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  1. I will do the measuring for you when i get home, but those positions won't work as the heatsink covers the 2nd PCIe slot on the expert board. If they are long cards then you will be out of luck and won't be able to fit it. unfortunately the SLI edition isnt good for SLI on our board as it is too short to reach above the top GPU as it is meant to, and the slot right next to the heatsink int he picture is actually the 2nd PCIe slot. If you only use a max of 2 sata connectors from the nforce chip then the red position will fit ok. green will cover all 4 (i checked). I will let you know the distance soon.
  2. I only turn it on when i'm gaming and so have my speakers/headphones on and can't hear it. Its main purpose is to keep the memory chips cool, as when i'm gaming they're fine, but when worked, they get toasty. I have a 120mm ont he front of the case blowing along which works well and another on the side blowing on the PWM's as you can see in the photo. Amazing how well a slow moving fan can keep the sinks on the PWM's cool when they are so hot otherwise !!
  3. why would i scrap the PCI cooler mate? It helps cool both the graphics card and the chipset fins (i get another 5-6C drop out of it being on low blowing on it)
  4. unfortunately i can't help you with a dual slot cooling system, as i bought my card that model in particular because it only had a single slot cooler in the first place. All i can do is speculate with a ruler and such. How far down the card does the dual slot cooler come down to? (i.e. 20cm etc) I will check it out using a ruler when i get home and measure clearance from the heatsink to the board itself (not the cooler), so you can measure that way.
  5. well here are two pictures, one of the general area, and one dead on so you can see the positioning of the cooler and the GPU in relation to the chipset.
  6. I'll borrow my sisters camera and hopefully take something tonight (if i do, don't mind the cable mess as i'm in the middle of a cable management mod)
  7. Well i got it on and i tell ya what. NO noise coz it doesn't have a fan, and 25C (77F) temperature DROP ..... DANG. that old fan was crud, noisy, and the thermal pad was caked on, had to almost chip it off with an ice pick. :eek: I like this new addition. Now if i could make my pump silent i'd be a happy chappy (it has an annoying whine you can hear when all else is quiet) Cheers for your help everyone. :dog: (just wanted to use that smiley, no other application but as happy as one)
  8. yea i checked last night, and the non sli edition would have been great, i don't know what i was thinking of when i thought it had to be the SLI version Oh well too late now, i bought this one :sad:
  9. unless the non sli edition is also offset a little bit, it didn't look like it would fit at all. with the power heatsink on the end of the board right over the chipset PLUS the PCB. i'll have to find a photo somewhere to show you (or prove myself wrong)
  10. my thermal stuff went missing so had to buy more arriving this afternoon... the chipset is directly below the graphics card, so the non SLI edition would not have fit.
  11. I don't think it will fit as I have a PCI fan card and a sound card limiting my position options. I will give it a shot with different positions on the cards and hope for the best (I need to buy more AS5 though as mine has gone walkabout.) As for selling it on the forums, that won't work, i'm in Australia
  12. cheers, here is a bad diagram of what i have. [ATTACH]5535[/ATTACH]
  13. that is two situations I have. first if i have the base of the cooler on the chipset so the chip is in the center, it would be covered by the graphics board. the one on the right shows that it would fit but the chip die would be on the edge of the base, and my thoughts would be that pressure would not be centered on the chip and so would not do a good job. I also have sata ports tot he right that will stop it facing that way, and a PCI fan card to the left getting int he way (although would be great if i could use that to help cool the fins). hope it makes sense. EDIT: my site htat i upload pages to doesn't work on this site it seems. What site can i upload a JPG to show you (made in paint, lovely drawings
  14. Hey guys n gals, I wanted to rid myself of the annoying fan on the expert board with something more silent, that would fit on under a 7800GTX, and i wound this Thermalright HR-05 SLI and according to its motherboard compatability, it fits, and i read a review somewqhere that it fit on the top side of a 7900GTX (basically same board in terms of thickness and clearance)... very disappointed when i pull my watercooling system apart to get this thing on and the base is about 1cm too short to fit over the die well (the edge would fit but not in the middle). GRRRRRR I can't send it back coz the guy i bought it off is interstate and charges a mozza for postage and hates me already as it is (he's just cheap). Any suggestions?
  15. Hi, thanks i just finished downloading the video tute by angry, and just saw at the end it said "for our viewing pleasure" combined it with a 7800GTX .... so beauty. ugh not looking forward to having to remove my mobo tho
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