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    Old and new pics..

    Pics from various builds
  2. alajarvi84

    My internet pc... For now

    From the album: Old and new pics..

    Not much to oc/mod at. Lets see how it goes with the upcoming build. Very good by the way these touchsmart pc;s especially with the 25,5 inch display ! Ditched the #"?* vista and bought windows 7 ultimate 64bit and works like a charm
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    Pics from various cars i own-owned
  4. alajarvi84

    My audi..

    From the album: Cars

    Audi S4 avant quattro -2003 4.2L V8.. 360hp+ Nice toy on the winter ;D So expensive to keep that sold it. Now planning to get builded 950-1000+hp 69 charger r/t with 572cid race hemi v8.
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    360 cooling..

    From the album: Old and new pics..

    Dunno if it even really makes any difference, but had to do it ;D
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    xbox v1.6 modding...

    From the album: Old and new pics..

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    Something little..

    From the album: Old and new pics..

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    exgf;s gaming gear

    From the album: Old and new pics..

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    From the album: Old and new pics..

  10. alajarvi84

    Various testing

    From the album: Old and new pics..

  11. alajarvi84

    New build suggestions.. ?

    Hello again ;D Been a few years from my last post here.. I've been working hard and raising my kid.. Havent tuned up anything sense then, but tought that now could be a good time to start building a brand new setup. The thing is that i dont actually know where to start :eek2: Any suggestions for a DFI based mobo or something ? I tought that i buy a intel quadcore cpu (s774) and two 9800 series gpu:s.. Thanks in advance
  12. alajarvi84

    New build suggestions.. ?

    Ok, thanks.
  13. alajarvi84

    A64-oc & mobo cooling

    I've had some problems finding a good cooling solution for my dr-expert board. Tried with the original , extreme spirit and now using thermalright high riser 05... The highriser keeps the mobo temps at 36-45*C First i had to rip off the original cooling of the gtx cards.. both of those should fit if i would take the fan off from the highriser, but it would heat up too much !!? Help please... Some good cooling solutions for my board PLEASE
  14. alajarvi84

    CPU question

    Oh and btw , i have 2 7900gtx gpu,s but my mobo cooler is so big that i could fit only 1 on place The original mobo cooler is too weak... i dont know how i fit both of those inside
  15. alajarvi84

    CPU question

    Hi, im going to start building a new machine soon , so i tought to put this pc for "LAN" gaming with friends I just tought that i should buy a proper s939 cpu to this pc... I would like recommendations to a good overclocking cpu !!? How the dual cores OC ? i tought something like "4800+X2 or FX-60 or FX-57" ??? Please some advices :confused:
  16. alajarvi84

    CPU question

    Ok , i would go for the opty170 !? whats the difference of those "L2" ? "mhz" ? Ive never even investigated those optys So i dont know anything about those... Are my coolers good enough to try the 3ghz with opty ?
  17. alajarvi84

    CPU question

    About a 1.5 years ago i had 4800+x2 , i tried to oc it to 2.75ghz but no luck... Those days i had a seasonic 600w power wich after i sold the cpu & psu cleared to me that it was FACTORY FAULTY model "Darned" Oh and the mobo was A8N-SLi Premium. So should that 4800+x2 oc just fine or should i go for the FX series (fx-60) ???
  18. alajarvi84

    A64 OC & HDD,s

    Hi everybody ! Had a coupple of threads before about my sata drives dying when oc:n. Now those are workin PERFECT Just changed all the ERRATA options to enabled , enabled the sil3114 "SATA" option , double checked every bios options from the net , reinstalled windows , updated sil3114 sata controller , didnt install nvidias storage controller at all Sata drives now work like they should, wont fragment anymore Thanx from all the repplies , this is how its done