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  1. Shipping is extra but if you buy enough it may be free. I prefer to only ship to North America cause shipping takes to long anywhere else and i get blamed for it. I am open to offers. All prices are in Cnd $. Email money transfer is prefered if you are in Canada. Paypal for the U.S. Vid Card XFX Geforce4 MX440se 64mb agp $10 one fan clip missing on stock heatsink Cpu/mobo combo AMD A64 3200+ s939 Delidded I had it up to 3ghz on air with 1.5v and 3.4ghz on phase at [email protected] cpu diode temp. Its still got lots of life left in it and i no longer have a s939 system to bench with so someone should have fun with it. $20 OEM MS-6541 socket 478 matx mobo w/ 1.7ghz celeron $20 Asus CUV4X socket 370 mobo w/600mhz celeron $15 Ram 256mb PC2100 Crucial $10 128mb PC2100 Micron $6 HDD & Disk drives WD Protege 20gb Ide 5400rpm $10 Seagate Barracuda ATA 28.5 gb $15 Fans 120mm bnib Arctic Cooling Anti-vibration mounted $5 120mm used Nikao 4 led $3 120mm 120v Sunon Sp101a $10 92mm Vantec Tornado $10 bare wires 92mm Thermalright $4 92mm Nidec $3 80mm Thermaltake Volcano 12 $3 80mm misc brands $2 60mmx25mm Thermaltake $2 bare wires PCI slot fan $1 80mm extendable clear blue cpu air duct $1 120v fan trimmer $4 Heatsinks S939 FX-57 stock cooler Copper heatpipe $10 Maze4 gpu cooler 1/2" fittings $25 nvidia only mounting Swiftech mcw6000 s478 waterblock 3/8" fittings $10 Thermalright XP90 $15 s939 mounting bracket and fan clips incl. S939 stock cooler amd $5 Socket A speeze cooler $1 Socket A Thermaltake Volcano 12 $8 Its been lapped Socket 370 Coolermaster cooler $1 PCI Cards Ide raid card SD-SIL680 RAID $3 56k PCI pc modem card $2 ATI TV Wonder Pci tv tuner card $10 Soundblaster Live! 5.1 digital sound card$10 Heat is under The Weedman Ebay is under A64iceman Sold LG 52x24x52 CD-RW/R Beige $Sold Thermalright XP90 $Sold s939 mounting bracket and fan clips incl. WD Caviar Ide 80gb 7200rpm $Sold
  2. In no way was i trying to flame you. i just had a look on ebay and you will be hard pressed to get $250 for the 2 let alone $350. But hey if your offering them to me for free then hook it up otherwise throw em in the closet cause you aint getting $350 for them. lol umm
  3. No offence but for $350 you could get a 8800gts which would wipe the floor with these cards put together in sli and still have $100 left over.
  4. Yeah, he has until tomorrow. If its a no go its yours.
  5. vf900 pending, finally got some pics up.
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