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  1. yeah i've read about the overvolt and i found this, stating that dfi added 0.10v to vdimm http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=61632 should i do the jumper mod to get a stable vdimm, or this ov thing is just ok?
  2. agreed.. but still i need them for a quick control.. what i really ask is, if you choose 2.6v, what did the bios reading told you? the same 2.6v or 2.7v?
  3. ok, i've been wondering about this for quite a while , so guess i just ask you guys, if i select a particular vdimm on my lanparty ultra D, the bios, ITE and any other monitoring software always report it being +0.10v higher ex: if i choose 2.5v -> comes up 2.6v, 2.6v shows 2.7v, 2.7v shows 2.8v and so on i've tried with 2 different RAM and it's the same my 3.3v rail shows 3.33+v i wonder what's wrong or is it just normal?
  4. now that you mention its 2gb kit, not sure if it's TCCD, the TCCD i know are ULK2/1G:p
  5. why don't you show us the memory setting you use @245mhz.. and the SPD as well
  6. hyperX DDR400 afaik is TCCD based, search kakaroto TCCD guide on XS.. great guide on TCCD
  7. not 100% familiar with infinity bios family, try the one from big toe, typically good for oc..
  8. different processor, different memory controller, so the setting could be not 100+++% the same
  9. don't know how you calculate it, but 270*10 on 9/10=245mhz, and 300*9 on 5/6= also 245mhz i see nothing wrong:)
  10. i know it's not everybody's favorite, but is there anyone with experience on Thermaltake Aqua Brazing chipset waterblock on DFI ultra D board? whether they fit or not?
  11. just leave it on auto did you try your ethernet or any other pci devices on second slot?
  12. AFAIK sata drives doesn't support S.M.A.R.T. only pata does.
  13. athlon64 3200+ and X2 3800+ came in the same stock speed (X2 3800+ consist of two 3200+ core) , so if you're not doing any multitasking or multithreaded apps, the performance are on par. BTW, your X2 is toledo?? i think it's manchester.
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