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    is my nf3 DEAD?

    I think that mine has suffered a similar fate. The chain of events was as follows: Doing a benchmark and it just shuts down. Try to turn it on again but nothing...well leds on fan controller come on for 1sec ish and then turn off and . the green led (near pci slots) also comes on when i press the power button but then goes off after about 1 sec. The CPU fan also spins for 1 sec (at the same time). At the same time there is a two tone beep (i think). At this point I suspect the PSU (although it is 600W is was pretty cheap). So I swap the PSU for another one (350W) and just plug the bare minimum in (20 pin connector and 4 pin connector). It still does the same thing. So then I take the gfx card out and the beep no longer occurs. Hmmmm....is the gfx card at fault? Anyway I'm currently trying a long cmos clear overnight so fingers crossed.
  2. It also means that you can access the back of the mobo to put another hsf on. Good idea
  3. john63

    How to replace USB ports on a laptop?

    USB pcmcia card perhaps??
  4. john63

    AMD 4000+ Newark.

    Have you tried ebay??
  5. john63

    Back me up here...

    So...they use a bigger fan than ordinary A64 stock hsfs?? I imagined that they were 70mm??
  6. Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro...load 41ish idle 32ish
  7. Thanks...OK...I think I'll leave it as it is then :D
  8. Chipset Voltage is @ 1.9V
  9. Thanks for the opinions. It won't get over 320HTT (2560 )without >1.8V. The multiplier seems to be locked both up and down. Should I try a different BIOS?? Thanks for the help...
  10. Ok...I've been following the overclocking guide...and trying to overclock my Sempron. I seem to have hit a wall @ 2560MHz (320*8). Prime fails after c.21 hours @ 2568MHz (321*8), and after a few minutes > 2568MHz. Have I hit the wall?? It would be REALLY nice to hit 2.6GHz While priming... Oh btw...I'm not worried aboiut frying it...they are now ~£30 new Any help MUCH appreciated :D
  11. It's not really ethical to RMA it if YOU broke it...
  12. Hmmmm My system seems to burn them OK... We have similar systems (except that you have less RAM and a different DVD burner) Have you tried a different drive?? I never had any problems when I had 512MB of RAM (on my old board) Perhaps there is a conflict somewhere?? Hope this helps
  13. OK...I know that my RAM is crappy...but I would really like to get to get to 2.6 before I buy some better stuff (can't afford it at the mo). So...I've been playing around with the timings to try to get it stable @ 324*8 (2592)...but it seems no matter what I do Prime95 fails after ~4mins. It would seem to be stable @ 323*8 (2584) (24hrs prime stable)...but no matter what I try I can't get it stable @ 324. CPU is @ 1.375V*133% RAM is @ 3.0V Chipset is @ 1.9V Can anyone help me out??
  14. john63

    Faulty board??

    Wish you luck You have been one of the unlucky ones...
  15. john63

    Faulty board??

    You've probably got off to a bad start by using Kingston RAM and Maxtor HDDs, further complicated by the fact that the HDDs are in RAID 0. Also using all 3 ram slots at once isn't a good idea.