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  1. I think that mine has suffered a similar fate. The chain of events was as follows: Doing a benchmark and it just shuts down. Try to turn it on again but nothing...well leds on fan controller come on for 1sec ish and then turn off and . the green led (near pci slots) also comes on when i press the power button but then goes off after about 1 sec. The CPU fan also spins for 1 sec (at the same time). At the same time there is a two tone beep (i think). At this point I suspect the PSU (although it is 600W is was pretty cheap). So I swap the PSU for another one (350W) and just plug the bare minimum in (20 pin connector and 4 pin connector). It still does the same thing. So then I take the gfx card out and the beep no longer occurs. Hmmmm....is the gfx card at fault? Anyway I'm currently trying a long cmos clear overnight so fingers crossed.
  2. It also means that you can access the back of the mobo to put another hsf on. Good idea
  3. So...they use a bigger fan than ordinary A64 stock hsfs?? I imagined that they were 70mm??
  4. Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro...load 41ish idle 32ish
  5. Thanks...OK...I think I'll leave it as it is then :D
  6. Thanks for the opinions. It won't get over 320HTT (2560 )without >1.8V. The multiplier seems to be locked both up and down. Should I try a different BIOS?? Thanks for the help...
  7. Ok...I've been following the overclocking guide...and trying to overclock my Sempron. I seem to have hit a wall @ 2560MHz (320*8). Prime fails after c.21 hours @ 2568MHz (321*8), and after a few minutes > 2568MHz. Have I hit the wall?? It would be REALLY nice to hit 2.6GHz While priming... Oh btw...I'm not worried aboiut frying it...they are now ~£30 new Any help MUCH appreciated :D
  8. Hmmmm My system seems to burn them OK... We have similar systems (except that you have less RAM and a different DVD burner) Have you tried a different drive?? I never had any problems when I had 512MB of RAM (on my old board) Perhaps there is a conflict somewhere?? Hope this helps
  9. OK...I know that my RAM is crappy...but I would really like to get to get to 2.6 before I buy some better stuff (can't afford it at the mo). So...I've been playing around with the timings to try to get it stable @ 324*8 (2592)...but it seems no matter what I do Prime95 fails after ~4mins. It would seem to be stable @ 323*8 (2584) (24hrs prime stable)...but no matter what I try I can't get it stable @ 324. CPU is @ 1.375V*133% RAM is @ 3.0V Chipset is @ 1.9V Can anyone help me out??
  10. Wish you luck You have been one of the unlucky ones...
  11. You've probably got off to a bad start by using Kingston RAM and Maxtor HDDs, further complicated by the fact that the HDDs are in RAID 0. Also using all 3 ram slots at once isn't a good idea.
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