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  1. I believe the cards will work x8 each, someone else can confirm this.
  2. Do this. If you buy one of these, you'll be fine.
  3. That's true. The light you were talking about will always be on if you have power available to start the motherboard. Does the system always do this after you run Windows XP for awhile and shut it down? If it happens mostly random, there may be a short of some kind. If it happens everytime, it maybe be something with the power supply?
  4. What OS are you using? I'm assuming XP Home or Pro, but maybe not.
  5. I think tasr hit it right on the head. I had this problem awhile back with a different board, but it sounds like the same thing is happening here. My fan on the CPU would go on very shortly, then shut off. Good thing if you're mobo is shorting out in the case somewhere. You don't want everything to fry Just double check like tasr said, it doesn't hurt, even if this isn't the problem. It's one thing less on things to try.
  6. Sorry about the 512Mb claim I made earlier. I had a read a couple of posts from some people on here and other overclocking forums, but I do remember Happy talking about the 128Mb running fine now. I also forgot to clarify that the 512Mb was for maximum eye-candy or something of the sort. Again, I was relying only on a few people (at least 5) making this claim. Sorry about that.
  7. For Vista, 512Mb of video memory is recommended. You may want to get a 512Mb version of ATI's latest offerings, or you could wait until there are more 512Mb video cards available so you can get one for a little bit cheaper.
  8. It's hard to believe this would be the board's fault. I have built many PCs. Most of the time, no matter how big the problem, it was my fault. I was doing something wrong that the system did not like, or I was simply overlooking something very important. RMAing gets your hopes up when you could easily have the problems with the so-called "new" board. I wish Happy would come in here and say that MOST problems are on the user's end. However, that leaves a small, small percentage that is the result of a bad board. Have you tried switching out the CPU with another 939? Another video card? Also, I don't remember, but did you try using the minimum components on your very FIRST boot?
  9. Well, that should be your first clue that you need a recommended power supply. Do yourself a favor and get a new one that's on the list. You will be surprised at how much it will improve stability. Plus, you are far less likely to run into major problems later, which will be a victory in itself.
  10. The RAM you have is probably dual channel, right? If it is, putting both DIMMs in side by side slots would not work. You have to pair them up in the orange slots to get dual channel. However, I know you said you tried this pairing and it did not work. Follow caffeine's advice and only use one DIMM if you haven't already.
  11. 4 LEDs on = Power applied, checking CPU The LEDs are pointing to the CPU, but it also could be a PSU problem maybe. I'm not sure about all the possibilities of errors for 4 LEDs, but if it says CPU, it has something to do with it, haha. Maybe someone else as some more reasons for this. The Shadow, looks like he's running a 7800GTX with an AMD X2 3800+, am I right pete?
  12. I've read that article and I know you don't want a modular. Sorry about not being able to recommend a decent PSU for you. Like I said, I don't know that much about PSU's, but someone else will be along to help. From what I have seen, this forum is mostly high-end computer users, so the majority might not be able to recommend something for your needs. Don't worry though, someone will be along to help you out and you'll be on your way in no time.
  13. That Enermax looks like it might not be able to provide you with enough juice, as well as Enermax not really being recommended too often. I would try for OCZ or Fortron. I'm not an expert on PSU's, but I haven't seen Enermax used too too often. Anyone agree?
  14. Reading back through this thread dtn8tr, I have no clue why I directed my last comments to you. I must've been way too tired when I was on the forums last night. Sorry about that, haha. And to everyone about Redwing, isn't playing games in windowed mode a lot more stressful than playing full-screen? I always thought this was the case. If this is true Redwing, at least you know your system SHOULD work great once you figure out this problem.
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