i do get it i will take it for a spin.
  3. Ill probably just take the trip to the nearest place that sells em and pick one up off a shelf somewhere since ill be able to check the stepping personally. Best solution i think.
  4. Yeah i was going to but i see theres a few people already looking for the same cpu but not had any luck yet. If there is any going then to be honest i would feel better if they had the chance to buy them first. I would prefer going to an actual seller though so if theres any issues with it breaking or me needing a refund or anything of the sort then its all that bit easier to do (most of them time anyway, lol).
  5. Anyone from the UK know of anywhere were I would be able to purchase (online ofc cause i live up in the middle of nowhere) a CPU with a specific stepping. Ive tried a few places and asked but they cant gaurantee which stepping i get :sad: Or if you or anyone you know is selling a E6600 and can provide the stepping ill certainly be interested Thanks, Coroder
  6. I have a weird sound problem with my computer just now and its driving me crazy. Basically what happened was that i was playing World of Warcraft on Windows Home and the game/pc froze so i restarted it and when it booted i noticed all the sounds are playing as if they are an octave or so lower than they should be. This includes ALL sound from the pc. Device manager says things are working ok and ive even went and formatted and installed windows xp x64 to see if that fixed it but it hasnt. I have the same rig as posted below. Any ideas? I think im going to start buy taking out the sound module from the motherboard and putting it back on to make sure its not loose. [edit] Fixed it, seems moving the module on the board fixed it. The motherboard doesnt line up perfectly with the I/O Bracket for my case so the leads tend to tug at it a bit.. oh well. Least i know what to check next time!
  7. I got.. 8800GTX for myself 6 Albums: Mutter, Rosenrot, Come Clarity, Reise Reise, Herzeleid, Sehnsucht 2 DVD's: Arch Enemy: Live Apocolypse and Rammstein: Volkerball Also got a shirt and ice cream maker So far so good
  8. My Zen has a pinhole sized button like optical drives do, it forces it to reset if it gets stuck at any point. Try that if your has a similar one?
  9. Fixed, All i had to do was stick in my old ultra ata drive and it ran the windows cd without any issues :confused: Deleted the partition and made a new one, formatted it then installed windows xp x64 Installed all the drivers and updated windows etc, ran 3dmark06 and got 8972 on stock. All is good
  10. Thats because its Variable DSL, 10meg is the theoreticle maximum you can achielve. Once you add in overheads and line noise its lower. The DSLAM and Modem communicate with each other and establish the line rate dependant on several factors such as SNR and what your BRAS is. As well as that the DSLAM will also change the availible bandwidth (Frequency) it reserves for the upstream and downstream depending several factors again. In reality 2mb upload isnt actually that bad for a service in the UK unless your on a dedicated line or SDSL of some sort. If your looking to start a serious gaming server you will need at least a T1 connection (2mb SDSL). As for myself, i get around 4mb down and 1mb up and thats with a extansion phone socket and aprrox 10m extension cable running from that. If i plug directly into the master socket im likely to get around 5.5mb download, upload is difficult to tell but will probably be around 1.2mb or so.
  11. Hey, any advice at all is welcome from me! And yeah, thats why i went with most of the brands i have as i know from friends etc that the support they got was fairly decent. Even though this one appears to have crapped out on me im gonna buy another for a RAID anyway, brilliant drive apart from this problem.
  12. Will do, thanks. What do you think are the chances of me actually recovering this? My friend at work has suggested it looks to be RAM (I dont think it is, the ram i have has been very reliable so far) or the HDD Controller [Edit] I got 2x512MB Mushkin sticks in an older PC, ill stick those in and see what happens as well i think
  13. Ive got another drive and it will work fine no doubt. Are you aware of any programs i can run from cd that will effectively format the drive for me?
  14. Hello again.. So i went to quickly go buy a thing or two and windows wouldnt start.. I done the usual, safe mode etc.. Sometimes it would start and seem ok until i went to do something then it would hang but not give a BSOD or anything. I tried to reinstall the OS via the XP cd but setup sticks on the "Examining 70900 MB disk on blah blah blah blah". I left it for about 45 mins and it hadnt changed so i tried it again but this time going into recovery console. Recovery console took ages to come up, it again stuck on the examining hdd part but i went to sleep and around 4-5 hours later the recovery console was up. In recovery console i tried chkdsk /p and after around 30 minutes it came up with "There are one or more unrecoverable problems on the drive" I then tried FIXBOOT. After about 20 minutes or so FIXBOOT says.. "Boot sector corrupt. FIXBOOT will attempt to detect file system type..." "FIXBOOT has detected file system is FAT (its ntfs btw) FIXBOOT will attempt to write new boot sector FIXBOOT cannot write new boot sector." Fair enough, boot sector is trashed and it cant write a new one.. So i then tried Format /q /fs:ntfs About 25 minutes later it gives me the warning saying this will delete everything, i say yes and it starts. About 5 seconds into the format i get a BSOD.. Page fault in nonpaged area. Then the computer restarts. Any idea what the cause of the problem is most likely to be? the hdd in question is the one in my sig and was purchased in august.
  15. I Can get it stable at 2.7Ghz no problem, i was going for 2805 but i think the ram was a problem. I didnt have enough time to try as i use the PC almost every day when i get home but im getting some time off soon and i can try again then. Im just curious too see if anyone else has dealt with this paticular stepping If i remember correctly arent all toledo cores (well, certainly most seem to be) CCBWE?
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