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  1. Hello, hello, problem solved, thank you guys, with the new drivers and UNTICK the SHOW GPU LOAD BALANCING, this was the biggest problem !!! And ...same question? You have SLI or DXG on DFI ULTRA-D? I can say: YES you can have them BOTH!
  2. I checked again with RIVA TUNER, when you test the new settings, it's testing twice, the new settings are applied for both cards, it means both cards are recognised and overclocked . Everything works fine ! BUT ... what about those lines?
  3. OK, i agree, but why the NVIDIA DISPLAY recognized the MULTI-GPU? Is it a DXG or SLI ? i mean when you tick the MULTI-GPU Enable, you enable what?
  4. Hello, i need some help guys, i have read many things about the DXG/SLI for DFI NF4 ULTRA-D, so, i said why not? I bought a second graphics card XFX GeFORCE 6600GT, i ask a friend of mine for an SLI BRIDGE, and here we go. I want to say that i didn't mod the chipset, i uninstalled the latest drivers from nvidia ver. 93.71, I put both graphics cards in their dedicated slots, installed the drivers ver. 66.81, i put the sli bridge between them, enabled MULTI-GPU on NVIDIA DISPLAY and it works. Checked with everest : SLI STATUS - Supported , Enabled / SLI GPUs - 2 / SLI Connector - Present . I used ver 66.81 because the newest, after ver. 70.xx doesn't show the MULTI-GPU option in the NVIDIA DISPLAY menu. Overclocked with RIVA TUNER ( i am not an expert, i guess only one card was overclocked ), checked with 3DMark05, works fine, my first score with a single card was 4005, the second one, with SLI was 4885, not too good to be honest, i expected a little bit more. But... the problem is, when i start 3DMark05 i saw a big line on the bottom of the screen, with three colours, red on left and blue on the right side, and purple on the middle. Sorry for my language, i am not english, and it's a little bit hard for me to explain, but... all the time than the test was running, and when i am trying to play a game, i can see those lines displaying on my screen like an equalizer. is it ok?
  5. I stop it manually, i changed for the orange's, and nothiing, same blue screen... i called on my supplier for a RMA number, i will gonna send my motherboard for a check. That's it. Thanx for help boys, i will let you know about this in a few days. The case and PSU came from 'pixmania'.
  6. if will not gonna stop after 24 hours ( it's like LeMans TEST !!! ), i will. :confused:
  7. Look at this : 19:41:07 , 50 tests pass, no errors, and it's still running? Pls excuse me for bad language, but this is a test or a joke?
  8. 10:48 hours, 27 tests pass, and it's still running ??? ( MEMTEST86+ v1.65)
  9. Thx for the tip, i will gonna change to the orange's, the model no. is *MY-005-GL, and there is : 2x512 MB PC 3200 400 MHz. I launched the memtest 8 (eight) hours ago, and it's still runing, is it ok?
  10. thx, i will try with linux, but still runing the memtest ( already 4 hrs ), i have to wait
  11. thx for reply, yes i loaded the optimized defaults, same screen, i have to wait to finish the memtest now, and i will change to orange slots, many thanks, i will let you know what's happen next
  12. Hi All, this is my first post here. I cannot install WIN XP. After all the drivers ( debug, kernel, scsi...) are loaded, after the first restart, a blue screen appear with a message that i have to check my all hdd for viruses. My hdd is like new, formated on another pc. Do you have boys any ideea? Many Thanks. Also i have to say that the pc works very well, since i decided to clean my hdd and formated, and install again a fresh WIN XP..
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