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  1. Trust me, I thought everything was disconnected too. I really don't know how I missed that damn thing. You're welcome for the laughs hehe
  2. Tell me about it. My iPod Shuffle went FUBAR'd for no reason, and apparently it's becoming another dying iPod battery scandal (Check out http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=152, see that thread with over 30k views??). God guys, I thought you were good at helping people! Why didn't anyone mention this might be the problem?!
  3. MWUAhAhAHAHAHAHAH!!!! MOTHER .ING GODDAMN POS IPOD SHUFFLE!!!!! GD thing was in a USB port and has been having trouble lately (not being seen as a shuffle by any computer). How the F I missed it being plugged in, I don't know. White against white - dammit!
  4. Talked to a DFI guy over in CA who gave me simple CMOS instructions and said that I should RMA. I'm not convinced though... there's got to be something here I'm missing.
  5. The ins/del key? I've reread the instructions and I've done every step you've listed.
  6. My bad, was doing five things at once and missed typing that bit (DOH). I've done that CMOS clear technique 5 times now. The max I've waited is 8 hours. I want to try everything else possible before I try a longer period, since I don't have that much time left...
  7. Smith, I have followed that and my computer has been running fine for a week. Mack, I can't get past the logo screen. I can't get into the Bios. I can't do crap, including running memory tests The Tuner is out, my wireless card is out, EVERYTHING is removed but the basics. I triple-checked all the connects to make sure they are on right, and really the ony thing that changed between my rig working perfectly (albeit without sound) and my system not working is... well I don't know. The TV tuner didn't stop the computer from running (I was trying to get it working all day), but the logo freeze did occur shortly after running ATITool. But it wasn't running insane, it wasn't hot. It did the standard screen-looks-messed-up failure and rebooted just fine. Hell, I think I rebooted two or three more times after messing with ATITool so I'm completely baffled right now
  8. As much as I like that logo, I don't like seeing my computer freeze on it. It started last night and I've been racking my brain trying to fix it. I have to leave on a weeklong trip tomorrow and I DON'T want this tormenting me until I get back. PLEASE HELP. The problem occured while I was trying to get a TV tuner card to work. Apparently Hauppage doesn't play well with Windows MCE 2005 RU2, so I was going to reinstall. I was fooling around with ATI Tool and clicked on the find max mem speed test when my screen went crappy. I rebooted and everything seemed okay. I rebooted again and now I can't get past the logo. The computer turns on fine. It runs loud for maybe 2-3 seconds and then goes to 1 Led. I've tried the safety reboot jumper, and I've also tried clearing the CMOS (waited 20 minutes and 8 hours, both failed). I've taken out nonessential devices and I've even tried cycling the power while unplugged and powering up without luck (yeah, desperation move). What zee heck, man? What do I do?
  9. alrighty.. well how would I confirm that?
  10. I ordered the same day as you and got the 0609 stepping.... sorry bro.
  11. Normal? I've been told time and time again that it is well above normal Thraxz, I haven't been able to check yet but my roomie has a Dell computer he bought a few months ago... I wouldn't be surprised if it is a 939. But that still wouldn't tell me if the PWM IC and/or chipset is running too hot. What would you do in my situation?
  12. no and no. :/ I really don't think this is a rare case though...
  13. nope. Still running CPU, PWM IC, chipset at around 36C, 45C, and 44C
  14. I've seated it twice. Although it's my first time building, I'd bet my life on it that I've done it right. It ain't hard. I took the Opteron heatsink/TIM, placed it over the processor, and clamped it down. I did it again just to be sure that I did it right the first time. The TIM looked very nicely mushed, and it was just as easy to reset the second time.
  15. Yes, so? 80F seems around the norm.. I also have the stock DFI chipset fan, an 80 mm front and 120 mm back fan, and a coolermaster case. Even leaving my case on the side with it open and my room fan blowing down on it, I get the same temps...
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