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  1. Why don't u start from small to big, instead of from big to small? Try HTT = 210MHz -> 220MHz -> 230MHz -> 240MHz and increase vcore only when u need it. Prime or OCCT at least for 8 hours before moving on. That way, its easier to find the limits of your CPU, rather than the other way that you were doing. Plus since you're getting a virgin 3500+, try putting it thru its paces first before gunning for higher OCs at lower voltages. Sometimes, burning in works too. My Opty 146 was only stable in 1.475v at 2.8GHz, but after 2 weeks of using it at such settings, I tried 1.45v and it passed prime for 10 hours. Soon, gonna try 2.9GHz and see if the voltage required for that (used to be 1.55v) is decreased too.
  2. Is there a cost premium attached to it? I feel that its not worth it.. A flat IDE cable can be easily folded and tucked away imo..
  3. There's some wierdness when I went from 270 to 280MHz HTT.. Its rock stable at stock voltage at 270x10, but at 280x10, i need to pump in 1.475v.. Plus it could POST but windows won't boot if Max Async Latency was set to 7ns, had to lower it to 8ns.. Been priming for an hour now at 2.8GHz..
  4. I thot almost all AMD CPUs have the cold bug.. Anyway, I'm on air, and its hitting 39-40 on load at 2.5GHz with stock vcore..
  5. I hope so.. Will need much work to get there tho.. :shake:
  6. WoW! I sure hope I can reach that high for 24/7.. But do batches play an important role? Am i the only one with a 0610GPAW batch? :confused:
  7. I'll probably know the limits around in a week or so.. Priming is a necessary evil..
  8. Hiya everyone! Just got my DFI & Opty a few days ago! I seemed to have gotten a new Opty stepping, can't find it when I searched here, ocforums and xtremesystems. But i did find that CAB2Es can generally go up to 2.8GHz without a hitch. Does anyone know if it could go higher? I'm currently at 2.5GHz on stock vcore (1.4v). Started at 2.2Ghz and bumping it 0.1GHz after every 10hours or so of priming.
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