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  1. I have a smiliar, but not the exact stepping, CCB1E 0606 VPMW. My temps are 38-deg C idle on average and at least 60+ deg C on full load (dual prime). This is with average ambient room temperature of around 80 to 90-deg F. I also have mine clocked at 2.61 GHz @ 1.4 volts. I took off the IHS about two weeks ago. This has proven to be very helpful. Full load is now in the very low 50's, but idle temp stayed the same. Worthwhile mod if you plan to OC, but it is a little dangerous.
  2. I have a different stepping. A CCB1E 0606. I understand that these CCB1E is hotter than the others. If I down-clock to 2430 MHz and 1.35 Vcore, then idle is at 35-36 Deg C and load is at 51-52 Deg C, which is what I'm testing right now. How about that trace that I cut? Anybody know what that is for?
  3. I'm not using any of those. Don't have a temp probe either. But I do know it runs much cooler at stock or close to it. Last time I remember it was 32-deg C idle and maybe 48-deg C load @ 2250 Mhz.
  4. Fresno to be exact. Not sure about the software glitch. It could be a BIOS thingy.
  5. I don't know either... I'm using a Zalman 120 MM all copper heatsink & fan. I prepped the heatsink, wiped it clean; prepped the CPU, put a little drop of AS5 (about 1.5X the size of a rice grain). Installed it, screwed it tight. Idle is 38-deg C, load is usually around 58 to 60-deg C. This is with 2.61 GHz @ 1.4 Volts and IHS off. Before taking the IHS off, load would hoover around 65-deg C.
  6. The weather has been pretty hot these days that my computer has been shutting off by itself to protect the CPU. It's set to turn off at 65-deg C. So this afternoon I finally took the plunge to take off the IHS. I used a retractable blade. All went well except I broke the trace that goes around the edge of the CPU PCB. Does anybody know what this trace does? It seems like just a grounding trace because it goes around the whole edge. I installed it and it ran perfectly fine. No errors. Priming right now at 2.6 GHz and still cranking after 20 minutes. Results? Idel temperature is the same, but load temperature is about 5 - 7 degrees Celcius cooler, which is a good mod (but a dangerous one). So if anybody know what trace I'm talking about, please enlighten me if I've damaged it in some way, shape or form. (It's running and I don't think it's a big deal, but just wanna be sure) Thanks in advanced.
  7. I guess that's grounds for an RMA. Good luck with your new pair when you get it.
  8. I have found that relaxing the Trc (Row cycle time) works for me. Yours is set pretty aggresively at 07. Mine was set at 07 as a default too. I had similar problems to yours. I let the bios auto config it by setting it to Auto. It's now at 16 and I am able to run my ram at 290 MHz. Before you RMA it, try that setting.
  9. I see some people under-volting their overclocked CPU. Some actually works. What's the theory or reasonning behind this, if other than temperature? Or if you can point me to the a link that would work too.
  10. I have mine running at 290 MHz. All RAM settings are default settings with the exception of Trc (Row Cycle Time). This was changed from default of 07 to Auto. Also the voltage is cranked up at 2.8 volts. These two minor changes allowed me to run 290 Mhz (580 MHz effective). Memtest86+ stable for 7 iterations or 7+ hours. Who runs theirs at 300 MHz or more? Just wondering.
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