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  1. hey i have te exact same problem as you ... yep the memory was to blame ... but i managed to go around it changeing a few things i don't even know about in the mem screen ... in particular the stuff at the botom of the page and i managet to get fsb up over my 230 limit by 6-7 ... puls i uped the dram voltage ...
  2. Ok so i made some progres i've copyed some bios setting of this forum (not totaly at rondom ... the guy that posted had the same sistem as mine) amd got fsb to 236 stable. This is what i changed : DQS Skew Control - Increase DQS Skew Value - 255 DRAM Drive Strength - weaK 3 DRAM Data Drive Strength - Level 1 Max Async Latency - 9.0 Nano Seconds DRAM Response Time - Normal Read Preamble Time - 6.5 Nano Seconds IdleCycle Limit - 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter - Disable R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x Bypass Max - 07 x 32 Byte Granularity - Disable(4 Bursts) Can any 1 tell me what the . this things are ?
  3. I've tryed every posibility ... cpu mem htt .... no problems there just that even if i downclock every thing and i set the fsb over 230 it still dosen't want to boot.
  4. Fist of all HTT multi was set to lowest just for testing .. I wanted to see how high i can go with FSB. For regular use i have set x4/ And second my CPU runs perfectly at 1.00v. The question was why does the fsb go eny higher than 230 ?
  5. Hi I wold like to start of by saying that I'm a total noob at overclocking so please be patient with me (+my english isn't all that good). So i got my new sistem about a week ago and little by little stared learning about oc, and obviously I ran it to problems.(sistem is posted in signature) 1. When fsb is set above 230 my sistem doesn't want to boot. cpu multi is set to lowest, htt lowest, memory 1/2 ... and still doesn't boot. It passes bios tests but at CMOS backup it restarts. What is the f**** problem ? 2. At the moment my sistem is running at FSB 230, CPU multi x9, LTD/FSB x4, and ram is 230 (DDR460?) and after 4 houres of prime95 i haven't had a single error. Oh and i forgot my Vcore is at 1v and mem is at 2.7v.Now after the 4 houres i started trying to up the fsb lowering everithing else like i said. After 10-15 restarts I gave up but the problem is that at the moment i have no sound I don't know what really happend but my win drivers got mixed up. I wold be really gratefull for any advice or help you cold offer.
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