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  1. My problem solved already. Found the proc is dead and now change another a new unit. Now need to ask ppl, what chipset cooler suitable for replace it since stock cooler very hot around 60c. Trying with Evercool VC-RE, but cannot fit.:confused:
  2. I have problem with this board. It's cannot display but fan on cpu still running. Here my spec: DFI Infinity Ultra II M2 AM2 x2 3800 Corsair Value Select 2x512 DDR667 micron Leadtek Winfast 7800GT WD 200GB sata II Enermax FMA 535 watt PSU Isn't because cannot compatiable with my ram? I'm can't update latest bios since it's doenst come out display.:sad:
  3. I have no idea how to want setting my ram. Just using divider 1/2 100mhz can boot. Isn't because my ram is cannot go higher? Btw, my ram is like signature. KHX3200AK2/1GB using chipset Winbond CH-5.
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