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  1. Same problem here.. When i click "Enable Crossfire" i get a blink and it unchecks.
  2. Okay, I updated my bios to the latest beta on DFI’s site (06/05/23) and attempted to boot x64 xp with success. So apparently it was something to do with the 425 bios. As far as system crashes and reformats go after changing the bios I haven’t had that with anything except the stock bios, however I also discovered that if you change the bios, then change the bios again before fully booting the MB (getting to the CMOS Backup.. OK) it will freeze on save and exit even if you change what you just changed back (something you know works). So try changing the bios settings, save and exit, letting the system boot, then changing the bios again you should not have that problem (Or it solved it for me). I also don’t use Num Lock to type in FSB / etc. Once I got past the “Bios Freezing problems” the board overclocked very nicely with phenomenal results. As it stands this problem is resolved (with my system) on the 5/23 bios (Thanks for the info Happy_Games) PS : x64 ran without any problems and i have everything working after doing a little driver searching.
  3. Pulled 3 sticks out, still no CD boot. I borrowed a friends copy of XP and tried it as well, same thing.
  4. Problem with the first release is that anytime I touch anything in the bios (Drop a multiplier, increase FSB, etc) when I “Save and Exit” the system hangs. after a reboot windows will no longer boot due to some ntdll being corrupt (guessing it does something to the raid). However if I install using stock bios and upgrade to the latest bios I can overclock without any problems (Amazing board for overclocking, got the CPU up to 2.7ghz / 1200HT and stable in prime 95 for over 12 hours) I just don’t like the concept that if I want to reformat I have to flash the bios and reflash the bios.
  5. I recently upgraded from an RDX200 to the CFX3200 (Praying that I wouldn’t have the issues that I had with the RDX200) and I noticed something rather unusual. The bios that comes with the board will successfully boot from a CD, however will not Overclock. The first attempt I made to Overclock was met with a corrupted windows partition (inc FSB + 5, lowered HT multi to 4, and lowered ram speed to 166, was going to attempt to find max speed of CPU) So after a reformat I upgraded bios (4/25/06) and managed to get everything up over the weekend. However I went to reformat after all the OC’ing and found that the CD will not boot with the latest bios. I have tried 3 individual CD-Rom’s, 2 CD’s and it will not boot from ANY CD (CD boot begins, however will toss an “unknown error booting from CD/DVD drive” or other such strange errors. I downgraded the bios back to first release and like magic everything boots fine, just as a test I upgraded the bios to the 4-25 revision again and same error occurred. Anyone know of a tweak that will resolve this?
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