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  1. P180 FTW I have it and it's well insulated, well laid out. Also has 2 tri-cool fans included. Get another one for the front to complete the job. The power supply is at the bottom of the case in a separate compartment AND it's separate from the "UPPER" chamber. This DOES indeed cut down on heat production since the cpu and GPU do a good enough job at doing that . I wish I could input a shot of my case so you could see how I have mine laid out. Oh yeah, if you do decide to go with an Antec P180, make sure you get a power supply that has a long wire harness. I had to mod my wires to "CLEAN" up the inside for good airflow and also I found that my 4 pin MOBO plug was short ( the plug that is just above the cpu ). However, if you like to do stuff yourself, like me, then the wiring won't be an issue. Thermaltake power supplies have an adequate harness length. Now you will have PLENTY of recomm's for which case to get, but for your case budget, silent operation, TONS OF ROOM for HDD's ( I have 3 myself) , you can put at least 6 HDD's with lots of room. Great case for the money. Go to www.antec.com and browse to the P180 case. It has lots of images and an interactive 180 degree view to see tha whole enchalada
  2. Well as you can see in my sig i made quite a few changes. from what i heard the 1800xt is better than the 7900gt. thx for the help. BTW i plan on getting conroe, does anyone knows if DFI going to make any board soon?
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    hey guys, im new in here, but i wanted to know how you get your stickers and all the other goodies from amd, nvidia, and especially from dfi. and how i can get some. i dont really want to pay for them but if its the only choice... some links would be appreciated. thx for your help
  4. So im building a new pc for the first time as pc world have ****** me by selling me a piece of **** that has broken down and will cost me $400 to fix and guess what the warranty ran out 3 months ago coincidence I think not.And now im gonna build my own pc to stop this happening again Im from Canada and have $2000 to spend I only have my speakers left so i need a new pc unit, so can someone please help as I dont know much and any help would be appreciated.So far im planning on getting this kit which I will use for gaming,video editing, internet and other stuff. AMD OPTERON DC 165 1.80G/2M/S939 AMD64 S939 DFI LANPARTY UT NF4 ULTRA-D PCIE BFG PCIE GF7 7900GT OC 256M VIVO BOX 7900GT OCZ 500MHZ DDR NO-ECC 2048MB PLAT GX XTC KIT Caviar 250GB / SATA II / 7200RPM / 16MB Cache DVD+/-RW NEC 3550A 16/16 OEM BLACK 19IN SAMSUNG 997MB SILVER Logitech MX518 Game Mouse Logitech Media Keyboard Elite *Black* Antec TruePower 2.0 550W (Should i got with this one or with the ocz modstream) Thermaltake Soprano Black CPU FAN SCYTHE NINJA PLUS HEATSINK WESTERN DIGITAL Raptor 36GB / SATA / 10K RPM If I have missed something or these parts are not any good please tell me Oh yeah im not using any parts from my old pc as I dont trust them. And BTW im planning on doing some OC, getting my opty to at least 2.4.
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