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  1. well i actually found this out. Apparently the new McAffe software upgrade is a lot different than the older version, I didn't notice. because on my older mcaffe version, it would automatically let me connect to users... I haven't even foudn out how to exit mcaffe yet, so i just end task'd it manually. then i was able to connect. Wow their new upgrade is hard to get used to. ----------------------------------------------------------- Oh and referring to my other problem... It wasn't related to my D-link router at all, since the problem was with my SMC router... I couldn't log onto the "" I don't see how getting answers on this thread about my D-link router, will help me solve my SMC problem... Meh, I guess i don't mind doing it here, i had thought it'd just be more organized. I will edit my first post here to my SMC problem.
  2. Because I was recommended to keep all my questions on this thread, I had trouble with my SMC7004ABR Router.. Well, I had just recently reset that router. But this time when I was installing the router again, I could not even pull up the page to login to the settings on the "SMC Login" page. It shows up at 100mb/s connection, but I can't connect to the internet at all. The lights on my router indicate that all is well. You guys see anything wrong?
  3. How would I do "channel 6" . What do you mean by that?
  4. does it matter what kind of cable I need to use to connect the wireless to the wired router? Or do i just use the standard CAT5 and what is a crossover cable for?
  5. I have a wired network in my house for our PC's. But we also have a few laptops that we'd like to make wireless. So i was wondering if I could connect a new Wireless Router onto a Wired Router, which is already connected to a cable modem? anyhelp would be cool. thanks
  6. I have a PS2, with all cables, and two controllers. Comes with all cables, and memory card... Also included are 7 games, one of the included is Gran Turismo 4 (9.5) Winback Covert Operations (7.3) Armored Core 2 Anotherage (7.8) Extermination (6.9) Kessen (8.1) Freekstyle (8.2) Dinostalkers Would like to trade for DL DVD burner and Warcraft III, plus a little extra money or something... or 100 Shipped (OBO) Or offer something else. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't have any feedback for this forum, but I do for a paintball forum, since I also an avid paintballer. http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=953035&page=2 Another Controller isn't in Picture Yeah, it's a bit dusty, but there's nothing an airduster can't fix.
  7. Alright , I'll try that, but I have another question... How come when I overclock my graphics card, the max I can get for GPU Core is 478mhz, when I hear that people can get up to 500+
  8. If you mean the Performance&Quality settings, in the nvidia tab of advanced settings, the only thing i changed was disable vsync. Tell me if this doesn't work... http://service.futuremark.com/orb/projectd...ojectId=2116745 lol, for somereason it says I own an X2
  9. With my setup completely stock, my BFG 7800gt OC, stock at 425/1050, I only get 7050 , 3Dmark05 points. From what I've read, shouldn't I be getting around 7800 3Dmark05 points? -------------------------------------------------------- Is there anything I can do to raise the score? I'm using the little 84.21 driver.
  10. I got the same with my 7200.9 160gb barracuda, except My burst speed was only 160:( lol
  11. I had just installed the latest 8.86, chipset drivers... It only asked for the NVIDIA IDE Driver. Same thing? lol, btw, 3/29, is my birthday.
  12. Okay, I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever used a sata hard drive... I believe I have set it up correctly, but it would hurt to ask if i did right? I did get thing in the taskbar showing safely remove hardware, which i read more about, so I guess that's alright. I just went to taskbar properties and "always hide". 1) But to enable NCQ, do I actually have to do anything, or will it automatically be enabled. 2) And, to get 3gb/s , do I just have to plug in the harddrive to my nF4 chipset connectors? 3) And last, what difference does "enable smart HDD" in the BIOS option make? Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks.
  13. horray, i dind't even know windows had one..... i can now uninstall this one that just recently found online, http://www.virtual-keyboard.com/Features/D...d/download.html
  14. Is there like a program where it is like an on screen keyboard, where i click letters with my mouse and it automatically enters it in the window i have open? My keyboard on my other computer is broken, and I don't really have a spare...
  15. I've had a refurb problem before... I ordered an Asus A8n SLi Premium for 93 dollars... When i recieved it there were traces of thermal paste on the socket itself, looks like the last person to use it, used too much.... Needless to say, I cleaned it up, and fired it. powered, but no POST. Originally going to pay restocking, but emailed them, and they waived the fee's. Similar thing happened to my friend, excet his motherboard didn't even work at all. (both from Newegg) I will never buy refurb from Newegg again, but I certainly love their store because I order it , and one day later, i get the product. <3 Socal.
  16. okay, I got some new ram for my PC. 2GB of PC4000... I was wondering, because when i boot up my system, the boot screen reads it as DDR400... Does that mean I need it to clock it to DDR500? When i check with that everest home software, it read's it as PC4000 though.
  17. I really doubt you want to use WD-40, as they are not ment for bearings at all (perhaps design of fan ones are differnt)... But to be safe I use Silicone Spray (by 3in1), or 3in1 original oil. But Also any lube for bearings, EG Dow33/55, I believe isn't good at all either.
  18. yeah, battlefield2... that's when i first realized, "damn i have to upgrade ram" It is almost close to impossible to fly a jet with 512mb of RAM... But after like 5 min in game, everything is almost pretty smooth, but I still get often lags in game.... (multiplayer) The thing is though, I can't spend more than 170 dollars (after rebate)
  19. yeah, the thing is, i wanted to upgrade ram because I coudln't do . on the higher end games, but the thing is i will still have 512mb laying around. The reason i was asking is "should I even bother keeping it?" or just toss it aside?" I was actually looking for gskill as first choice, but only good place I could find was NewEgg, and I would need to shell out 14bucks of Tax... I was thinking of getting the XTC from Monarch. (unless anyone else has a better recommendation, I just can't seem to find any gskill)
  20. I was wondering if I could use (1Gb x2) of OCZ Gold Gamer XTC, PC4000 and also an old (256 x2) of Kingston hyperx PC3500, at the same time, using four slots? Also, would windows XP Pro be able to handle over 2gb of ram? Thanks.
  21. whoa, thanks a lot guys for the input... I was really worried, i guess I misinterpreted the temperatures... but before I read these posts I did conduct a few simple tests to isolate fans to see if temps were correct, and I believe they are now, correct. * note, I plugged the fan into a system key on the board because I think the CPU 3pin is messed up. It barely get's any power when i plug it into that. Ambient temp = 76-78 degrees F
  22. Why the heck is my system temp higher than my CPU? that doesn't make sence.... Is my motherboard bad.... Even in bios it reads System 42 CPU 28 is my motherboard bad, or It's just a cool thing?
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